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2022 NFL Draft Grades 3rd Round

Image Credit (Joseph Maiorana/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

The 2022 NFL Draft has officially concluded, So for the next few days, I will be grading each round of the draft. Now it is time to grade the third round of the draft. Now as always when I grade a selection as a HACKENBURG Grade that is obviously an F grade. So let's get into it starting with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

65. Jacksonville Jaguars - OC Luke Fortner (Kentucky) Grade B- This is the Brandon Linder replacement for the offensive line. The Jaguars need to protect QB Trevor Lawrence and they can’t do it when their center recently retired. So why not just draft his replacement. Fortner is a solid prospect and I don’t blame Jacksonville for reaching on him a bit as there were not many center prospects to choose from until the 5th round of the draft. He needs to work on his run defense and react quicker when defenders blitz him.

66. Minnesota Vikings (From Detroit Lions) - LB Brian Asamoah (Oklahoma) Grade D

The Vikings continue to confuse us on what the heck they are doing. They make questionable trades earlier in the draft and now add a questionable selection to that list. Out of the available linebackers to take from Christian Harris, Nakobe Dean, Leo Chenal, Terrell Bernard, and Chad Muma, this team decided to take Brian Asamoah who I did not see going until the 5th round of this draft. Now is this a HACKENBURG level of a bad pick, No. Asamoah has shown flashes of brilliance as a solid tackler and is athletic. He needs to be more consistent with his plays, especially in coverage. Linebacker was a need for Minnesota as well, but they could have waited to take a linebacker.

67. New York Giants - OG Joshua Ezeudu (North Carolina) Grade D-

Woah, I get the positional need and it never hurts to build the offensive line. But, I had Ezeudu as a late 6th/ early 7th Round prospect. It is not a HACKENBURG grade because Ezeudu has upside and showed some flashes. What he needs is time to develop his skills, especially as a run blocker, and getting into a proper blocking position.

68. Cleveland Browns (from Houston Texans) - CB Martin Emerson (Mississippi State) Grade D

Yeesh, we are not in a good trend right now with these selections in the third round excluding Jacksonville. I had Martin Emerson as a late 5th/early 6th round selection. I was super shocked seeing him go this early due to his poor footwork and lack of instincts. Plus Cleveland already had plenty of depth at the Cornerback position, so there were better options with this selection. I wonder if they see Emerson more as a safety and will experiment with him in that position.

69. Tennessee Titans (from New York Jets) - OT Nicholas Petit-Frere (Ohio State) Grade A

The Titans need to get another tackle as Dillon Radunz is more of a guard than a tackle. Never hurts to build the offensive line as Petit-Frere was mentioned as a player that could have gone in the 1st round. He should work out better than former 1st-round pick Isaiah Wilson who fell from grace. Heck, he even blew his 2nd opportunity in the NFL by sleeping through meetings during his time with the New York Giants.

70. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Carolina Panthers) - LB Chad Muma (Wyoming) Grade C+

This pick makes little sense at all for Jacksonville to make. I have to ask, didn't the Jaguars spend a ton of resources at the inside linebacker position by signing Foyesade Oluokun and drafting Devin Lloyd? Where is Muma going to play at linebacker? I don’t hate Chad Muma as a prospect, especially with his athleticism, instincts, and tackling ability. There were much bigger needs for the Jaguars to address. This is not a reach as I had Muma graded as a 3rd round prospect. I am grading this a C for the selection for Jacksonville and the + is because I like Muma as a player.

71. Chicago Bears - WR Velus Jones (Tennessee) Grade D

It's about time the Chicago Bears get a receiver for QB Justin Fields. Problem is, Velus Jones was not the right pick here. In fact, I did not see Velus Jones going until the 5th or 6th round. Jones is incredibly inconsistent and has terrible ball skills. Jones also struggles to create separation in coverage. Velus Jones is very raw and it would not shock me if he was mainly a special teams player. However the Bears did need receivers and Jones has speed, so I am not going to give it a HACKENBERG Grade.

72. Seattle Seahawks - OT Abraham Lucas (Washington) Grade A-

Oh now, the Seattle Seahawks start to build the offensive line. Too little too late, but hey the old saying is better late than never. It is always a great start when rebuilding the team. I would rather have Daniel Faalele at this spot, but I am not complaining about Lucas. It was surprising when Lucas fell in the 3rd round so this is great value and Lucas can play either guard or tackle. I do worry with his run blocking as he was not the most consistent, but there is upside in selecting Lucas.

