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2022 NFL Draft Grades: 4th Round

Image Credit (Brennan Rupp/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

The 2022 NFL Draft has officially concluded, So for the next few days, I will be grading each round of the draft. Now it is time to grade the fourth round of the draft. Now as always when I grade a selection as a HACKENBURG Grade that is obviously an F grade. So let's get into it starting with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

106. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (From Jacksonville Jaguars) - TE Cade Otton (Washington) Grade B+ Not a surprise the Buccaneers selected a Tight End here. We have yet to have an answer on whether Rob Gronkowski will be playing football next year. OJ Howard left in Free Agency and is now a Bill. I like Brate but he is not the long-term answer at tight end. Otton brings youth to the Buccaneers core which is a benefit.

107. Houston Texans (Via Cleveland Browns, From Detroit Lions) - RB Dameon Pierce (Florida) Grade A

Houston needs a lot of things on their team. Runningback was definitely on the list. I really like Pierce and I have a big feeling that he could win the starting job for the Texans. The question that is making me hold this grade from an A+ to an A is, why did Florida not utilize him more when he was showing potential?

108. Cleveland Browns (From Houston Texans) - DT Perrion Winfrey (Oklahoma) Grade A+

I was perplexed seeing Perrion Winfrey on the board when the 4th round began. Cleveland’s gain the rest of the NFL loses. The Browns needed defensive line help in this draft and patience paid off as they selected the best defensive lineman on the board. Winfrey will boost the run defense and contribute to providing pressure to the QB. Excellent selection by Cleveland.

109. Seattle Seahawks (From New York Jets) - CB Coby Bryant (Cincinnati) Grade B+

I like this selection for Seattle as they did need help with their secondary. Now Bryant is not the most athletic, but he is a solid tackler with his footwork. If Bryant can be more consistent, then he should be a solid player in the NFL.

110. Baltimore Ravens (From New York Giants) - OT Daniel Faalele (Minnesota) Grade A+

The Baltimore Ravens are having a fantastic draft. Their offensive line just got scary with this selection as I had Daniel Faalele going in the 1st round of the draft. I have no idea why he fell to the 4th round. He and Tyler Linderbaum on the same offensive line are just scary to think about. A guy Daniel Faalele's size at 6’9’’ moving that smooth in the offensive line is just super scary. This is easily one of the steals of the draft.

111. New York Jets (From Carolina Panthers) - OT Max Mitchell (Louisiana) Grade A

The Jets needed to get depth on the offensive line. Especially at offensive tackle and who knows what is going on with the whole Mekhi Becton situation. Hopefully, he gets healthier and loses around 50 pounds during the offseason. But Mitchell is a solid pick who for now should be a rotational offensive lineman and could be a solid o-lineman.

112. New York Giants (From Chicago Bears) - TE Daniel Bellinger (San Diego State) Grade D

Over Charlie Kolar and Isaiah Likely? I was not the highest in Bellinger as he is not the best blocker, is a poor route runner, and lacks consistency. I don't overall hate the pick as this team desperately needs a tight end after the Giants got rid of Kyle Rudolph and Evan Engram.

113. Washington Commanders - S Percy Butler (Louisiana) Grade C

I would say my whole thing about this selection is a reach, but the Commanders had no choice. They desperately needed help at safety since they cut Landon Collins and Deshazor Everett. Butler has a big opportunity here and I would be shocked if he did not start one game next season. If Butler wants to be the full-time starter, then he needs to improve on his awareness as he has a big habit of missing tackles and covering players.

114. New York Giants (From Atlanta) - S Dane Belton (Iowa) Grade C-

This is a bit of a reach as I saw Dane Belton going in the 6th round of the draft. I don’t blame them for going safety here as the Giants need help for their secondary. The big weakness I saw with Belton was how sloppy his footwork was and being fooled by receivers in coverage.

