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2022 NFL Draft Grades: 7th Round

Image Credit (Colin Braley /USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

The 2022 NFL Draft has officially concluded, So for the next few days, I will be grading each round of the draft. Now it is time to grade the seventh round of the draft. Now as always when I grade a selection as a HACKENBURG Grade that is obviously an F grade. So let's get into it starting with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

222. Jacksonville Jaguars - CB Montaric Brown (Arkansas) Grade C+

The Jaguars could use depth at the cornerback position and Montaric Brown was solid in Arkansas. If the Jaguars were smart they would have Brown mostly be in Zone coverage as he struggled in man-to-man and press coverage.

223. Cleveland Browns (from Detroit Lions) - DE/EDGE Isaiah Thomas (Oklahoma) Grade C+

Not going to complain about this pick as it never hurts to get depth at pass rusher. Plus I had Thomas Going in the 6th round so this is a nice value selection as well. Thomas is very explosive but must improve the way he tackles.

224. Miami Dolphins (via Baltimore Ravens, via New England Patriots, from Houston Texans) - LB Cameron Goode (California) Grade B+

Miami desperately needed linebacker help and it took them long enough to finally address that position. Especially as the team lost Vince Biegel in free agency (shame too because when healthy Biegel was a solid player on Miami’s defense). Goode is a solid prospect to take here as I saw him as a 6th-round prospect.

225. Pittsburgh Steelers (from New York Jets) - LB Mark Robinson (Ole Miss) Grade D+

Ehh I don’t hate that the Steelers went linebacker here, but there are concerns regarding Robinson. He is not the most patient and is not the best in coverage. There is a lot of work with Robinson and it will take time for him to develop.

226. Chicago Bears (via Cincinnati Bengals, from New York Giants) OG Ja’Tyre Carter (Southern) Grade B

The Bears are getting more protection for Justin Fields. I like it, I just wish they started with their earlier picks. Carter should be utilized as a solid rotational offensive lineman for the Bears and has promise.

227. Minnesota Vikings (via Las Vegas Raiders, from Carolina Panthers) - TE Nick Muse (South Carolina) Grade B+

This is the Tyler Conklin/Chris Herndon replacement on the offense as the team did next to nothing trying to get a replacement. Muse can be that depth option, but he has a real opportunity to get snaps in the regular season except for Irv Smith I could not name another Vikings TE.

228. Green Bay Packers (via Houston Texans, from Chicago Bears) - LB/S Tariq Carpenter (Virginia Tech) Grade B

I like this selection mainly due to the position versatility surrounding Tariq Carpenter. I see him more as a safety, but it would not shock me if the Packers tried him out at linebacker as well. The Packers should be experimenting with him for a season.

229. Seattle Seahawks - WR Bo Melton (Rutgers) Grade B+

The Seahawks have needed receiver depth for a while. Excluding DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, the Seahawks receivers were not good. I am not adding D’Wayne Eskridge as he was awful his rookie season and got hurt (I will give him one more year). Melton showed flashes of potential as he can be explosive and has speed. Melton could be a solid receiver.

230. Washington Commanders - OG Chris Paul (Tulsa) Grade B

Washington should do whatever they can to help protect Carson Wentz after they overpaid to acquire him. Paul is a solid player that can play guard or tackle and can be a rotational player for the Commanders offensive line.

231. Buffalo Bills (From Atlanta Falcons) - LB Baylon Spector (Clemson) Grade B+

I like this selection for the Bills, I looked at Spector a bit before the 3rd day began and there is a lot to like with Spector including his quickness and tackling ability. There is upside, but If he can work on his coverage ability, shedding blocks, and awareness he should be a solid player in the league.

232. Denver Broncos - CB/S Falon Hicks (Wisconsin) Grade D

Ehh there were much better prospects at this spot than Hicks. He will be depth for the secondary, but he is very inconsistent in coverage and sloppy with his footwork. At least he is a solid tackler when on defense.

233. Seattle Seahawks (via Kansas City, from Minnesota) - WR Dareke Young (Lenoir-Rhyne) Grade C

I get it that Seattle wants to give receivers to QB Geno Smith and Drew Lock, but there are bigger needs for Seattle to fill. Then again it is the 7th round and maybe Young can be a solid player on special teams.

234. Green Bay Packers (via Denver Broncos, via Detroit Lions, from Cleveland Browns) - DT Jonathan Ford (Miami) Grade A-

One of the Green Bay Packers goals in this draft class is to improve the defensive line and get depth at that position. They improved the defensive line by selecting Devonte Wyatt (Could be worth it If he can mature and other red flags) and with this selection, it solves the depth issue on the defensive line. Ford should be a rotational defensive lineman as he was a solid run-stopper during his time in Miami.

