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2022 NFL Draft Grades: 5th Round

Image Credit (Luke Easterling /USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

The 2022 NFL Draft has officially concluded, So for the next few days I will be grading each round of the draft. Now it is time to grade the fifth round of the draft. Now as always when I grade a selection as a HACKENBURG Grade that is obviously an F grade. So let's get into it starting with the Washington Commanders.

144. Washington Commanders (via Carolina Panthers, From Jacksonville Jaguars) - QB Sam Howell (North Carolina) Grade A+

There were rumors that Washington had interest in him and were close to drafting him in the 2nd round of the draft. Well they held out and were lucky to draft him in the 5th round. I really like the value in this selection and man he was once considered a 1st round prospect at one point. Plus I believe Howell will start one game next year as Carson Wentz can barely stay healthy, and Taylor Henicke they have given up on. If he plays well in his 1st start then this could be a home run selection.


145. Kansas City Chiefs (via Seattle Seahawks, via Denver Broncos ,From Detroit Lions) - OT Darian Kinnard (Kentucky) Grade A-

The Chiefs giving Patrick Mahomes protection by continuing to build the offensive line. I am surprised Kinnard fell to the 5th Round as I saw him as a 3rd round prospect. There is a lot to like regarding Kinnard including his pass blocking, his movement in the offensive line, smooth footwork, and has a strong mauling ability. What he needs to improve is his run blocking and his consistency.

146. New York Giants (From New York Jets) - LB Micah McFadden (Indiana) Grade A

There are a lot of people that are not a big fan of this selection, but I like this selection for the New York Giants. They needed linebacker help and McFadden has tools you want in a linebacker. All he has to do is react quicker and he should be a solid part of this defense. This is solid value for the 5th round.

147. New York Giants - DT DJ Davidson (Arizona State) Grade D-

Not a fan of this pick at all. I saw DJ Davidson as a late 7th round prospect. He will be depth for the defensive line, but I don’t see him sticking on the roster long term as he lacks consistency and has poor pass rushing techniques.

148. Buffalo Bills (via Chicago Bears, From Houston Texans) - WR Khalil Shakir Grade A+

Buffalo did not really need a receiver, but Khalil Shakir was just too good for the Bills to pass on. I saw Shakir going in the late 3rd/early 4th round pick. He is very athletic and versatile when running routes. Shakir also has strong hands as well. Plus they give Josh Allen another target for him to throw the ball to.

149. Washington Commanders (from Carolina Panthers) - TE Cole Turner (Nevada) Grade C

This is the Ricky Seals-Jones replacement on the offense as he left via free agency. Turner has potential and showed flashes during his time in Nevada, but must do better creating separation and making blocks.

150. Houston Texans (from Chicago Bears) - DT Thomas Booker (Stanford) Grade C

Meh Booker is fine at this spot. I saw Booker going a little later in the 5th round. But I am not complaining about the Texans reaching a bit on him as defensive tackle was a need. Then again every position on this team was a need.

151. Atlanta Falcons - RB Tyler Allgier (BYU) Grade A

It took the Falcons long enough to draft a running back. They legit have a ton of needs and while you can say that Cordarell Patterson is the starter, he is mainly a swiss army knife on this team. Damien Williams (The True Superbowl 54 MVP) was terrible in Chicago. Allgier has a big chance to be the long term starter here. My nitpick is that Allgier is more of a pass catching back, and they kind of had that with Patterson, but besides that I don’t have any complaints.

152. Denver Broncos - S Delarrin Turner-Yell (Oklahoma) Grade C

Over Tariq Woolen? I get the Broncos wanted to get depth at satey, but Woolen would have been a better boost to their secondary. I also think that Woolen is more of a 6th round prospect. Maybe the Broncos thought Turner-Yell would be a better fit.

153. Seattle Seahawks - CB Tariq Woolen (UTSA) Grade A+ I still don’t understand how Tariq Woolen fell this far in the draft. Maybe it's due to health concerns, but when healthy he is a strong part of the defense. I saw him as a 1st/2nd round prospect in this class and it's hard not to lie as a guy his size is a big benefit as a cornerback. This is a great start when rebuilding the secondary by getting Woolen.

154. Jacksonville Jaguars (via Philadelphia Eagles, from Washington Commanders) - RB Snoop Connor (Ole Miss) Grade HACKENBURG

Moves like this make me question what in the world the Jaguars are doing. Why are the Jaguars trading up for a prospect who was going to go undrafted? The Jaguars also had many more needs to fill excluding running back. I am guessing they thought he would benefit as a powerback, but Connor did not impress me at all.

155. Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland Browns) - OT Matt Waletzko (North Dakota) Grade B+

Waletzko is an intriguing late round prospect that was rising on draft boards. It is hard not to see a guy his size moved very well. If he can cut his habit overarching on blocks and have a stronger posture while he is in a blocking position. This fills a need as the Cowboys needed tackles as Tyron Smith has struggled to stay healthy and they cut Lael Collins.

156. Cleveland Browns (via Minnesota Vikings, from Baltimore Ravens) - RB Jerome Ford (Cincinnati) Grade D Huh? Don’t the Browns have plenty of running backs on their roster? Was it necessary to select a running back at this spot? I don’t hate the prospect as Ford is a solid running back, but this feels like a wasted selection for a position that this team has a ton of depth in.

157. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via Jacksonville Jaguars, from Minnesota Vikings) - CB Zyon McCollum (Sam Houston State) Grade B+

Tampa’s secondary is kind of needed of some depth. Also might be nice to get an eventual replacement for Ross Cockwell who is turning 31 in august. This is great value as well as I saw McCollum going in the late 4th round of the draft. Solid choice by Tampa Bay.

158. Seattle Seahawks (via Kansas City Chiefs, via New England Patriots, from Miami Dolphins) - DE/EDGE Tyreke Smith (Ohio State) Grade C

Seattle desperately needed to improve their pass rusher. They did it earlier in the draft selecting Boye Mafe and now making this selection. Tyreke Smith is fine, but I see him more as a rotational player. I think former 1st round draft pick L.J. Collier is on the chopping block and is in danger of losing his roster spot.

159. Indianapolis Colts - DT Eric Johnson (Missouri State) Grade C+

Well the Colts did need depth on the defensive line. Johnson is a solid player who should be a rotational player. I will admit Johnson could also be utilized as a pass rusher as he shows a lot more flashes rushing the passer, than as a run stopper.

160. Los Angeles Chargers - DT Otito Ogbonnia (UCLA) Grade C

The Chargers also needed to get depth on the defensive line as well. Especially with the talented offenses in the AFC West they are going to need to strengthen their defense. So why not get a rotational run stopper in Otito Ogbonnia.

161. New Orleans Saints - LB D’Marco Jackson (Appalachian State) Grade B+

The wait is over. The New Orleans Saints finally make another pick. But I like this pick as the Saints needed a linebacker and rumors were that they contemplated drafting Quay Walker 19th Overall (Which would have been a massive reach). I would rather have Damone Clark here but with his spine issues I don't blame the Saints on passing on him.

162. Denver Broncos (from Philadelphia Eagles) - WR Montrell Washington (Samford) Grade D+

Ehh I think this is a few rounds early for Washington. I mean he is not bad, but he would be more of a benefit on special teams as he shined more as a Kick Returner. Worse for Worse he is a depth at receiver and give Russell Wilson and other target to throw too.

163. Tennessee Titans (via New York Jets, from Pittsburgh Steelers) - WR Kyle Philips (UCLA) Grade C

The Titans needed depth at receiver now that AJ Brown is gone along with Julio Jones. Philips is not a bad option here as I saw him as a 5th round prospect. He must be better with his hands making catches as he has a habit of dropping balls.

164. Los Angeles Rams (Via Las Vegas Raiders, from New England Patriots) RB Kyren Williams (Notre Dame) Grade A The fact that Kyren Williams fell to the 5th round just shocks me. I had him as a 3rd/4th round prospect but it is LA’s gain as he will replace Sony Michel as the 3rd back on the team. Williams is explosive, has strong field vision, can be versatile, and is a great blocker. Les Snead made a great pick here.

165. Minnesota Vikings (from Las Vegas Raiders) - DE/EDGE Esezi Otomewo (Minnesota) Grade B

Looks like Otomewo won’t have to leave Minnesota after all. I like this selection because he has experience for years playing in the state of Minnesota and the Vikings needed depth at the DE/EDGE rusher position.

166. Cincinnati Bengals (via Chicago Bears, via Houston Texans, via Philadelphia Eagles, from Arizona Cardinals) - S Tycen Anderson (Toledo) Grade C

I am surprised the Bengals went with safety here. It has been a crowded position now that the team selected Daxton Hill in the 1st round. Safety was a weakness so I don’t blame them for yet again selecting a secondary piece. I think this is a round too early as he struggles in coverage, has a slow reaction time, and lacks awareness. He has a strong tackling ability and he could develop in time.

167. Dallas Cowboys - CB DaRon Bland (Fresno State) Grade D

I get what Dallas is doing making this selection, but Bland was a player they could have gotten in the 7th round of the draft. He is a work in progress and shows flashes with his speed. But there is plenty of promise in Bland and will need time to develop.