115. Denver Broncos - CB Damarri Mathis (Pittsburgh) Grade C

The Broncos needed to improve their secondary as excluding Patrick Surtain and maybe a declining Bradley Roby their cornerback crew is not the strongest. I understand the selection, but Mathis is a bit of a reach here as I saw him as a 6th/7th round prospect. His footwork is sloppy and he is not the most consistent when he plays.

116. Denver Broncos (from Seattle Seahawks) - DT Eyloma Uwazurike (Iowa State) Grade D

I understand the selection as the Broncos want to improve the depth at the defensive line. But this is kind of a reach here as I saw Uwazuike as a late 6th/early 7th round selection. He lacks awareness and has a habit of missing tackles. Now he shows flashes of brilliance when he sheds blocks but is still a bit raw. He still needs more time to develop.

117. New York Jets (from Minnesota Vikings) - DE/EDGE Michael Clemons Grade B+

The Jets needed depth at the DE/EDGE rusher position. They drafted Jermaine Johson in the 1st round and now Michael Clemons who should be a rotational defensive player. Clemons has a lot of upside, however, he is a bit raw and will need more time to develop. This is a selection that is risky but has a lot of potential.

118. Minnesota Vikings (Cleveland Browns) - CB Akayleb Evans (Missouri) Grade C+

The Cornerbacks for the Vikings last season were abysmal. So they had to get another cornerback in this class. Evans is a decent prospect to select here as he has athleticism. But he needs to work on his man-to-man coverage skills and has a poor tackling technique. There were better options for the Vikings here, but this selection makes sense.

119. Baltimore Ravens - CB Jayln Armour-Davis (Alabama) Grade B+

The Ravens had to go cornerback here. They were derailed at that position due to injuries and legit had to play scrubs for multiple weeks which contributed to their disappointing season. Of course, they had to go cornerback with this selection. Armour-Davis is a solid player as well and should be a good fit in their defense.

120. Carolina Panthers (via Washington Commanders From New Orleans Saints) - LB Brandon Smith Grade B

Not a bad selection as the Panthers needed linebacker depth. Smith was the best linebacker on the board. There's still plenty of work to do with Smith as he has a habit of missing tackles and must be more aware on the field. He may still be raw, but there is a lot of upside with this selection.

121. New England Patriots (Via Kansas City Chiefs, from Miami Dolphins) - CB Jack Jones (Arizona State) Grade D

Am I shocked the Patriots yet again reached on another prospect in this draft class? The answer of course is absolutely not. I guess Bill saw his combine performance and thought he was too good to pass up. But, besides his combine performance, there are a lot of issues surrounding Jones. I won’t give it a HACKENBURG as the Patriots needed a cornerback, but there were much better options than Jones.

122. Las Vegas Raiders (via Minnesota Vikings, from Indianapolis Colts) - RB Zamir White Grade B

Okay. The Raiders did not need a running back in this spot as their RB core is crowded with Josh Jacobs, Kenyan Drake, and Branden Bolden. But, I understand this selection as Zamir White should have been selected earlier in this class. He does have durability issues, but when healthy White is a weapon. For now, he is going to be a depth piece on this offense.

123. Los Angeles Chargers - RB Isaiah Spiller (Texas A&M) Grade B+

This is the Justin Jackson replacement on offense. I mean Joshua Kelly is not a scrub, but the Los Angeles Chargers needed a backup running back badly. I was surprised Spiller fell this far as I thought he was a 3rd round draft pick. Spiller should be a rotational 3rd down back to give Austin Ekeler rest in games. Great pick by the Chargers.

124. Cleveland Browns (via Houston Texans, From Philadelphia eagles) - K Cade York (LSU) Grade HACKENBURG

Special team players should not be drafted until the 7th maybe 6th round of the NFL draft. I get that the Cleveland Browns need a kicker but they have a lot more needs to address and could have waited for a few rounds until they took a kicker.