235. Los Angeles Rams (via Tampa Bay Buccaneers, via Jacksonville Jaguars, from Baltimore Ravens) - LB Daniel Hardy (Montana State) Grade C-

Not a big fan of this pick. Yes, it never hurts to get depth at linebacker, but the Rams have plenty of it on their roster. I am guessing this selection was to help their special teams, but I would have rather gotten depth at tackle or secondary here.

236. Los Angeles Chargers - CB Deane Leonard (Ole Miss) Grade B

This is a solid value for Leonard as I saw him as a 6th-round prospect. He has upside and he plays with a lot of speed. He ran a 4.39 at his pro day and he flashed in Ole Miss. Plus it helps fix the secondary which was an issue last season.

237. Detroit Lions (via Philadelphia Eagles, from New Orleans Saints) - CB Chase Lucas (Arizona State) Grade A+

Lucas was a player that I forgot was still around in the 7th round as I saw him as a 4th-round prospect. This is great value for the Detroit Lions and Lucas strength is with his instincts when in zone coverage and shows flashes of ball skills. If Lucas can be quicker when in pursuit of players, and clean up his tackle ability Lucas could be a solid player for the Lions weak secondary.

238. Las Vegas Raiders (via Los Angeles Rams, from Miami Dolphins) - OT Thayer Munford (Ohio State) Grade A

The Raiders offensive line was a mess last season. Then again it was predictable as the Raiders last season traded their offensive line for next to nothing. Thayer Munford was a player I saw as a 5th round selection so this is a great value. I see Munford as more of a guard than tackle, so it would not shock me if the Raiders experimented with him at guard.

239. Indianapolis Colts - S Rodney Thomas (Yale) Grade D

Not a big fan of this selection for Indianapolis as Rodney Thomas was very inconsistent. It is the seventh round so it is not a big reach. I guess the Colts see him as a fit in their scheme. Would not shock me if he was a player on the practice squad next season.

240. Washington Commanders - CB Christian Holmes (Oklahoma State) Grade C

Washington waited too long to start building the secondary. They reached on selecting S Percy Butler and they completely forgot about fixing the cornerback position. Christian Holmes shows flashes and he is fine as a late-round pick, but I think there were better corners on the board.

241. Pittsburgh Steelers - QB Chris Oladokun (South Dakota State) Grade HACKENBURG

When this selection was announced and the Steelers went quarterback here, I legit shouted “Why?’’. There is no reason whatsoever for the Steelers to take another QB here as they have Mason Rudolph, Mitchell Trubisky, and Kenny Pickett. Oladokun is going to be a camp arm and I doubt he even makes the roster as many teams now are starting to only hold 2 QBs on the roster. This was a waste of a pick and the Steelers could have selected a different position to get depth.

242. Carolina Panthers (via Miami Dolphins, from New England Patriots) - CB Kalon Barnes (Baylor) Grade A+

I completely forgot that Kalon Barnes was still on the board as I had Barnes as a 4th round prospect. This is excellent value for a corner that has strong athleticism and is solid when in coverage. He also has versatility as a cornerback, safety, and even on special teams. This was a great selection by Carolina.

243. Kansas City Chiefs (via New England Patriots, from Las Vegas Raiders) - CB Jaylen Watson (Washington State) Grade C+

The Chiefs badly needed depth at the cornerback position. Heck, 30% of their selections have been at the cornerback position. Watson is a solid player and for the 7th round, he is worth a shot as he is solid in coverage, has decent ball skills, and has solid awareness.

244. Arizona Cardinals - CB Christian Matthew (Valdosta State) Grade D+

Ehh not much to say here except that Matthews will be a depth piece for Arizona that will likely play on special teams. There really is not much that impressed me during Matthew’s time at Valdosta, but he is worth the risk in the late 7th round to select him.

245. New England Patriots (via Houston Texans, from Dallas Cowboys) - OG Andrew Stuber (Michigan) Grade C+

Surprise, the Patriots actually made a pick that made sense. Stuber is a solid selection in the 7th round due to his position versatility. It also never hurts to give Mac Jones more protection which is another plus. This honestly may be their best pick in this draft.

246. Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo Bills) - OC Dawson Deaton (Texas Tech) Grade B

The Cleveland Browns needed a backup center. They cut JC Tretter and Nick Harris will take over as their starter. Deaton will battle with Ethan Pocic for the backup role and Deaton impresses they can move Pocic to guard.

247. Miami Dolphins (from Tennessee Titans) - QB Skylar Thompson (Kansas) Grade D-

Really Miami. You do realize you need depth on the offensive line and other positions right. Why are you wasting a pick on a camp arm? Maybe Miami may switch positions with Thompson, but if they don’t then I doubt that Thompson sticks on the active roster. He will probably be a guy that will stick on the Dolphins practice squad until Bridgewater and Tua eventually get hurt.

248. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DE/EDGE Andre Anthony (LSU) Grade C+

Never hurts to get youth and depth at DE/EDGE rusher. This is also a scheme fit as well for the Buccaneers to draft Anthony. Anthony does need to show improvement on his techniques if he wants to make the roster this season.

