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AAF Fantasy Football Preview

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

All Photos Courtesy of AAF

Written By: Roy Countryman @Blitzalytics @PreacherBoyRoy

We are now in the final countdown to the unveiling of this new league. Rosters have been paired down, and teams have decided on their starters. Now it is time to get you prepped for your AAF season-long fantasy draft, which our friends over at are happy to assist with. So without further ado, here is Blitzalytics’ preview of the key positions and insights that will be helpful for your fantasy draft.

QB1; Trevor Knight

QB2: John Wolford

QB3: Jack Heneghan

Thoughts: Knight established himself as the starter throughout the preseason, but Wolford put together a strong last week to show the coaching staff he would be prepared if Knight struggles along the way. Knight is a run-first oriented QB with great measurables, including a confirmed 4.54 40 yd dash at the NFL Combine. Broad shouldered athlete that enjoys running with the football but has a rugged style that will lead to injuries. As a pure QB, he lacks refinement across the board, with no sense of spatial awareness when it comes to the blitz, and shows no indication of being able to read defenses or go throughout progressions.

Wolford lacks big time arm strength, but he generates adequate RPM’s to put the ball on his wideouts on big-time deep outs, despite possessing average arm strength. Throws with anticipation and has good touch/accuracy to all levels, but is inconsistent on a play-to-play basis. Underrated in his athleticism, he has good foot quickness to elude blitzers and scramble for nice gains. Heneghan is a raw, big-statured QB who throws a very catchable ball and throws with terrific anticipation and touch. He is consistently able to drop the ball in the bucket 35+ yards downfield. However, he is inconsistent with his footwork, as evidenced by on one play he throws with great balance and follows through, and the next he will fall off his back foot. Shows a prowess for being able to scan the field and pick the appropriate matchup to attack. He had a solid camp and will continue his development behind the top 2 on the depth chart.

RB1: Tim Cook

RB2: Justin Stockton

RB3: Larry Rose

RB4: Jhurell Pressley

Thoughts: The combination of Cook and Stockton are marked for a timeshare due to being complementary pieces. Do not sleep on Larry Rose though because he is a scat back with serious juice to break off big gains. Jhurell Pressley has displayed a sense of leadership in this RB room.

WR1: Freddie Martino

WR2: Marquis Bundy

WR3: Josh Huff

WR4: Rashad Ross

WR5: Richard Mullaney

Thoughts: The Hotshots have a nice blend of size, speed, and agility in their WR corps. The top target is Freddie Martino, who wins with quickness and agility. He was one of the standouts from the preseason and will hope to build on that going forward. Bundy is a huge red zone target, making his living as an outside WR who utilizes his size to go up for passes. Mullaney is similar in stature but lacks the refinement and fluidity that Bundy has. Huff is a speed merchant that wins on multiple levels of the field, and Ross will be a quality slot/inside target to exploit against stiffer DBs and LBs.

TE1: Bryce Williams

TE2: Thomas Duarte

TE3: Connor Hamlett

TE4: Gerald Christian

Thoughts: This is one of the biggest unknowns on the Hotshots roster: how are they going to deploy these TEs? Bryce Williams is a big, fluid moving pass catcher who is an adequate blocker, while Duarte is a smaller statured H-Back/slot type who can find a niche making plays from multiple positions, Hamlett is a big bodied TE who is adept at run blocking, and Christian is an H-Back type move blocker with underrated athleticism as a pass catcher.

K: Nick Folk (11 yr. NFL Veteran. Career 80.3% FG pct. with a long of 56 yds.)

Defense Overview: Lots of INTs, front 7 showed an ability to stuff the run.

Thoughts: Steven Johnson (LB) is a cornerstone of this defense, but don’t overlook Scooby Wright III (LB) ability to make tackles all over the field. They also have a host of defenders with next level experience in Will Sutton (DL), Marcus Hardison (DL), and Carl Bradford (LB). Noted ball-hawking S Rahim Moore is reunited with his college coach with whom he had a season where he intercepted 10 passes.

Injuries of Note: Hugh Thornton: OL, Robert Nelson Jr.: DB

QB1: Aaron Murray

QB2: Matt Simms

QB3: Peter Pujals

Thoughts: Murray is the no doubt #1 on this team, and in my opinion is the odds-on favorite to be named AAF MVP. Simms provides quality leadership and NFL experience in a backup and Pujals flashed playmaking ability in the preseason as a cerebral QB with average arm strength that lacks zip on out routes. That said, he is someone who can recognize coverage schemes pre-snap. He will essentially use this season to develop behind two veterans ahead of him.

