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2023 Senior Bowl - Interview w/ Zebra Technologies

(Mandatory Image Credit: Mike Kittrell /

Written by: Joseph Yun

A few weeks ago, while in Mobile for the Senior Bowl, I had the opportunity to interview Adam Petrus of Zebra Sports. Zebra Sports is a branch of the Zebra technology company. The sports side of the company is the executor of the NFL Next Gen Stats brand (the dots!!). They also are data partners with the Senior Bowl and track all the data emitted by the prospects in Mobile.

Zebra tracks all the data via chips in the footballs and in the shoulder pads. Analytics is a continually expanding frontier that teams and players are increasingly taking an interest in. Historically, football has been relatively slow to adopt analytics compared to the other Big Four sports in North America but is rapidly catching up. We often associate analytics with Major League Baseball and their idiosyncrasies. Still, as a new breed of general manager continues to expand in this wondrous game, the role of analytics has increased.

Here are a couple of examples of what they can do every week:

And which actual coaches listen to us head coaches on the couch on the fourth downs

Also, the real-time data they gathered over four days, including game day:

The secret sauce behind the scenes unveiled:

With all that said, here’s the interview with Adam of Zebra Sports

If you’re interested in more information on Zebra Technologies, here’s their sports side website



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