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AAF Offensive Identity and Skills Position Overviews

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Graphic By: Robert Robinson @RobRobGraphics

Written By: Roy Countryman @Blitzalytics


With the entire world preparing for the interesting draft announcement of the QB’s in the AAF, we are going to look beyond just who each team’s signal caller is, and we are going to put together a list of some of the key playmakers for each team.

Arizona Hotshots

HC-Rick Neuheisel

OC-Hugh Freeze

Offensive Identity: Should be an offense built on the passing game, running a lot of 3 WR, 1 TE looks. Uses the passing game to setup the run. Will mostly be set up out of Shotgun, and will utilize a QB’s athleticism.

Atlanta Legends

HC-Brad Childress

OC-Michael Vick

Offensive Identity: Childress is historically a West Coast offensive minded coach, and it will be interesting to see if Vick can mesh in some RPO’s, and rollouts into his offense because of the way he excelled at them. Expect vertical routes as well as a good dose of the running game.

Birmingham Iron

HC-Tim Lewis

OC/QB Coach-Steve Logan

Offensive Identity: Ths was one of the harder offenses to pin down an identity on. Logan has had a little NFL experience as a QB Coach with the 49ers back in 2015, and that offense ran a vertically based passing game, and a tough, grind it out running game. Which would somewhat go with a complementary style offense to the defensive minded Lewis’s background. So expect a varied offense that could be matchup based on who their opponents are.

Memphis Express

HC-Mike Singletary

OC-David Lee

Offensive Identity: We know that Singletary preaches physicality in all aspects of his teams, but he originally hired Hal Mumme to be his OC, and he was a big proponent of the Air Raid system. Unfortunately he had to step down for unknown reasons, and they promoted David Lee. Lee is a grizzled NFL veteran of a QB Coach, and even helped bring the Wildcat package to life while he work in Miami. Expect a heavy dose of the run game, and a passing game predicated off the play action. The Mumme offense would have been an intriguing offense to pair with Singletary’s scheme, but it seems he has went back to an offensive identity similar to when he was at San Francisco.

Orlando Apollos

Head Coach/OC-Steve Spurrier

Offensive Identity: The Ole’ Ball Coach runs almost everything out of the gun. He runs an offense that is truly a spread system, that will utilize zone reads, and put defensive players in a position where they have to react to two players in space. His passing system is predicated on putting defenders on one on one matchups, and exploiting favorable matchups weather on short to intermediate routes, to unleash the deep ball. Should be a true delight to see this offense in the AAF.

Salt Lake Stallions

HC-Dennis Erickson

OC-Tim Lappano

Offensive Identity: Erickson and his buddy Lappan run a one-back offensive system, that is predicated on spreading the field. He runs a base offense with 3 WR, 1 TE, and a singleback. The running game is based up inside and outside zone, and the counter game. They place a heavy emphasis on the three-step drop passing game, and when they utilize five-step drops they like to run Option routes. They like to grind you down throughout the game, and pick up chunk plays late.

San Antonio Commanders

HC-Mike Riley

Offensive Identity: Riley’s offenses are predicated on the fact of a pro style offense. Running most of the plays from under center, and taking differing drops, as well as utilizing rollouts if his QB’s have good athleticism. He loves to sling the ball around the yard, and utilizes RB’s in a dual capacity. Riley puts a lot of responsibilities on his QB’s, and has success stories scattered throughout the NFL.

San Diego Fleet

HC-Mike Martz

OC-Jon Kitna

Offensive Identity: High octane, multiple formation looks are in store, for the Head Coach that was behind the, “Greatest Show on Turf.” Spread system guru who will help a longtime veteran QB in Kitna cut his teeth calling plays. The RB’s in this system will be asked to play in a dual capacity. The running game will be predicated on zone rones, and stretch concepts.

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