RB1: Denard Robinson

RB: Akrum Wadley

RB3:Tarean Folston

RB4: Lawrence Pittman

Thoughts: Shoelace as Robinson is affectionately known as is the starter, and he has a nice blend of rushing and pass catching skills. Wadley was the bell cow at Iowa and is at his best filling the scat back/jitterbug role catching passes out of the backfield and getting into space. Folston has a nice combo skill set but likes to break everything outside and lacks vision in between the tackles. Pittman was the late add from small school Wingate, but don’t sleep on him. He runs with terrific power and contact balance while showing the ability to make some nice cuts.

WR1: Malachi Jones

WR2: Montay Crockett

WR3: James Quick

WR4: Justin Thomas

WR5: Seantavius Jones

WR6: Bug Howard

WR7: Ervin Phillips

Thoughts: Malachi Jones made a number of ridiculous catches throughout camp and has earned the trust of Murray, so look for him to be a go-to target. The other WR’s on the roster have differing skill sets and places where they can be utilized. Crockett has the speed to press coverage vertically and will make big-time catches. Jones and Quick are solid route runners who know how to get open; Jones has the added bonus of size standing 6’4, while Quick might be best utilized out of the slot. Justin Thomas is a converted triple-option QB from Georgia Tech who was impressive in his stint with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bug Howard is a tall and sure-handed possession WR who excels on ST. Ervin Phillips was a versatile player who played everywhere in college from RB to WR to KR, so he has great lateral agility and is hard to bring down in the open field.

TE1: Charles Standberry Jr.

TE2: Keith Towbridge

TE3: Garrett Hudson

Thoughts: Stanberry was a solid producer in camp, showcasing the ability to get open in and out of breaks, fitting in with his profile of being an HBack-style TE that has plus movement skills. Towbridge is the biggest TE on the roster and probably the best blocker, while Hudson is a former WR that can catch passes adequately but needs blocking refinement.

K: Younghoe Koo (NFL Experience and was a Lou Groza Award Finalist)

Defense Overview: Rangy and disciplined group that can match up with any type of offense.

Thoughts: LB Jeff Luc is the heart and soul of the D, but DE J.T. Jones is the guy who is going to be a pass rushing force for this team. The Legends have a hulking presence along the IDL with DT T.J. Barnes, who stands 6’6” and weighs 379 lbs. Ex CFL star Khalil Bass (LB) is a tackling machine and loves playing beside Luc. Versatile defensive back Damian Swann showed the ability to come down and fill hard in run support.

QB1: Luis Perez

QB2: Blake Sims

QB3: Keith Price

Thoughts: Perez was the Iron’s first pick in the draft, and since then has been the leader in the locker room for this team. He plays with poise and calm beyond his years, slinging passes with great accuracy and velocity to all levels of the field. Sims will be the odds-on favorite to be the backup due to his ability to come in and keep defenses off balance with his dual-threat abilities. Price had a lot of experience at Washington and will continue to refine his craft as the third option on the roster.

RB1: Trent Richardson

RB2: Ladarius Perkins

RB3: Ty Isaac

RB4: Brandon Ross

Thoughts: Richardson is the most notable player in the AAF, and this stands as his chance to reestablish his stock after falling out of favor in the NFL. He is a hard-nosed runner who needs big alleyways but is hard to bring down when he has a head of steam. Also, he is a threat to catch passes out of the backfield. Perkins has a diminutive build but is a nightmare in the open field. Is a pass-catching threat that, if he finds a small gap, will take it the distance. Isaac is a big statured power RB who stands too tall and takes too many big hits. Ross has good measurables but lacks a good feel for open running lanes.

WR1: Quinton Patton

WR2: Amba Etta-Tawo

WR3: Quan Bray

WR4: L’Damian Washington

WR5: DeVozea Felton

WR6: Tobias Palmer

Thoughts: Patton is a solid all-around WR who could endear himself to Perez early and become a go-to target due to his reliability. Etta-Tawo is a Vertical WR with inconsistent hands but shows the ability to gain separation in and out of routes. Bray is a slippery pass catcher who excels out of the slot and as a punt returner. Washington is a lanky speed merchant that can stretch the field vertically but has inconsistent hands. Felton has beep-beep speed and will run by any defender that would like to stay with him; however, the drawback is he’s is only 5’6”. Palmer is another speed merchant with some experience north of the border in the CFL.