249. Green Bay Packers - OT Rasheed Walker (Penn State) Grade A+

How Rasheed Walker fell to the 7th round of the draft perplexes me. At one point I potentially saw him as a 1st round pick. But fell due to a serious knee issue, but he should have been drafted in at least the 4th or 5th round. Well, the Packers gain and others lose. If Walker stays healthy it would not shock me if he started a few games.

250. Las Vegas Raiders (via Minnesota Vikings, via Denver Broncos, From San Francisco 49ers) - RB Brittain Brown (UCLA) Grade D

Ehh not going to complain as it is the late 7th round, but I think there were better options at this spot. Brown was inconsistent during his time at UCLA and he is going to turn 25 in October as well. It would not shock me if Brown did not make the active roster.

251. Kansas City Chiefs - RB Isaih Pacheco (Rutgers) Grade C-

This to me is more of a special teams pick-up for the Chiefs as Isaih Pacheco is fast. As a running back, I just don’t think he has the tools to last long in the NFL. Pacheco must impress on special teams which I think he can do.

252. Cincinnati Bengals - DE/EDGE Jeffery Gunter (Coastal Carolina) Grade C+

Not a bad pick here for the Bengals as they did need some depth at the DE/EDGE position. If Gunter wants to make the roster he needs to be quicker with his reaction time as he can be slow to react when he sees a potential opportunity.

253. Los Angeles Rams - S Russ Yeast (Kansas State) Grade B-

Yeast is a fine selection here, even with the risk of his knee injuries. When healthy he is an excellent player and he could have honestly been a mid-round pick. However, you cant showcase how talented you are if you can’t get on the field. For a 7th-round pick, I say it is worth the risk.

254. Chicago Bears (from Los Angeles Chargers) - S Elijah Hicks (California) Grade C-

What is it with Chicago using two draft picks at safety? It was not a big need entering the draft as Eddie Jackson and DeAndre Houston-Carson were good last year. I don’t hate Hicks here, but I think there were other positions that the Bears could have selected here.

255. Chicago Bears (from Los Angeles Chargers) - P Trenton Gill (NC State) Grade C

Not going to go after the Bears here as they desperately needed a punter and it's the late 7th round so I will allow a special team player to be drafted. It fills a need so I give it a thumbs up.

256. Arizona Cardinals - LB Jesse Luketa (Penn State) Grade B+

The Cardinals make a solid pick here as Luketa has position versatility and can play either at linebacker or at DE/EDGE rusher. I think Luketa is more of a linebacker than an EDGE rusher and the Cardinals did need depth at the position.

257. Arizona Cardinals - OG Marquis Hayes (Oklahoma) Grade B+

I like this selection a little more than their earlier selection of Lecitus Smith as Hayes can play tackle as well. Protecting Kyler Murray is a must for the Arizona Cardinals so this pick to me is a thumbs up.

258. Green Bay Packers - WR Samori Toure (Nebraska) Grade A

Samori Toure was a name hyped up as a potential mid-round pick once his pro day ended. I saw him as more of a late 5th/early 6th round selection. He has a lot of tools that you want to see in a receiver, but he has to do a better job being more consistent when catching the ball as there were times he dropped easy receptions. This time he will have one of the Top 5 QBs throwing the ball to him so he has a big chance to be a steal in the draft.

259. Kansas City Chiefs - S Nazeeh Johnson (Marshall) Grade C

Ehh the Chiefs needed a backup safety. I am not at all complaining as this is the late 7th round and maybe the Chiefs thought they would not be able to sign Nazeeh Johnson if he went undrafted.

260. Los Angeles Chargers - FB Zander Horvath (Purdue) Grade C

I don’t hate this pick at all as the Chargers could use a FB to help block for Austin Ekeler and Isaiah Spiller. Plus it is the late 7th round, you could flip a coin on a prospect a team can’t decide on drafting.

261. Los Angeles Rams (From Tampa Bay Buccaneers) - OT/G A.J Arcuri (Michigan State) Grade C+

Never hurts to get more depth at the offensive line. Especially as the Rams lost Andrew Whitworth and the Rams will need to replace him. Plus Arcuri can be placed anywhere on the offensive line. So he was worth a 7th-round selection.

262. San Francisco 49ers - QB Brock Purdy (Iowa State) Grade C-

The Mr. Irrelevant pick in this draft class is…. A quarterback? Interesting. I am guessing this is insurance if the 49ers trade Jimmy Garoppolo. They will need a backup and Nate Sudfeld would be left once Garoppolo is gone. This is going to be a competition for the spot. I honestly would not have selected Purdy here as he would likely be a camp arm. I would have rather signed an undrafted free agent.

That officially concludes the grades for the 2022 NFL Draft. I had an enjoyable time making grades and I wish every prospect well as I want everybody to succeed in this class. Hopefully, these selections work out for every team. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and I will absolutely be doing this next year for the 2023 NFL Draft class.

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