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AAF Protect or Pick QB Profiles

Graphic By: Robert Robinson @RobRobGraphics

Written By: Roy Countryman @Blitzalytics @PreacherBoyRoy

Here at Blitzalytics we are all eagerly counting down the days until the groundbreaking draft format that the Alliance has introduced as the, Protect or Pick Draft. We had one of our resident scouts delve into the crop of quarterbacks that have been released to media, and have come up with 40+ scouting reports to better equip you the fan on draft night. So evaluate, and prepare for this new step in draft history.

Age as of Jan. 1st 2019.

Christian Hackenberg – Penn State (Unallocated)

Height: 6’4” Weight: 228 Age: 23

Overview: One of the best arms in this Draft overall. He can make all the throws of a franchise caliber QB. Although he has that kind of arm talent it is his lack of a stable foundation with his atrocious footwork, and weight distribution that lead to a serious lack of consistent accuracy. He also struggles to sense backside pressure, and will panic as soon as he thinks he feels pressure. Is a young QB, who has been beaten up in the NFL all the way back to his freshman year at Penn State. If given the reps, and an opportunity to work out his coachable flaws with a great offensive minded coach, he could be one of the true success stories for what this league wants to be about.

Scott Tolzien — Wisconsin (Unallocated)

Height: 6’2” Weight: 215 Age: 31

Overview: Seasoned NFL backup QB. One of the oldest QB’s in the league at 31 years of age. He does a lot of things well, but simply does not have the talent to be a consistent starting caliber QB on a weekly basis. He has good arm strength, and anticipation. Will get into rhythm and can carve up a defense. Has functional mobility, and can deliver passes on spot when asked to rollout. Great intelligence, and can go throughout his progressions. Recognizes coverage schemes, and will make necessary adjustments pre-snap. Would be a great addition to any one of these teams as a mentor type QB, and solid backup to a higher upside prospect.

Josh Woodrum — Liberty

Height: 6’3” Weight: 228 Age: 26

Overview: Big, Sturdy QB, who has an underrated level of mobility. Looks comfortable in his drops, and can take a variety of 3,5, and 7 steps drop and get the ball out in rhythm. Shows an ability to go through progressions, and if play is not there he will check it down to safety valve. Looked impressive this year for the Baltimore Ravens in preseason. Has great arm strength, and can make any throw that is called. Is able to feel pressure, and will roll out to give himself an opportunity to extend the play. Played in a varied offense at Liberty, and could handle playing in whatever exotic offensive scheme an Offensive Coordinator dreams up for him.

Justin Holman — UCF

Height: 6’4” Weight: 205 Age: 24

Overview: Solidly built QB, who will stand in the face of pressure, and deliver the pass. Pre-snap he showed the ability to adjust blocking assignments to cover for blitzers. Has good arm strength, but generally was a one read QB who got stuck one a single receiver. Shows some functional mobility, but got the ball out quickly to his first read so he stays inside the pocket. Ran some plays from under center, but majority of his experience comes from shotgun.

Philip Nelson — East Carolina

Height: 6’2” Weight: 216 Age: 25

Overview: Extremely confident, and accurate Gunslinger who keeps Eyes downfield when under pressure. Will climb the pocket, and keeps ball in a place where he can quickly get rid of it. Will stand in the face of pressure and deliver. Shows great balance in his footwork, and throws from a high ¾ release that generates impressive RPM’s. Quarterbacked exclusively from spread scheme that mixed in some pistol.

Mike Bercovici — Arizona State (Arizona)

Height: 6’0” Weight: 204 Age: 25

Overview: Spread style QB, who lacks the arm strength to consistently challenge defenders downfield. Spotty accuracy due to inconsistent footwork, and at time will not set his feet. Gritty competitor that will take a punishing hit, and get back up. Rarely was used from under center, and would require an adjustment period to get comfortable.

Jack Heneghan — Dartmouth (Arizona)

Height: 6’4” Weight: 229 Age: 22

Overview: Big statured QB, who throws a very catchable ball, and throws with terrific anticipation and touch. Consistently able to drop the ball in the bucket 35+yds. downfield. Is inconsistent with his footwork, where on one play he throws with great balance and follow through, and the next he will fall off his back foot. Shows a prowess for being able to scan the field, and pick appropriate matchup. Was used almost exclusively from a spread formation at Dartmouth, and may need and adjustment period to a pro style offense. Needs a quality OC or QB coach to unlock his potential.