73. Indianapolis Colts (From Washington) - TE Jelani Woods (Virginia) Grade B

This is the Jack Doyle replacement on the offense as he decided to retire from the NFL. So the Colts making this selection should fill a need with Doyle’s departure. I would rather have Jeremey Ruckert, or Charlie Kolar at this spot, but Woods is not a bad prospect. Woods is very raw and will need time to solidify his skills. Overall not a bad selection by Indianapolis.

74. Atlanta Falcons - QB Desmond Ridder (Cincinnati) Grade B-

Over Malik Willis and Matt Corral? I mean I don’t hate Desmond Ridder as he was my 4th best QB in this draft class, but Willis and Corral have more positives than Ridder has. Ridder concerns me with his accuracy, decision-making, and adapting to pressure. Ridder is more of a project QB and I don’t hate Atlanta taking him as the Falcons needed competition for Marcus Mariota and Ridder is a lot better than what they had behind him in Felipe Franks.

75. Houston Texans (From Denver Broncos) - LB Christian Harris (Alabama) Grade B+

I would rather have Nakobe Dean at this spot, but Christian Harris is a solid pick as well. I guess the Texans wanted to take the more durable linebacker in Christian Harris. There still are issues regarding Harris as he takes poor pursuit angles when tackling defenders, is inconsistent in coverage, and is not the most consistent player.

76. Baltimore Ravens - DT Travis Jones (UConn) Grade A+ I could not believe Travis Jones fell to the third round of the draft. I never was confident that he would get drafted in the 1st round, but he should have been a 2nd round pick no question. Baltimore does not completely need defensive line help, but he is just way too good for him to pass on. This is an easy A+ grade here.

77. Indianapolis Colts (From Minnesota Vikings) - OT Bernard Rainmann (Central Michigan) Grade B Imagine if Indianapolis built the offensive line earlier when Andrew Luck was still here. Maybe the Colts would not be cursed with their QB woes. I wasn’t a big fan of Rainmann, but there is a lot to like with him, especially with his posture and athleticism. He has a big habit of overarching making blocks and it is mainly attributed to his arm length. Rainmann also has poor hand usage and can be a little sloppy with his footwork. Overall pretty good pick by Indianapolis who needed a tackle, but again there were better options for them.

78. Cleveland Browns - DE/EDGE Alex Wright (UAB) Grade C-

The Browns needed to get a DE/EDGE rusher in this draft class. This selection would make a lot more sense if Wright went in the 5th round. I did not see him going this high at all as he is not the most athletic and he is not the best in coverage. There is upside in this selection so Wright could be a solid selection.

79. Los Angeles Chargers - S J.T. Woods (Baylor) Grade HACKENBURG

Wow, talk about a reach here. I had J T Woods as a 7th-round prospect in this draft class. What are the Chargers thinking here? Woods is a player who lacks awareness, has poor hip fluidity, sloppy footwork, has poor tackling technique, and is inconsistent with his coverage ability. Woods at least has speed as he ran a 4.38 at the combine, but there were a lot more options for the Chargers to choose here.

80. Denver Broncos (via Houston Texans from New Orleans Saints) - TE Greg Dulcich (UCLA) Grade B+

This is the Noah Fant replacement on the offense after they traded him to acquire Russell Wilson. If it were me I would rather have Jeremey Ruckert, Charlie Kolar, or even Isaiah Likely at this spot, but I feel Dulcich is more of a scheme fit selection. He has a ton of upside and gives Russell Wilson another weapon to throw the ball to.

81. New York Giants (From Miami Dolphins) - CB Cordale Flott (LSU) Grade D-

What is it with the Giants reaching on 6th-round prospects in this draft class? Now cornerback is a need for the Giants as it is looking like they will be moving on from James Bradberry. Once they move him they are going to need to find a replacement. Flott is a developmental player who is going to need time to transition into the NFL. There were much better options for them at this spot.

82. Atlanta Falcons (From Indianapolis Colts) - DE/EDGE/LB DeAngelo Malone (Western Kentucky) Grade C+

Not a terrible selection as Atlanta has a ton of needs on defense. Malone has strong position versatility and can play at either linebacker or DE/EDGE rusher. If Malone doesn’t work at one position, then he can be put in another position. I see him as more of an EDGE rusher, but he needs to work on technique as it can get sloppy at times. He has promise and upside, but hopefully, in time he can fix his issues

83. Philadelphia Eagles - LB Nakobe Dean (Georgia) Grade A+

I am shocked Nakobe Dean fell this far. Yes, he has injury concerns, but when healthy Dean is a strong part of any defense. The Eagles have an excellent talent at linebacker that should be one of the steals in the draft class as Dean absolutely should have been a 1st round pick as he is a playmaker.