TE1: Busta Anderson

TE2: Connor Davis

TE3: Braedon Bowman

Thoughts: Anderson is a terrific athlete with good movement skills as a pass catcher, but has the chops to be a difference maker in the run game as well. Davis is a huge target at 6’8” and has a real prowess for run blocking, but his stature should give him a chance to be a red zone threat. Bowman is more in the move TE mold who plays with good speed and has a background as a WR.

K: Nick Novak (10 yr. NFL Veteran. Career 82.0% FG pct. with a career-long of 53 yds.)

Defense Overview: DL is full of long, athletic or powerful players, LB has a crop of high caliber athletes, and a secondary that is adept at breaking on the ball.

Thoughts: Devin Taylor is a long and lanky DE who’s had success in the NFL. Casey Sayles (DT) has a great burst off the LOS and is hard for IOL to block him. Jaleel Wadood (NCB) is a feisty player who makes excellent breaks on the ball. Jacob Hagen (S) has spent time on the Steelers practice squad and in training camp, and he has a terrific build and closing quickness to make plays in coverage and in run defense.

QB1: Christian Hackenberg

QB2: Zach Mettenberger

QB3: Brandon Silvers

Thoughts: One of the best QB corps in the AAF, there was a hard-fought QB battle throughout camp initially, with Mettenberger in the lead but Hackenberg putting on a full court press to take the job late. Hackenberg has all the potential in the world to be the face of what this league is all about: a chance to rebuild your stock and obtain an opportunity to redeem yourself in the NFL. He has arm talent and needs the reps and quality coaching to help refine his skill set. Mettenberger is a quality backup who has a cannon to push the ball vertically, even with a lack of mobility. Silvers is a scrappy QB with a quality arm talent that will get a chance to sit back and learn from two talented passers.

RB1: Rajion Neal

RB2: Zac Stacy

RB3: Terrence Magee

FB1: Anthony Manzo-Lewis

Thoughts: With Mike Singletary at the helm, you know two things are guaranteed: a hard-nosed defense and a downhill rushing attack. Neal led the team in carries in the final scrimmage but did not do much with them, so keep an eye on the powerful Zac Stacy to get more reps. Stacy was slow to get back onto the field for Memphis due to an injury, but if history shows anything, his power running style fits perfectly with Singletary wants, which in turn could allow Neal to fill in as a complementary back, utilizing his pass-catching skills and athleticism to his advantage. Magee is a solid back who does a little of everything good, not great; however, he is a quality pass protector. Lewis is a sledgehammer of a FB who can move defenders in the run blocking game.

WR1: Reece Horn

WR2: Kayaune Ross

WR3: Fabian Guerra

WR4: Damore’ea Stringfellow

WR5: Alton “Pig” Howard

WR6: Devin Lucien

WR7: Dontez Byrd

Thoughts: Reece Horn is a good sized WR with sticky hands he has used to make a number of highlight grabs in camp but lacks elite speed to be a consistent deep threat. Ross is a monster standing at 6’6” and should be a red zone threat on the outside with Horn. Guerra was a playmaker at camp, making a number of ridiculous catches in camp. He has terrific lateral agility and quickness to go along with one of the consistent set of hands in the AAF, which will make him hard to contain this year. Stringfellow is a big bodied combat catch artist that lacks burst and quickness to separate consistently. Pig Howard is a slot WR who lacks great measurables but has a savviness to his route running that gets him open. Lucien is a former NFL player who has a big frame and surprising wiggle to get open, while Byrd is a smaller WR who has good deep speed and prowess for special teams work as a return man and gunner.

TE1: Adrien Robinson

TE2: Brandon Barnes

TE3: Cordon Moog

Thoughts: Robinson is a former 4th round pick of the New York Giants because of his athleticism and dual role capability. He is a good blocker and has the speed (4.51-40 yd time) and jumping ability (39 1/2” vertical jump) to be a pass-catching threat. Barnes is a raw blocking TE with athleticism and length to mold into a pass-catching force. Moog is a former rugby player at Baylor who is transitioning to a TE role and has the athleticism, grit, and catching ability to be a difference maker if given an opportunity.