Alek Torgersen — Pennsylvania (Arizona)

Height: 6’2” Weight: 229 Age: 23

Overview: The Norwegian Nightmare, he excels at throwing on the run, and from RPO’s. Excelled at the Ivy League level in college with good arm strength, and an ability to hold safeties with a deadly pump fake. Gets ball out of his hands quickly with a lot of single reads, which will hold him back in a pro-style offense. Will need to learn how to properly go through progressions, and audible when needed pre-snap. Confident, but not cocky playing demeanor leads him to being a natural leader, and wants to continually try and hone his craft.

Aaron Murray-Georgia (Atlanta)

Height:6’1” Weight:207 Age:28

Overview: Murray was a late addition to the draft corps., signing only a few days prior to the draft. He was a 5th round draft pick of the Kansas City Chiefs back in 2014, and for good reason because he possesses a skill set worthy of being on a NFL roster. He has great arm strength that only gets enhanced due to his consistent accuracy at all three levels. He is a master of back shoulder throws, and the efficiency he show at making them is sometimes unfair for DB’s. He has very efficient footwork, working from a steady base, excellent weight transition, and drive into the ball. Ball comes out of his hands with great RPM’s, and will get on WR’s in a hurry. Although he was a late add to the pool of players that is not to say that he should not be taken into consideration early in this draft because he has one of the best arms, and consistent approach from the QB position out of the entire draft pool.

Kyle Bolin — Rutgers (Transfer from Louisville) (Atlanta)

Height: 6’3” Weight: 196 Age: 24

Overview: Tall, statue-esque, pocket passer, who is at his best standing tall, scanning the field and delivering throws. Struggles when asked to rollout, and thow off platform. Generally is efficient in his footwork, but at times throws off balance and thus will let his accuracy wane.

Patrick O’Brien — Catawba (Atlanta)

Height: 6’4” Weight: 230 Age: N/A

Overview: My sleeper QB of the draft. O’Brien hails from a small college in North Carolina. He endured multiple transfers throughout his college career, but one thing remained consistent, his arm talent. He has the ability to make big time throws to all three levels of the field. Not only can he sling it, he throws with great ball placement, RPM’s, touch, and anticipation. Shows good spatial awareness inside the pocket, and has enough athleticism to elude pass rushers and extend the play. He possesses a high arm slot, and a quick release. His footwork is good, but he needs to pay more attention to not throwing off balance. Could be a star in this league if he goes to the right coach.

Marquise Williams — North Carolina (Atlanta)

Height: 6’2” Weight: 220 Age:26

Overview: Outstanding dual-threat QB, who loves to throw the ball downfield. He has great arm strength to put defenders on their heels. He is a little on the shorter side of stature standing around 6’2,” but has no problem scanning the field. Has good bulk to withstand the pounding of scrambling downfield. Has enough speed to keep linebackers pulled up as a spy, which allows him to make some easy completions to the intermediate part of the field. Could be fun to watch in an offense predicated in RPO’s and rollouts.

Stephen Garcia — South Carolina (Birmingham)

Height: 6’2” Weight: 232 Age: 30

Overview: This is a fun story. One time, blue-chip QB recruit, that has a cannon for a right arm, and the moxie to make the big play in the big moment. He is not a statue in the pocket either, and is a rugged runner who enjoys the combative nature of hits. What has always held him back is the lack of discipline off the field. He finally seems to have grown up, and hopes to finally get a second chance on his career. This is the same man who lead a Steve Spurrier coached South Carolina team to an upset of the powerhouse Alabama Crimson Tide back in 2010, and if he chooses to use his skills on the field, and not lose it off of it, he may just get a chance to finally show off what made him such a high ranked recruit. He will be one of the older QB’s in the league, being he will be 31 years of age when the season kicks off.

John Gibbs Jr. — Alcorn State (Birmingham)

Height: 6’6” Weight: 220 Age: 25

Overview: Tall, Long-Levered QB, who thrives when he is asked to throw in rhythm and off his first read. Only possesses adequate arm strength, and does not consistently drive the ball down the field. Displays good footwork, getting good depth on his drops, and showing good weight distribution in throwing the ball. Is somewhat lean, and it shows with is 6’6” frame, so he will need to gain some bulk to withstand the rigors of abuse of the defenders at the next level.