84. Pittsburgh Steelers DT DeMarvin Leal (Texas A&M) Grade B+

I was surprised that Leal fell in the 3rd round. The Steelers did not desperately need a defensive lineman, but Leal was just way too good for them to pass on in this draft. The Steelers needed to get youth and more athletic in the d-line and Leal can provide that. This is good value for the Steelers here.

85. New England Patriots - CB Marcus Jones (Houston) Grade C-

New England needed a cornerback in this draft, but yet again the Patriots decided to reach on a prospect. I will admit this one is not as bad as the Thorton and Strange picks though as I had a 4th-round grade on him. Jones is a player that has the athleticism and solid instincts. The big issue with him is that he has terrible hand usage and can easily commit penalties. Plus he lacks awareness and is not the most aggressive.

86. Tennessee Titans (From Las Vegas Raiders) - QB Malik Willis (Liberty) Grade A+ I can’t believe it. How Malik Willis fell to the third round is just mind-boggling to me. I thought he would have been the first QB off the board so this is fantastic value here. It looks like once the Titans can economically move on from Tannehill's contract via an Osweiler Effect move or just cutting him, Tannehill is not going to be here long term. So why not draft his replacement in Willis, and let him develop a year or two so he can be ready to take over. This could be the dice roll in their favor and be the steal of the class

87. Arizona Cardinals - DE/EDGE Cameron Thomas (San Diego State) Grade C+

Over Myjai Sanders? I don’t completely hate this selection as the Cardinals need to find a replacement for Chandler Jones and get youth for the team as JJ Watt is on the decline, but this was a bit of a reach for me. I saw Thomas as a 4th round prospect as he likes consistency.

88. Dallas Cowboys - WR Jalen Tolbert (South Alabama) Grade B-

Dallas desperately needed to get a receiver in this draft after Cedrick Wilson and Amari Cooper left the Dallas Cowboys. Tolbert is a fine player but there were better options receiver-wise to go to. Tolbert has solid big-play ability, is a solid route runner, and can get to the high point. Tolbert needs to do a better job catching the ball as he has a habit of making drops. Overall not a bad selection here.

89. Buffalo Bills - LB Terrel Bernard (Baylor) Grade B

I'd rather have Leo Chenal at this spot, but Terrell Bernard is a solid selection as well. I am guessing the Bills thought Bernard would be a better fit on their defense. He could be a solid 3rd down linebacker who can help with covering tight ends. He should be a depth piece for the Bills for now as he develops to be a potential starter.

90. Las Vegas Raiders (from Tennessee Titans) - OG Dylan Parham (Memphis) Grade B+

Never ever hurts to build the offensive line and the Raiders needed interior offensive line help badly. So why not bring in Parham who is smooth moving in space and does a great job pulling. Parham should be a good player to help fill the needs of the Raiders and give Derek Carr plenty of time to throw the ball and open holes for RB Josh Jacobs to run through.

91. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - RB Rachaad White (Arizona State) Grade B Yep. Not surprising that the Buccaneers went RB in the draft. Yes, they brought back Leonard Fournette and Giovanni Bernard, but they are obviously not long-term players on this team. Ke’Shawn Vaughn has promise, but White stands out with his versatility and can give Tom Brady another receiver to throw the football to. I think it is a little bit early for Tampa to take him as I saw White as a 4th round selection, but I don’t blame Tampa for reaching on him.

92. Green Bay Packers - OT Sean Rhyan (UCLA) Grade B

Over Daniel Faalele? Now I understand this selection as Rhyan is a solid run blocker and good pass blocker, but he does not have the best posture, has a habit of overarching, and has sloppy footwork. However, I do like getting more offensive linemen to protect QB Aaron Rodgers here so I am not going to completely complain here.

93. San Francisco 49ers - RB Tyrion Davis-Price (LSU) Grade HACKENBURG

Over Isaiah Spiller, Dameon Pierce, Kyren Williams, Zamir White, Brian Robinson, and Hassan Haskins. This is a massive reach for the 49ers. Not only were there other options but they could have gotten Davis-Price in the 7th round. Plus San Fransisco did not need a running back at all and had other needs to fill. I am guessing Trey Sermon is likely gone at the end of the preseason? This is a very perplexing selection.

94. Carolina Panthers - (Via New England Patriots, From Kansas City Chiefs) QB Matt Corral (Ole Miss) Grade A+

Look, I love Sam Darnold and have been a fan of him since his USC days. But he is just not the long-term QB for the Panthers. He has been ruined since his tenure with the Jets and the Panthers were his second chance, but he has just not worked out at all. So why not take a shot in a rookie QB in Matt Corral who I was surprised fell to the third round of the draft. I would also be shocked if Corral does not start games next year as he is athletic, has strong delivery, can be mobile, and can be accurate. It is worth a shot giving more competition at the QB spot.