K: Josh Jasper (Consensus All-American at LSU in 2010, career 5 of 7 from 50 yds out with a long of 53.)

Defense Overview: DL is the strongest area on defense with depth and talent. LB corp has a lot of unknowns and the secondary is littered with DB with length.

Thoughts: Anthony Johnson(DE/LB) terrorized the offense throughout training camp, and looks to be one of the pass rushers in the league going into the season. Jeremy Cutrer(CB) is a long and athletic cover CB that has great fluidity to be able to blanket the opponent’s top WR. Greg Gilmore(DT) was a run-plugging DL at LSU and should help keep his LBs clean to make plays on ball carriers. Davis Tull(LB) is blessed with a highly-revving motor, that allows him to make a ton of plays with second effort. He has heavy hands and an understanding of what it takes to leverage his build and hand usage to shed OL’s blocks. He is not the fastest Edge rusher but has good quickness to close in space, as well as a nifty spin move that can be deadly to overset OT’s. Goes into attack mode with a plan, and executes it.

QB: Garrett Gilbert

QB2: Austin Appleby

QB3: Kevin Anderson

Thoughts: Gilbert is a fiery competitor that has a ton of arm talent and just enough escapability to keep defenses honest. He understands how to go through progressions in the pocket and has the attention of NFL evaluators with him seeing late-season action with the Carolina Panthers after Cam Newton went down with an injury. Appleby has a similar skill set to Gilbert but has more scrambling ability and can be a bull to bring down in the open field. Anderson is a quick scrambling QB with good arm talent to cause defensive coordinators fits trying to contain him. He makes for an interesting project to refine behind the top two quality QB’s.

RB1: Akeem Hunt

RB2: D’Ernest Johnson

RB3: De’Veon Smith

RB4: Ryan Green

Thoughts: Hunt is a small statured explosive, speed RB who has the ability to press the edge and run until daylight. He also can be a difference maker as a pass catcher out of the backfield as well. Johnson is a good sized combo back that runs with good aggression and can contribute as a runner, pass catcher, and return man. Smith is a between the tackles plodder who lacks great quickness and speed but gets what is blocked for him, always falls forward, and is a reliable pass protector. Green is a one cut, explosive speed runner who only needs a small opening to break off big gains. He was a late addition to the roster and it should be interesting to see his role develop throughout the year.

WR1: Charles Johnson

WR2: Rannell Hall

WR3: Jalin Marshall

WR4: Marvin Bracy-Williams Jr.

WR5: Ishmael Hyman

WR6: Chris Thompson

WR7: Donteea Dye Jr.

Thoughts: Johnson is a veteran NFL WR who has terrific body control, size, and speed to become a go-to target for this team. Hall has great deep speed and reliable hands to be a solid number two option. Jalin Marshall has also spent some time at the next level and possesses a quicker than fast game in the slot where he gains separation in and out of his breaks to constantly be an outlet for his QB. Bracy-Williams Jr. was an Olympic sprinter for the US team in 2016 and definitely will have DB attention when he steps on the field. Hyman is also a good sized deep threat that can make a difference downfield vertically. Thompson has good speed and is most known for his return capabilities. Dye is a small statured slot type WR with decent speed but good quickness to separate from defenders.

TE1: Scott Orndoff

TE2: Sean Price

TE3: Matt Weiser

Thoughts: Orndoff is the best blocker on the roster and plays to his size, he has also shown that he can be a dependable red zone target. Price has an HBack build and can be split out wide to be a mismatch on DB due to his speed and strength. Weiser is a tall, sure-handed TE who is more of a chain mover than seam stretcher and needs more development as a blocker.

K: Elliott Fry (Played for Spurrier at South Carolina and is the all-time leading scorer in program history. Career long was 55 yds.)