Eli Jenkins — Jacksonville State (Birmingham)

Height: 6’2” Weight: 210 Age: 24

Overview: Lean, Athletic playmaker who at this point is a better player in space than a QB. Coming from a division two program he is underdeveloped across the board in all the major phases of quarterbacking from footwork, release point, reading defenses, to going through a full plays progression. Panics at the first sight of pressure, and will tuck and run if given the opportunity, does not even consider staying inside of the pocket or keeping his eyes downfield. Jenkins best bet may be to transition to a Wildcat QB, or even to a WR, he is not a name to consider on draft night.

R.J. Nitti — Bucknell (Birmingham)

Height: 6’4” Weight: 220 Age: 24

Overview: Good sized QB, who can really unleash a pretty deep ball. Throws accurately to all three levels of the field, and has a quick release from a somewhat over the top delivery. Has some slipperiness in his game to evade blitzers inside of the pocket, and shows an ability to throw accurately on the run. Has some intriguing skills that need refined, but is very raw at processing pre-snap, and being able to go through progressions. If given an opportunity sit and learn under a talented OC or QB Coach he could be a serviceable starter.

Max Shortell — Jacksonville State (Birmingham)

Height: 6’6” Weight: 240 Age: 26

Overview: Tall pocket passer who understands how to look off defensive backs. Shows an understanding of how to go through progressions, and if nothing is open go to his check down option. Has just enough athleticism to pick up some first downs scrambling for first downs. His arm strength is somewhere between good and great, and shows the ability to put the ball only where his WR can compete for it. Transferred from Minnesota to Jacksonville State, so he has some experience playing against better college competition.

Brandon Silvers — Troy (Birmingham)

Height: 6’2” Weight: 218 Age: 24

Overview: Gritty QB, who has great arm talent. Throws a tight spiral, and will fit it into tight windows. Can throw with anticipation and touch, and isn’t opposed to tucking it and running from an RPO. Is a middle of the road athlete that is at his best distributing the ball to his playmakers in stride thus allowing them to pick up YAC. His delivery gets elongated, and at times telegraphs his throws which gives defenders a chance to react before the ball gets there.

Blake Sims — Alabama (Birmingham)

Height: 6’0” Weight: 218 Age: 26

Overview: Short statured,scrambling QB, who was asked to play RB in the NFL. When he is able to play QB he has an affinity for throwing the ball downfield. He is raw as a QB though, and lacks instincts in reading defenses, progressions, and using a quick release. He throws with a whip style delivery that allows DB’s to get a read on where he is going with the ball. Lacks the poise to stand tall inside pocket under pressure, as he would rather tuck and run for a gain than trying to pass downfield.

Austin Allen — Arkansas (Memphis)

Height: 6’1” Weight: 208 Age: 24

Overview: Undersized QB, who flashes a skill set that any franchise would love as a solid backup QB. Average arm strength is enhanced because of his ability to manipulate DB’s with his eyes, and go through progressions. Throws with great ball placement, and is willing to gut it out inside the pocket, which leads to him taking some big time hits. Could be an average starter for one of these teams until a QB with more talent gets a chance to unseat him.

Alejandro Bennifield — Chattanooga (Memphis)

Height: 6’2” Weight: 216 Age: 24

Overview: A left handed, scrambling QB who trusts his legs more than his arm. He is elusive in the open field, and can make defenders miss in space, but as a QB he seriously lacks any polish. He does not go through progressions, cannot read defenses at a professional level, or even show any consistency with his accuracy. His arm strength is average to below average in the grand scope of the QB world.

Troy Cook — Tennessee-Martin (Memphis)

Height: 6’1” Weight: 215 Age: N/A

Overview: Decently sized small school QB prospect, who has a great grasp of all the little things a QB needs to have to be successful. He can go throughout progressions in a play, will throw his receivers open, and has good athleticism to evade oncoming blitzers and scramble for first downs. He throws with a ¾ release, and gets rid of the ball quickly. His arm strength is good, but simply does not possess a cannon. Is better as an rhythm, anticipatory thrower.

Tyler Ferguson — Western Kentucky (Penn State Transfer) (Memphis)

Height: 6’2” Weight: 224 Age: 24

Overview: Big, Tall, Pocket passer who likes to show off his arm strength, which is good to great. He lacks a true feel for ball placement, and struggles to keep his feet under control when under duress. He was never given a long stretch as a starter in college, so its possible with reps he could come into his own, but he needs to be able to show better pocket awareness, and get a handle on his footwork so that he can harness his arm strength. Should be thought of a lottery ticket that can be some QB coach’s project.