95. Cincinnati Bengals - DT Zachary Carter (Florida) Grade A

The Bengals needed a defensive lineman in this draft in order to replace Larry Ogunjobi who is shockingly unsigned. Zachary Carter has a strong impact in stopping the run and as a pass rusher which will help in a tight division like the AFC North currently is. The Bengals could have waited for a round, but Carter will be worth the selection in the 3rd round.

96. Indianapolis Colts (via Denver Broncos, From Los Angeles Rams) - S Nick Cross (Maryland) Grade C

Uhhhh okay. I don’t hate this pick as the Colts needed secondary help. Plus, Cross is a decent prospect as he is athletic and has upside, but there were better options for the Colts to choose from. Cross needs to get better with his patience and consistency he should be a solid player in the league.

97. Detroit Lions - S Kerby Joseph (Illinois) Grade A

I like this selection for the Detroit Lions. Especially, as I was very high on Kerby Joseph and even had him as a Top 5 safety prospect in this draft class. He has strong awareness, is a great tackler, is solid in coverage, and has decent footwork. Joseph can even play cornerback as well which helps his position versatility. Joseph is still raw and will need time to develop. The Lions desperately need help at secondary and Kerby Joseph should be a great player for Detroit if he transitions.

98. Washington Commanders (From New Orleans) - RB Brian Robinson (Alabama) Grade C

Ok, I am lost here. Why is Washington taking a running back this early? Don’t they already have like 3 solid running backs on their team right now in Antonio Gibson, JD Mckissic, and Jaret Patterson? I don’t hate the player as Brian Robinson is a solid prospect, I just hate the team that he got selected to. I'm guessing this selection was a depth piece? I have no clue what the Commanders plan is with this pick and they could have waited without taking a running back.

99. Cleveland Browns - WR David Bell (Purdue) Grade C+

Never hurts to give more receivers for DeShaun Watson to throw to. David Bell is an intriguing prospect as he is athletic, durable, and has nice length. My concerns with Bell mainly rely on his route running and his ability to create separation. It is well worth the value of a third-round pick to take a shot as I saw Bell going in the late 3rd round.

100. Arizona Cardinals (From Baltimore Ravens) - DE/EDGE Myjai Sanders (Cincinnati) Grade A I like this selection a lot more than the Cameron Thomas selection earlier. The Cardinals needed to get youth in the DE/EDGE core as JJ Watt is on the decline and Chandler Jones departed in free agency. I had Myjai Sanders as a 2nd round prospect, so this is great value as well. If he can focus on solidifying his tackling ability and awareness, then this could be a steal in the draft.

101. New York Jets (via Tennessee Titans, Philadelphia Eagles, from New Orleans Saints - TE Jeremy Ruckert (Ohio State) A-

Ruckert was one of the Tight Ends that I was interested in and wanted my team to draft. Well, they did it and the Smile continues to grow on my face. He is a strong blocker and has been improving every season as a receiver as well. The only reason why this grade is an A- is because the Jets spent a lot of money on CJ Uzomah and Tyler Conklin, so it will be interesting how the Jets utilize him. Overall, give this selection a thumbs up and he can be a depth piece for this team.

102. Miami Dolphins (from San Francisco 49ers) - Channing Tindall (Georgia) Grade B I honestly would rather have Chenal with this selection, but Tindall is not a terrible selection either. The Dolphins desperately needed to get a linebacker as it was a weakness on their defense. Tindall can help as he is competitive, smooth in coverage, and is a decent tackler.

103. Kansas City Chiefs - LB Leo Chenal (Wisconsin) Grade B+

The Cheifs needed to get inside linebacker help during the offseason. Chenal can be that piece to fill the middle linebacker core as he is athletic, has strong footwork, and is a physical tackler. If only Chenal is a bit more consistent while in coverage he probably would have been a 2nd round selection.

104. Los Angeles Rams - OG Logan Bruss (Wisconsin) Grade B+

I legit forgot that the Rams had a draft pick on Day 2 of the NFL Draft. But it paid off as they got to a Super Bowl (properly this time) and won the game. If they want to repeat for next year then the Rams are going to need to bolster the offensive line and protect QB Matthew Stafford. I had Logan Bruss going in the late 3rd round too so this is fair value for selecting him at this spot.

105. San Francisco 49ers - WR Danny Gray (SMU) Grade B

The 49ers need to gain more depth at receiver when Deebo Samuel eventually gets traded. I had Gray pegged as a late 3rd/ early 4th round pick, so this is a solid value for the 49ers here. Gray is still a little raw and is a project, but could have upside with time.

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