168. Chicago Bears - OT Braxton Jones (Southern Utah) Grade D+

Oh now the Bears realized that they needed to protect QB Justin Fields. It is too bad they waited this long and once again chose the wrong prospect because I am not a fan of Braxton Jones at all. He has a poor posture, lacks awareness, and is sloppy as a pass blocker. This is not a HACKENBURG level of bad because this fills a need, so I gave it a D is for the prospect and the + is for filling a need.

169. Minnesota Vikings (via Tennessee Titans, From Las Vegas Raiders) - RB Ty Chandler (North Carolina) Grade C-

Did the Vikings really need a running back? Well, not really as Mattison and Cook are solid backs. But they do need that third running back as a depth piece.I was not a big fan of Kene Nwangwu when the Vikings reached on him in the 4th round. Chandler did show promise and is a solid pass catching running back.

170. Houston Texans (Via New England Patriots, From Tampa Bay Buccaneers) - TE Teagan Quitoriano (Oregon State) Grade HACKENBURG

WHO? No joke, I legit could not figure out who this guy was when I heard this selection. From the film I saw from him his only contributing factor is that he is a blocking tight end. Bsides that there is not a lot that impresses me about Quitoriano. This is a reach and the Texans had more needs to fill and they could have waited on him as he would have been undrafted.

171. Denver Broncos (from Green Bay Packers) - C Luke Wattenberg (Washington) Grade C-

This is a bit early for the Broncos to select Wattenberg, but they desperately needed a backup center. He was the last center that I saw as draftable and Denver did not have a pick for the next 35 selections. So they panicked and took a project, backup center.

172. San Francisco 49ers - CB Samuel Womack (Toledo) Grade C+

Not a bad pick to make in the 5th round as Samuel Womack was productive during his time in Toledo. He needs to work on his tackling ability and must clean up his footwork if he wants to have a long career. The 49ers did need cornerback help as well so overall I give it a thumbs up.

173. New York Giants (via Baltimore Ravens, from Kansas City Chiefs)- OG Marcus McKethan (North Carolina) Grade B+

Definitely like this selection more than the Joshua Ezeudu pick. McKethan is more polished of a blocker than Ezeudu is as he is more consistent as well. The Giants adding more depth to the offensive line is a good thing to protect Daniel Jones or Tyrod Taylor.

174. Chicago Bears (From Cincinnati Bengals) - DE/EDGE Dominique Robinson (Miami of Ohio) Grade B

The Bears finally focus on getting an DE/EDGE rusher on their roster. Robinson is a solid prospect. He is athletic for a guy his size 6’4’’ and has solid agility. But Robinson is not a good run stopper and does not have the best pass rushing techniques. He is worth it in the 5th round as it fills a need.

175. Las Vegas Raiders (From Los Angeles Rams) - DT Matthew Butler (Tennessee) Grade C-

Interesting how the Raiders are going back to back here with the defensive line. I guess they are not as confident in the depth, but they solved it by selecting Ferell in the 4th Round. Plus I did not see Butler going until the 7th round as he is not the best as a run stopper.

176. Dallas Cowboys - LB Damone Clark (LSU) Grade A- I like it. Clark would have gone higher if it was not for a severe back injury that almost ended his career. This is a bit of a risk because spine injuries are just no joke, but in the 5th round it is well worth the risk as when healthy Clark is a leader on the defense. I hope he heals up and plays like he did in LSU.

177. Detroit Lions - TE James Mitchell (Virginia Tech) Grade B Excluding TJ Hockenson I want to ask, without looking it up, name me another tight end on this roster? Exactly you can’t. The Lions needed a backup TE as if Hockenson gets hurt then the Lions are screwed at that position. So why not get depth by drafting one in the 5th round.

178. Dallas Cowboys - DT John Ridgeway (Arkansas) Grade - B

Wow this is a really solid pick for Dallas as they needed defensive line depth. Ridgeway is a player that should have an impact as a run stopper which is important against the division as the Washington Commanders and Philadelphia Eagles have a ton of depth at the position and The Giants still have Saquon (Until week 4). Ridgeway does need to improve as a pass rusher, but he should be a solid rotational defensive back.

179.Green Bay Packers - DE/EDGE Kingsley Enagbare (South Carolina) Grade A+

I completely forgot that Enagbare was still on the board at this pick. The Packers desperately need pass rush help since being in cap hell forced the Packers to lose Za'darius Smith in the offseason. This pick fills a need for Green Bay and they get a prospect who should have been taken in the 3rd round of the draft.



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