Defense Overview: Front 7 is a pass rushing beast (7 sacks against Fleet in the scrimmage.) LB, Reggie Northrup II named defense The Apollo Militia. F.L.A (Freaks and Large Athletes)

Thoughts: Reggie Northrup II(LB) is a vocal leader of this defense and flashed not only tackling ability but also the ability to come up with some turnovers as well. Ladarius Gunter(CB) is a tall, long, and aggressive cover corner who stays physical with WRs throughout the duration of the route. Earl Okine(DE) is a massive (6’7” 264 lbs.) pass rusher who has had success in the CFL and Arena Football League. Jerome Couplin III(S) and Will Hill III(S) have a ton of experience from the NFL on their resumes and bring a steadying veteran presence to the back end of the defense. Terence Garvin(LB) has spent time with multiple NFL teams mostly as a special teams kamikaze but has really developed a rapport with Northrup II as aggressive penetrating LBs.

QB1: Josh Woodrum

QB2: Austin Allen

QB3: Matt Linehan

Thoughts: Woodrum is an experienced QB from Liberty to multiple stints with NFL clubs in training camp and preseason. Woodrum is a big and sturdy QB, who has an underrated level of mobility and great arm strength. He Looks comfortable in his drops and can take a variety of 3,5, and 7 steps drop and get the ball out in rhythm. Shows an ability to go through progressions, and if the play is not there he will check it down to his safety valve. Has excellent leadership qualities and is a clutch performer. Allen has Average arm strength that is enhanced because of his ability to manipulate DB’s with his eyes and go through progressions. Throws with great ball placement, and is willing to gut it out inside the pocket, which leads to him taking some big-time hits. Linehan has good arm strength and throws with decent anticipation and touch.

RB1: Matt Asiata

RB2: Branden Oliver

RB3: Joel Bouagnon

RB4: Terrell Newby

Thoughts: The RB position is headlined by two NFL veterans is Asiata and Oliver and what a dynamic duo they are. Asiata is a between the tackles power runner that can break tackles and get the hard yards while Oliver is a quick scat back who can break off big gains as a runner and a pass-catching threat. Bouagnon is a very powerful runner with good vision and burst, and he had a real strong showing while in the Green Bay Packers camp last year. Newby is a one-speed runner who runs with good vision and a soft set of hands to contribute in the passing game.

WR1: Adonis Jennings

WR2: Sam Mobley

WR3: Kenny Bell

WR4: Dres Anderson

WR5: De’Mornay Pierson-El

WR6: Kaelin Clay

WR7: Jordan Leslie

Thoughts: Jennings has been a consistent target throughout camp and can use his large frame to come down with combat catches. Mobley is a short-statured, vertical WR with sneaky deep speed and good agility to break long runs after the catch. Bell is a big play artist with elite vertical jumping ability as well as deep speed who wins at the catch point. Anderson is the son of former NFL Player Flipper Anderson who plays bigger than his listed size and shows a second gear when the ball is in the air. Pierson-El is a Small but explosive WR that plays with exceptional quickness, excellent body control, and balance. Competes to come away with contested passes. Clay is a speed merchant that is a terrific return man. Leslie has terrific measurables and times speed, but he does not always play up to it, he also has a tendency to body catch rather than pluck passes away from his frame.

TE1: Austin Traylor

TE2: Anthony Denham

TE3: Nick Truesdell

TE4: Tanner Balderree

Thoughts: Traylor played for the Broncos briefly and displayed the ability to be a reliable pass catcher in the intermediate area as a consistent run blocker. Denham is a huge target with great length and good athleticism, but he is somewhat raw as a blocker. Truesdell has experience playing in an indoor football league in Colorado and is a great pass catching threat. Balderree is a former DL who has good athleticism to get down the field and is big enough to be a factor blocking.

K: Austin Rehkow (Decorated dual specialist at Idaho who excelled as a Punter and Kicker, even has a 67-yd FG to his name in high school.

Defense Overview: DL is the strength of this unit, young secondary that has talent but needs to grow together.

Thoughts: Sealver Siliga(DT), Mike Purcell(DT), Handsome Tanielu(DT) all are wide-bodied IDL that have the strength, leverage, and two-gapping ability to keep second and third level defenders free to make big plays on the ball carriers. Trevor Reilly(LB) is a versatile LB who can make a positive impact as a stand-up pass rusher to an off the ball pursuit LB, and he plays with top-notch effort that highlights his skill set. Will Davis(CB) is a fluid and physical man cover CB with good ball skills.