125. Miami Dolphins (From Pittsburgh Steelers) - WR Erik Ezukanma (Texas Tech) Grade HACKENBERG

Woah I did not see Erik Ezukanma going in the 4th round at all. I honestly did not see him going until the late 7th round. This is a massive reach for the Miami Dolphins here as yes he has nice size, but he is not the most explosive receiver, he lacks awareness, does not have the best hands, and is not the most consistent with his route running. There also were much better options at this spot.

126. Las Vegas Raiders (via Minnesota Vikings, from Las Vegas Raiders) - DT Niel Farrell Jr. (LSU) Grade C

Ehh I don't hate Farrell being taken here, but what I am not a fan of is the team that selected him. I guess the Raiders are thinking of using him as a depth option as they currently have Andrew Billings and Johnathan Hankins. There is a lot to like with Farell as he is a run stopper and is explosive. The big issue with him is he does not have an impact as a pass rusher. Again like I said don’t hate the player, but the team that drafted him as I just don’t see how he helps the raiders in the short and long term.

127. New England Patriots - RB Pierre Strong Jr. (South Dakota State) Grade D-

What is going on in New England’s Draft board right now? Is the goal for every draft choice to reach on a prospect. Plus the running back core is crowded with James White, Damien Harris, and Rhamondre Stevenson. Now Pierre Strong isn’t a terrible prospect, but I did not see him going until the late 5th/early 6th round of the draft.

128. Baltimore Ravens (From Arizona Cardinals) - TE Charlie Kolar (Iowa State) Grade A+ Wow, I can't believe Charlie Kolar fell at this point of the draft. I thought he would be the second tight end taken in the 3rd round of the draft. There were even some that predicted he would go in the second round as well. Kolar was just too good for him to pass up on this point so of course Baltimore drafts him and gives Lamar Jackson another weapon to throw the ball to.

129. Dallas Cowboys - TE Jake Ferguson (Wisconsin) Grade B

I would rather have Isaiah Likely here, but Ferguson is not a terrible selection either. This is an insurance selection just in case the Cowboys can’t come to a long-term deal with Dalton Schultz. Fergerson has solid hand-eye coordination, can be versatile and is a good blocker. He can develop as a solid Tight End for the Cowboys, but must work on his athleticism and his footwork.

130. Baltimore Ravens (From Buffalo) - P Jordan Stout Grade HACKENBERG Yuck. Why are the Ravens taking a punter in the 4th round of the draft? I get Sam Koch is turning 40 years old in August and they are going to need another punter, but they could have waited until the 6th or 7th Round. Heck, they could have just signed anybody in free agency instead of wasting a draft pick on a punter.

131. Tennessee Titans - RB Hassan Haskins (Michigan) Grade C+

The Titans needed depth at running back as it was clear the offense was not the same without Derrick Henry in the backfield. Did you really want the Titans to enter the season with Trenton Cannon and Dontrell Hilliard? This is a solid value as I thought Haskins would have gone in the early 4th round of this class.

132. Green Bay Packers - WR Romeo Doubs (Nevada) Grade B

I would rather have Calvin Austin or Khalil Shakir here, but Doubs is a solid selection for the Packers. He runs smooth routes and can get to the high point. Doubs does not have the best hands and must be more consistent when he plays. Luckily he has Aaron Rodgers throwing the football so Doubs should be fine during his development.

133. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - P Jake Camarda (Georgia) Grade HACKENBURG

I guess Jason Licht has not learned his lesson from the whole Roberto Aguayo selection. Well, he kind of did as he drafted a special teams player in the 4th round instead of the 2nd round. But again special teamers should not go until the 6th maybe 7th round. There were more needs that Tampa had to fill at this spot so they could have waited on drafting a punter.

134. San Francisco 49ers - OT Spencer Burford (UTSA) Grade B

Never hurts to build the offensive line and continue to protect the QB (Whether it is Trey Lance or Jimmy Garoppolo). Plus the 49ers did need depth on the offensive tackle and Burford is the best available tackle. Trent Williams' job is not at stake here but he could get hurt and if Burford develops he could take over while Williams heals.

