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2022 NFL Draft: Tennessee Titans Draft Review

(Mandatory Photo Credit: Kirby Lee - USA Today Sports)

Written by: Joseph Yun

The Tennessee Titans had a whirlwind 2022 draft, to say the least, marked by equal parts excitement for the incoming rookies and the disconsolate dénouement of a franchise player’s era in Nashville. As they and many other teams are set to begin rookie minicamps this weekend and in the next couple of weeks, just who are the newest additions to the Titans roster? What can we look forward to as the offseason of extravagantly gaudy pandemonium slowly decelerates? Is there yet another unknowable blockbuster move on the horizon before we get to Training Camp? (Please sign a veteran receiver, Tennessee. Please)

Note: All RAS scores are courtesy of @Mathbomb. All linked scouting reports and big board numbers are courtesy of All statistics are courtesy of sport-reference/cfb/

Draft Selections

- In an alternate reality that features star wide receiver A.J. Brown still donning the two-toned blue, Burks makes a ton of sense given that the Julio Jones era was short-lived and Robert Woods is recovering from a torn ACL. Unfortunately, we live in a reality that places Brown in Philadelphia and the young Natural State native leading the line as his direct replacement. The former Razorbacks receiver broke out in 2021 as a potential WR1 and Biletnikoff candidate with 66 receptions for 1,104 yards with 11 touchdowns. If he doesn’t deliver as a rookie, the Titans receiver room looks rather bleak with inconsistent Nick Westbrook-Ikhine and injured Woods leading an unproven group. Burks fits the type that Tennessee wants. A big burly receiver who can do things with the ball in his hands. The RAS isn’t the best after an offseason process, admittedly. Funny enough, his comparison is the man he is slated to replace in the lineup. Given the circumstances of his arrival in Nashville, he himself is a fine prospect but earns a C+ grade. Burks is a versatile athlete who’s a nightmare to cover in YAC. Much will be expected from the rookie receiver. Can he deliver the goods like Justin Jefferson, Ja’Marr Chase, and Devonta Smith did their during their first-year campaigns?

RAS: 5.83

Player Comp: A.J. Brown

Blitzalytics Grade: 7.70

Blitzalytics Big Board: 18

Selection Grade: C+

- McCreary is a good pick considering that he was mooted as a first-round prospect by some sources but is limited physically. He’s a gamer who’s a monster competitor that doesn’t back down from any and all comers. Length is an issue with less than 30” arms and a short wingspan for the position so he may be limited to slot duties at this level. Versatility is a plus as he can be used on the perimeter and in the slot with very little dropoff. Fortunately, the Titans have invested heavily in the secondary with youth and vitality so he doesn’t have to start right away. It seems like a reach considering the team’s other needs at this point in the draft but an understandable decision in context. A limited athlete given the RAS and projects as an ideal nickel. He compares physically and athletically to the Cardinals’ Byron Murphy who has fit in well as a part-time starter in his brief career to date.

RAS: 5.48

Player Comp: Byron Murphy

Blitzalytics Grade: 6.88

Blitzalytics Big Board: 31

Selection Grade: B

- A depth-filling selection that could play a role in the Titans’ eternal (cost-effective) search for a rightful heir to David Stewart’s right tackle gig. He could switch over to the left side eventually as Taylor Lewan’s successor. Nicholas the little brother is a pretty solid athlete on tape but doesn’t really feature strength in his game. He’s a functional athlete who can get to the second level frequently when asked. Lateral quickness is slightly above average as well. A perfectly fine tackle selection at this point in the draft given that he was the first tackle off the board after the first round run on the position. A possible Day 1 starter on the right side given the coaching staff’s blatant attempts to keep Dillon Radunz at guard despite a preponderance of evidence stating he’s better off at tackle. At the least, he can compete for the backup swing tackle role from the jump. Tennessee earns a B+ grade for filling a need with a good enough versatile prospect with a bright future. He compares physically and athletically to Saints veteran standout Ryan Ramcyzk.

RAS: 6.28

Player Comp: Ryan Ramcyzk

Blitzalytics Grade: 6.63

Blitzalytics Big Board: 66

Selection Grade: B+

- The crown jewel of the Titans’ draft class is the young signal-caller from the Peach State by the way of Liberty via Auburn. Willis was largely considered as the best passer in a class “devoid” of game-changing talents. He has all the physical skills such as the rocket arm and physically beautiful running style that often evokes memories of a younger Russell Wilson. Yeah, he’s a bit a raw fundamentally in processing the pocket and his reads given Liberty’s impressive simple offense. He didn’t test at the Combine nor the Pro Day in terms of counting stats like the 40. The physically impressive prospect has the tangibles and intangibles to develop into something if given the time to develop. The time he now has with Ryan Tannehill still in command (a near $40 million cap hit really helps his job security) despite a shaky at best outing that quite literally ended the Titans season. He can develop and learn at his own pace while possibly subbing in on Wildcat plays to get his feet wet. No other QB prospect landed in a more ideal situation than he. Physically, he profiles like a shorter Dak Prescott. Let’s all hope he repeats the successes that Prescott and Wilson have achieved to date. An A grade awaits GM Jon Robinson for the adept and savvy selection regardless of Tannehill’s thoughts on mentorship.