QB: Dustin Vaughan

QB2: Logan Woodside

QB3: Marquise Williams

Thoughts: The Commanders come into the season with a trio of QBs that are adequate starting options, but the initial starter is Dustin Vaughan. He is a tall, statuesque pocket passer who lacks the arm strength to attack the deep part of the field, but has terrific accuracy inside the pocket and is a great leader. Woodside is a savvy QB who is at his best getting the ball out of his hands quickly and allowing his playmakers to do the work, and he is not afraid to stand strong in the pocket while under pressure. Williams is an outstanding dual-threat QB, who loves to throw the ball downfield and will stand tall in the pocket to cycle through progressions if given time. He is also someone a defense must keep account of as a scrambler.

RB1: Kenneth Farrow II

RB2: Aaron Green

RB3: David Cobb

RB4: Trey Williams

Thoughts: Farrow leads a committee with four talented runners all with varying skill sets. Farrow runs with an angry disposition and good speed to be the most well rounded back out of the four. Green is a talented runner with speed, open field ability, and ability to be a mismatch as a pass-catching outlet who will also contribute on special teams. Cobb is a power runner who will grind out yardage between the tackles and has a chance to be a hammer in short yardage situations. Williams is an explosive scatback both as a runner and as a pass-catching threat.

WR1: Mekale McKay

WR2: Demarcus Ayers

WR3: Greg Ward Jr

WR4: Josh Stewart

WR5: Darius Prince

WR6: Alonzo Moore

WR7: John Diarse

Thoughts: McKay has caught everything thrown his way in camp and has the body control and strong hands to make some highlight-reel grabs this season as the go-to WR in this offense. Ayers is a former NFL WR who shows leadership and poise to help out all his teammates, but he is not only a glorified coach he has the savviness of a veteran on how to get open, quickness in an out of his breaks, and experience running the whole route tree. Ward Jr. is the former QB from Houston who has transitioned fully to WR and he has the quickness, fluidity, and speed to be a dangerous weapon if he gets a little more refinement. Stewart is a lanky WR who is physical at the catch point and has good leaping ability. Prince is a former college basketball player who went back to playing football after not being able to play overseas and then blossomed into a standout WR with the Philadelphia Soul in the Arena League, even winning MVP in their championship game. He spent some time on the offseason roster of the Eagles and is known to be a slippery and elusive slot WR who can gain separation in small spaces. Moore is a decent sized and solid all-around target who has sub 4.5 speed. Diarse is a combat catch artist with great body control and sure hands that could endear himself to any of the QBs throwing him the ball.

TE1: Cameron Clear

TE2: Cole Hunt

TE3: Evan Rodriguez

TE4: Stehly Reden

Thoughts: Clear has a huge frame with a lot of power in his game as a blocker and he shows sneaky athleticism as a pass catcher. He even was bulking up to take a shot at OT because of his blocking prowess and athleticism until the Commanders called him and offered him an opportunity. Hunt is a huge target standing 6’6” that was underutilized in the passing game while at TCU, but all he has done this preseason is make plays as a pass catcher, he also is no slouch in the blocking department. Rodriguez is a versatile FB/HBack style blocker who has a knack at finding ways to get open as a pass-catching option. Reden is a good in-line blocker who is a reliable hands catcher.

K: Nick Rose (NFL Veteran with a career-long of 55 yds and 78.6% FG pct.)

Defense Overview: Their defense is silent assassins and you won’t hear a ton of chirping from them, but they have quality players at all three levels of the field from a quality secondary to athletic pass rushers to some good big bodies up front.

Thoughts: Zack Sanchez(CB) and Jordan Thomas(CB) are big and physical press cover corners who will make it hard for opposing WR’s to gain separation. Kurtis Drummond(FS) has the most experience of any DB on the roster at the NFL level and he has looked smooth in coverage in Jim Grobe’s system. Joel Lanning(LB) is a former two-way prospect from Iowa State that brings his experience from playing QB to the defensive side of the ball. He has a ferocious playing demeanor and is the man responsible for getting his teammates lined up correctly. Tyrone Holmes(OLB) and Jayrone Elliott(OLB) have tremendous athleticism and speed to get after the QB, and Holmes showed his pass rushing prowess as he collected 3 sacks in their final scrimmage.