Jesse Hosket — Southeast Missouri State (Memphis)

Height: 6’3” Weight: 223 Age 22

Overview: A talented thrower coming from a small school, but shows good refinement coming from such a small program. He has good arm strength, and excels at throwing the ball to the intermediate part of the field. He throws with good ball placement, and gives his receivers a chance to pick up YAC. He has decent athleticism, and shows a knack for slipping past defenders coming his way. Would be a great backup or third string QB, that given an opportunity to learn under a distinguished positional coach could be an average to above average starter.

Zach Mettenberger — LSU (Memphis)

Height: 6’5” Weight: 224 Age: 27

Overview: Zach Mettenberger is quite the enigma of QB’s. He was a big time recruit in college that faced adversity, and transferred to LSU, where in his senior season he tore his ACL, and sent his draft stock tumbling. Nevertheless, he was drafted by the Titans in the 6th Round in 2014, and showed promise in his rookie season, until a shoulder injury made him miss the rest of the season. The Titans eventually replaced him with a guy named Marcus Mariota, and then he was released, and had cups of coffee with the Chargers, and Steelers, which leads me to this being an opportunity to once again establish himself as an option for the Football world at QB. Mettenberger is blessed with a howitzer for a right arm, he can make any throw you imagine, and can throw the ball with anticipation and touch when he is within a clean pocket. The knocks throughout his career is a lack of foot quickness, and escapability, needless to say he is a bit of a statue at the top of his drop, and when he is under pressure his delivery can get a little long. Nonetheless, he is a big, sturdy QB, who could put up ridiculous numbers if given a quality OL, and some deep threats.

Alex Ross — Coastal Carolina (Memphis)

Height: 6’1” Weight: 205 Age: 26

Overview: Small, athletic, spread style QB who simply does not show the necessary traits to be a successful pocket passer. He has bounced around a few CFL teams, and still has yet to get consistent reps. He throws from a very low ¾, almost side-arm delivery. Shows no set depth or knowledge of how to properly apply footwork, and his accuracy wanes on a consistent basis. Should be nothing more than an afterthought come draft day.

Matt Simms — Tennessee (Memphis)

Height: 6’3” Weight: 210 Age: 30

Overview: A player who keeps getting chances because of his bloodlines. This is Phil Simms son, and he is a below average QB, that possesses average arm strength, lacks pocket awareness, doesn’t feel pressure well, and generally throws to the wrong receiver.He also will be one of the elder statesmen in the league, being 30 years of age at the start of the season. I think it is an understatement in saying that come draft night, you can comfortably cross his name off as a draftable prospect.

Kevin Anderson-Fordham (Orlando)

Height: 6’2” Weight: 215 Age: N/A

Overview: An energetic spread QB, who shows clean footwork, and keeps his eyes downfield. He is at his best throwing in rhythm, and puts the ball in a position for RAC. Arm strength is middle of the road, but throws with enough RPM’s to fit into some tight windows. Is a gritty defender, and has underrated athleticism that showed when he would scramble from RPO’s or designed QB’s run.

B.J. Daniels — USF (Orlando)

Height: 5’11” Weigh: 217 Age: 29

Overview: Daniels is an interesting case. He was a drafted a few years ago by the 49ers back in 2013, and then has bounced around the NFL and CFL. He has even temporarily changed positions with the Seahawks to a WR, but his heart was simply not in it. Back in his days at USF, he was a terror in the open field, and he gave defensive coordinators fits trying to scheme ways to contain him. He has great arm strength, and can sling passes a long distance with a flick of the wrist. He plays with a ton of heart, but he simply is severely undersized at 5’11” and that inhibits his ability to scan the field. He can throw accurately off platform, and generally uses good ball placement. Was a better deep and intermediate thrower though, because he did not have great mechanics on quick throws. If he could get a chance to run an offense a la Michael Vick, he could put some video game like plays.

K.D. Humphries — Murray State (Orlando)

Height: 6’3” Weight: 205 Age: 24

Overview: Good sized QB, who shows almost point guard like skills on quick hitters. He has good arm strength, and can throw with good loft to put the ball up over DB’s. His delivery is elongated, and at times looks like he is throwing a javelin, but with some coaching he could tighten up those aspects of his game. Overall a solid developmental prospect.