Player Comp: Dak Prescott

Blitzalytics Grade: 7.48

Blitzalytics Big Board: 25

Selection Grade: A

- Defense getting tired of having to make business decisions against Derrick Henry? Enter the former Wolverines star Hassan Haskins who brings the same hammer elements as the superstar back. Haskins isn’t the best athlete but he is sufficient enough to play a role on special teams and is of good repute as a pass-catcher. Tennessee definitely has a type that they love in their backs and stuck to their guns with this selection. There was a massive run on runners in the third to fifth rounds (a whopping 13 were selected in this range) so the Titans were probably compelled to choose one before the scarcity in supply hit. Haskins will immediately fill a need as Henry’s backup given the lack of resources devoted to the position in free agency. He’s a willing participant on special teams so that’s where he’ll get his introduction as a pro. An ultra-productive runner who produced 1,327 yards and 20 touchdowns on 270 attempts as a senior. He compares physically and stylistically to former Rutgers runner Brian Leonard. A B- grade for value and need filling.


Player Comp: Brian Leonard

Blitzalytics Grade: 6.59

Blitzalytics Big Board: 137

Selection Grade: B-

4.143 Chigoziem Okonkwo 6’2 38 TE Senior Maryland

- Tennessee rectified their glaring and unrelenting mistake of not properly filling their tight end room during the 2021 season this offseason. This selection is a continuance of that decision as Okonkwo is an undersized athlete who will backup nominal starter Austin Hooper (signed in free agency.) He profiles much similar to another Titans tight end legend in Delanie Walker. Hailed by many experts as the direct like for like replacement for Jonnu Smith who rightly took the immense amount of money that New England stupidly offered him. Funny enough, he goes to the very same franchise that made a star out of a former Terrapins player, Frank Wycheck. Tennessee got an insane value pick this late after the run on tight ends saw much less heralded ones go before Okonkwo.

RAS: 6.46

Player Comp: Delanie Walker

Round Grade: Fourth

Blitzalytics Big Board: 166

Selection Grade: B+

5.163 Kyle Philips 5’11 189 WR Redshirt Junior UCLA

- Tennessee got around to addressing the blaring need in the receiver room after going elsewhere with the Philips selection in the fifth round. Philips broke out as a redshirt junior with 739 yards and ten touchdowns on 59 receptions for the Bruins in 2021. He tested rather middling during the offseason but saw his RAS jump from the mid-sixes to 8.32 upon further research. While he’ll play as a backup slot receiver, expect his initial opportunities to start on special teams as he has return experience. When the legendary receiver Steve Smith blesses you, a rookie really has to impress him. He dominated at the Shrine Game during the offseason where he got on the radar as a draftable prospect. Profiles stylistically similarly to former Houston Cougars turned Bills receiver, Marquez Stevenson. Athletic profile indicates that he’s similar to former Florida State receiver/return specialist Willie Reid. Actually, the sixth to last receiver taken in the draft and arguably the biggest name left on the board at the time. A B grade for versatility and athleticism for value.

RAS: 8.32

Player Comp: Marquez Stevenson / Willie Reid

Round Grade: Sixth

Blitzalytics Big Board: 196

Selection Grade: B

6.204 Theo Jackson 6’0 198 DB Senior Tennessee

- A questionable choice given the caliber of defensive back talent taken after him but hey it’s a lottery ticket at this point. Jackson fits the profile of a late-round Titans pick as a sure tackler who can play multiple roles in the secondary including a little corner if need be. The Nashville native returns home to ply his pro-trade after playing for the home state Volunteers. He will likely fill the third safety/hybrid role that the departed Dane Cruickshank so ably filled for a few years. Not so much a reach but a mystifying one but if a team likes him, they select him. A more athletic Brady Breeze (a 2021 sixth-round pick cut) if you will. Athletic profile resembles longtime Falcons versatile standout defensive back Thomas DeCoud. C grade here due to better talent available at the time of selection but I do get the why he was selected.

RAS: 7.64

Player Comp: Thomas DeCoud

Round Grade: UDFA

Blitzalytics Big Board: N/A

Selection Grade: C

6.219 Chance Campbell 6’2 232 LB Senior Ole Miss

- Believe it or not, Campbell is the highest RAS scorer in the Titans draft class with a 9.70. An undersized tackling machine who posted 109 combined tackles, 12.5 tackles for loss, six sacks, and two each of passes defensed + forced fumbles. He’ll have to stand out remarkably well to make the 53-man roster given the depth of the linebacker group. Likely will have to make his mark on special teams to have a shot. I don’t agree with this selection but do understand the conceptual idea behind it. All draft picks at this stage are lottery tickets waiting to hit anyway. If it works out, great. If it doesn’t, no big loss. Campbell is likely destined for the practice squad with a chance for a late-season call-up to get some reps. His athletic comparison is former Ohio State linebacker Jerome Baker. A C+ grade for the selection to finish the 2022 draft for Tennessee.

RAS: 9.70

Player Comp: Jerome Baker

Round Grade: UDFA

Blitzalytics Big Board: N/A

Selection Grade: C+

By The Numbers

Conference Breakdown: 4 SEC, 3 Big Ten, 1 Independent, 1 Pac-12

Overall Grade: B-

Collective RAS: 7.10

Position Breakdown: 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 OT, 1 LB, 1 CB, 1 S


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