QB1: Mike Bercovici

QB2: Alex Ross

QB3: Phillip Nelson

Thoughts: Bercovici is a perfect fit in Martz spread style offense, he lacks the arm strength to consistently challenge defenders downfield, but he has good accuracy when in rhythm and not under pressure. He is a gritty competitor that will take a punishing hit, and get back up. Ross impressed the coaching staff early and like his skill set as an athletic passer who they could utilize on rollouts and throws on the move, but for now, he will play second fiddle to Bercovici. Nelson may have the highest upside of any of the QBs on the roster. He is an Extremely confident, and accurate Gunslinger who keeps Eyes downfield when under pressure. Will climb the pocket, and keeps the ball in a place where he can quickly get rid of it. Will stand in the face of pressure and deliver. Shows great balance in his footwork, and throws from a high ¾ release that generates impressive RPM’s.

RB1: Terrell Watson

RB2: Ja’Quan Gardner

RB3: Paul James

Thoughts: Watson is hard-nosed and rugged power runner who can catch the occasional pass out of the backfield. Defenders need to come in waves because he runs with great forward lean and will break tackles for extra yardage. Gardner is the total package with speed, power, and elusiveness to be able to make an impact in all facets of the game. Don’t knock him for his small stature (5’7”) because he is a fearless short yardage runner. James glides through LOS with a good burst and will bulldoze over defenders if he has a chance. He is at his best running stretch zone plays.

WR1: Dontez Ford

WR2: Francis Owusu

WR3: Laquvionte Gonzalez

WR4: Nelson Spruce

WR5: Brian Brown

WR6: Kameron Kelly

Thoughts: Ford is a big-bodied WR who knows how to use his size to his advantage and will box out defenders to make a ton of combat catches with sure hands. He also will give good effort as a blocker and will make it hard for smaller DBs to get him to the ground. Owusu is Good sized WR, with sub 4.4 40 speed. He has some wiggle after the catch and understands how to find soft spots in coverage and present a target for his QB. Gonzalez who is more affectionately known as “Speedy” is a fast Deep threat who can make a defender miss and pick up chunk yardage after the catch as well. Spruce is a tall, slot WR who does not have elite speed, but rather he wins with his route running and savvy. Brown is a good sized inside WR who runs great routes and knows how to work his way open. Has enough open-field elusiveness to make defenders miss. Kelly is an interesting case as he worked in the NFL as a CB and Safety for some teams but is going back to the offensive side of the ball where he has experience playing WR. He has good long speed and vertical jumping ability but it his ball tracking ability and willingness to go up and make a play on the ball at its apex that will give him a chance as a tall outside WR.

TE1: Gavin Escobar

TE2: Marcus Baugh

TE3: Ben Johnson

Thoughts: Escobar has extensive experience in the NFL and is a known pass-catching threat, but he will be out to prove he has improved his blocking ability. Baugh has nasty blocking temperament and is a bull to bring down after the catch. He knows how to work himself open, but lacks the speed to press the seam vertically. Johnson has a nice combination of size and athleticism and a versatile skill set. He can set an edge, block, and he has good athleticism and route-running ability along with a great set of hands and ball skills.

K: Cole Murphy (Syracuse All-Time leader of FG made with 59, career long was 53 yds.)

Defense Overview: This unit is one of the more enigmatic units in all the AAF, they don’t have a ton of high-end talent or experience, but rather a good collection of athleticism and effort that could make up for any disadvantages there are on paper.

Thoughts: Damontre Moore(DE) is the team’s best pass rusher and shows a great combination of speed, power, and bend that makes it hard for OT to contain him. A.J. Tarpley(LB) is an instinctive and highly intelligent middle backer who shows the ability to fill rushing lanes hard and also be able to cover backs out of the backfield. Travis Feeney(LB) is a long, rangy former safety who transitioned to LB at Washington that was then drafted in the late rounds to the Steelers. He has great athleticism but has dealt with injuries throughout his career and is looking for a shot at reestablishing his value. He also is a standout special teams contributor. Ryan Moeller(S) is a versatile LB/S hybrid who has the speed and hitting ability to play in the box or cover TEs downfield. Damarius Travis(S) is a versatile chess piece who can play in the box, deep third or even CB in a pinch, but lacks great deep speed. He is very cerebral and is willing to scrap with anyone and is a standout special teams contributor.

Injury Notes: Bishop Sankey(RB), Shay Fields(WR), Tyree Holder(CB), and Sam Irwin-Hill(P) were placed on roster exempt list due to injury.

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