Stephen Morris — Miami (Fl.) (Orlando)

Height: 6’2” Weight: 218 Age: 26

Overview: Morris surprisingly went undrafted back in 2014, after he had a distinguished career at the U. He possesses great arm talent, and throws the ball with great zip. His setup footwork wise is adequate, and he has the ability to throw accurately off platform. He also has the rare ability to deliver the ball accurately from multiple arm angles, and hit his target. He is a little lean, and on the smaller side, which could lead him to sustaining some nagging injuries. Has a calming presence in the huddle, and shows a knack for putting the ball on the money. A truly intriguing talent in this draft platform who could intrigue a number of coaches.

Tyler Murphy — Boston College (Orlando)

Height: 6’2” Weight: 209 Age: 26

Overview: Scrambling type QB, who throws with a defined over the top delivery. He lacks a ton of arm strength, and threw quick and decisively off of his first reads in college. Has some experience lining up under center. Is a dynamic runner in the open field, and can make defenders miss in open space. Transitioned to WR for the Steelers during a training camp stint, and even occupied a practice squad slot for a while with them. In my opinion it would be in his best interest to transition to a skills position from this point forward.

Tommy Armstrong Jr. — Nebraska (Salt Lake)

Height: 6’1” Weight: 220 Age: 25

Overview: Fiery playing temperament that galvanizes a team. Has less than ideal height for a QB, but displays great footwork, balance, and weight distribution when throwing the ball. Has great arm strength to push the ball downfield. Throws with terrific touch, and trusts his receivers to go up and make a play on the ball. Understands how to take snaps from under center, and has experience taking 3, 5, and 7 step drops. Is a wizard on ball fakes in a zone read offense. Is a terrific play action passer, especially to the deep part of the field. Not only is he a threat in the pocket, but he has good contact balance, speed, and bulk to scramble out from distress, and make defenses pay. Very intriguing talent, that if utilized in the right offense could be a star in this league.

Matt Linehan — Idaho (Salt Lake)

Height: 6’3” Weight: 185 Age: 24

Overview: A spread QB in college, that excelled inside the pocket. He is an average athlete, that struggles to use consistent footwork. The lack of a consistent base leads to his accuracy woes. Overall he has good arm strength, and throws with decent anticipation and touch. He has a very slender build, that will need to have more bulk put on. A middle of the road prospect who is a fringe draftable player.

Quinn McQueary — Montana Tech (Salt Lake)

Height: 6’2” Weight: 185 Age: N/A

Overview: A former NAIA standout at QB, he is a true wildcard at the position. He has good arm strength, and athleticism in the open field to make people miss, as evidenced by him stringing together spin moves to elude blitzers. Although that was at the NAIA level not Alliance caliber athletes. He shows good accuracy and touch, both from a standing position or when asked to roll out. If he can make his intriguing skill set translate he could be a valuable lottery ticket come draft day.

Peter Pujals — Holy Cross (Salt Lake)

Height: 6’2” Weight: 185 Age: 23

Overview: Average arm strength, that lacks zip on out routes. He is a very cerebral QB, who can recognize coverage scheme pre-snap, and was tasked with the responsibility of calling audibles. Throws with a low ¾ arm slot, that looks somewhat similar to Philip Rivers. Generally throws with good accuracy and touch, and allows his receivers the opportunity for YAC. Needs some refinement due to coming from a smaller program.

Austin Appleby — Florida (Purdue Transfer) (San Antonio)

Height: 6’5” Weight: 239 Age: 25

Overview: After playing for Purdue for multiple years, he transferred to Florida. He is one of the deep sleepers in this draft, and has the ability to become the face of one of these franchises. He has terrific arm strength, and throws a beautiful deep ball. He is inconsistent in his footwork, throwing flat footed too much, but with some refinement it could be a strong suit of his. He consistently showed NFL caliber touch and accuracy on tape, and was able to finesse the ball in the tightest of windows. Has good athleticism, and is a gritty competitor that will scramble for some key first downs. Appleby is definitely a name to watch come draft night, and could come off the board earlier than most expect.