135. Kansas City Chiefs - CB Joshua Williams Grade A

I completely forgot Joshua Williams was still on the board as I saw him as a 2nd/3rd round prospect. This is a great value selection. Even though I believe Woolen is more of a complete prospect than Williams, he was not far behind the best available cornerback. The Chiefs secondary was not the strongest last season and Williams should help fix their secondary issues this season.

136. Cincinnati Bengals - OT Cordell Volson (North Dakota State) Grade D-

I did not see Cordell Volson being drafted at all. He is inconsistent as a run blocker and is not a good pass blocker. He does not have the best posture and lacks awareness. This was close to being a HACKENBURG grade, but the Bengals did need depth on the o-line and he shows flashes on occasion.

137. New England Patriots (via Carolina Panthers, via Houston Texans, from Los Angeles Rams) - QB Bailey Zappe (Western Kentucky) Grade HACKENBURG

Ok, now I will give the HACKENBURG Grade. Why is this team taking a quarterback in the 4th round? Did Bill forget that he drafted Mac Jones in the 1st round last season? How does this selection help the New England Patriots? This selection makes no sense at all and yet again the Patriots reach as I saw Zappe as a 6th/7th round prospect. One thing's for sure and that is Jarrett Stidham is likely done as I don’t see him sticking once the preseason is over. Yes, Brian Hoyer is older but at least Hoyer is solid when on the field. Stidham was below average. This pick was a complete reach here.

UPDATE: As I was writing this news came out that the Patriots are trading Stidham to the Las Vegas Raiders.

138. Pittsburgh Steelers - WR Calvin Austin (Memphis) Grade C

Okay. I guess this helps as the Steelers give Mitchell Trubisky and Kenny Pickett another receiver to throw the football to. He plays with speed and is extremely explosive. An issue with Austin is that he does not have the longest catch radius and does not have the best hands. Worse for worse there is upside with this selection and Austin has special teams value as a kick returner. This makes me wonder how secure Gunner Olszewski's roster spot is.

139. Baltimore Ravens - TE Isaiah Likely (Coastal Carolina) Grade A+

Baltimore is having a fantastic draft and while the Ravens don’t need another Tight End as they drafted Charlie Kolar and still have Mark Andrews, Isaiah Likely is just too good to pass on. I think this selection might be a way for the offense to transition to when Dennis Pitta, Crocket Gilmore, Owen Daniels, and Ben Watson were the TEs. Likely is worth a shot for a player many thought would go on Day 2 of the draft. He has a lot of upside so this selection could be worth it.

140. Green Bay Packers - OG Zach Tom (Wake Forest) Grade A

The Packers once again focus on strengthening the offensive line and making sure Aaron Rodgers is protected. Tom is a great selection as he has position versatility and this is great value as I saw Tom going in the 4th round of the draft.

141. Baltimore Ravens - CB Damarion Williams (Houston) Grade C+

I would rather have selected Tariq Woolen here but Damarion Williams is a fine choice. You have to admit that Williams was better than the scrubs that Baltimore had to play due to a lack of depth in the position last season. Williams will be a depth piece that could see playing time depending on how the Ravens heal up from their injuries.

142. Los Angeles Rams - CB Cobie Durant (South Carolina State) Grade C

Over Tariq Woolen? I don’t hate this selection as Cobie Durant is a solid selection as I saw Durant as a late 4th/early 5th round selection, but Woolen was a lot more complete than Durant was. It never hurts to get depth at the cornerback position and Durant is going to need time to adapt to the NFL.

143. Tennessee Titans - TE Chigoziem Okonkwo (Maryland) Grade C+

I am not a big fan of the Tight Ends in this draft class, but Okonkwo is a decent prospect. He has solid hands when catching the football and is a solid blocker. He shows flashes that he could be a solid tight end but again needs to be more consistent when he is on the field. But, overall Okonkwo will be a solid depth piece while he develops.

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