Trevor Knight — Texas A&M (San Antonio)

Height: 6’1” Weight: 201 Age: 25

Overview: Run first oriented QB with great measurables, including a confirmed 4.54 40 yd dash at the NFL Combine. Broad shouldered athlete, that enjoys running with the football, and has a rugged style that will lead to injuries. As a pure QB he lacks refinement across the board, with no sense of spatial awareness when it comes to the blitz, and shows no indication of being able to read defenses or go throughout progressions. He has a terrible throwing motion that almost looks like he is throwing shot put. If asked to consistently go under center he will be crushed due to his lack of pure QB skills. Should not be a factor in a starting QB equation.

Luis Perez — Texas A&M-Commerce (San Antonio)

Height: 6’3” Weight: 220 Age: N/A

Overview: A standout bowler, who never played a snap of high school football, that walked on at a junior college, then transferred to a division two football program, and the rest is history. He is a clutch performer, who stands in the pocket with poise beyond his years. He has good arm strength, and understands how to put the ball on the receiver. Possesses a solid build at 6’3”, but will need to add bulk to hold up to the rigors of playing QB. Even though he is somewhat new to the game, he shows an ability to go throughout his route progressions, and check down if need be. He is raw due to the inexperience, but has big time upside. Is another in long line of lottery tickets in this league, but with his skill set, and raw and unrefined ability, he will have talented OC’s and QB coaches lining up to work with him.

Dalton Sturm — UTSA (San Antonio)

Height: 6’1” Weight: 207 Age: 23

Overview: Deliberate delivery, and impressive accuracy to all levels of the field. Throws with great anticipation and touch, gives his player a chance to maximize YAC. Drives footballs into tight windows with good velocity. Strong, study build that can withstand some punishment. Understands how to climb the pocket when under pressure. Has a calm playing demeanor, and doesn’t panic under duress. Shows good accuracy when asked to throw on the run as well. Overall has interesting traits that can be mined into a starting caliber QB.

Dustin Vaughan — West Texas A&M (San Antonio)

Height: 6’5” Weight: 220 Age: 27

Overview: Tall, statuesque pocket passer who lacks the arm strength to attack the deep part of the field. Has a shows adequate foundational work from his feet to balance, simply lacks the God-given ability to throw with consistent RPM’s downfield. Can dink and dunk his way down the field, and is a very intelligent player. His upside is a below average backup QB.

Josh Johnson — San Diego (San Diego)

Height: 6’3” Weight: 215 Age: 32

Overview: Seasoned NFL veteran, who has shown a big arm in the past. He lacks touch, and the ability to quickly diagnose plays and go throughout progressions. He has terrific athleticism, with a timed 4.44 40 yd dash time, and he use that speed to scramble for key first downs. He struggles to consistently set his feet, which also leads his accuracy to wane on a down to down basis. The NFL still has interest in him, and was one of a number of QB’s to workout for the Redskins after Alex Smith injury. He would be an ideal backup due to his veteran presence, and an ideal mentor for an athletic lottery ticket type QB.

Marcus McDade — Fresno State (San Diego)

Height: 6’4” Weight: 218 Age: 26

Overview: Adversity...this is the word that McDade has made his creed. He has worked and grinded at multiple stops throughout his football playing career. Everywhere from Fresno State sitting behind now Oakland Raiders QB, Derek Carr, to his latest stop in the German league to playing in an indoor league in Spokane. He has great arm strength, and bounces inside the pocket. He feels pressure adequately, and can break contain for big gains with his good speed. Leaves the ball a little to loose and away from his body when moving inside the pocket which is a coachable flaw that needs corrected. This is a raw QB prospect, that is starving for a qualified professional QB coach to unlock his potential. Very intriguing late round QB to consider adding to your roster.

Keith Price — Washington (San Diego)

Height: 6’1” Weight: 203 Age: 27

Overview: Spread style college QB, who lacks big time arm talent. Has decent arm strength, and can attack routes to the intermediate part of the field. Extremely lean, and loves to scramble, which is not a good combination. Can show good accuracy while in rhythm, but at the first sight of pressure his footwork goes right out the window, and he scrambles. Struggles to keep his eyes fixed downfield when his first read is covered. A fringe draftable prospect.

Players who signed a contract with AAF/Currently on NFL Roster

Garrett Grayson — Colorado State (Salt Lake)

Height: 6’2” Weight: 220 Age: 27

Signed to Denver Broncos Practice Squad

Overview: Solidly built accomplished college QB, who was drafted by the Saints. Has NFL caliber touch and accuracy. Throws from a stable foundation, and can fit the ball into tight windows. Tough and gritty competitor that isn’t afraid to deliver the pass under duress.

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