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AFC Playoff Picture Aftermath of Week 14 (2022)

(Image credit Jay Biggerstaff/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Twitter: @NicholasMullick

Last year starting Week 13 I did a weekly Playoff Picture article series detailing the current seeding of the playoffs. Well It has returned as I am doing this again. The Playoffs are getting closer and closer with each week that passes. Now there is plenty of football left to be played but again it is crunch time for some team. So until the playoffs hit I will continue to update the current playoff picture for both the AFC and NFC Conferences. For this article I will dive into the AFC conference updating it now with the aftermath of Week 14.

Division Winners (Seed 1-4)

1. Buffalo Bills (10-3)

Buffalo last week made an important win against the Jets which will help playoff wise. They are clearly the best team in the AFC (You can debate the Chiefs, but the Bills are a lot better in my opinion) and should lock up a playoff spot this week. Here are the scenarios of where they can clinch it.

Clinching Scenarios for Buffalo

Playoff Spot

#1 Buffalo (Win) #2 Buffalo (Tie) + Los Angeles Chargers (Loss) #3 Buffalo (Tie) + New York Jets (Loss) + New England (Loss)

#4 Buffalo (Tie) + New York Jets (Loss) + New England (Tie) + Los Angeles Chargers (Loss)

2. Kansas City Chiefs (10-3)

The Chiefs are the more competently coached team in the AFC West. I would at this point be shocked if they don’t win the AFC West. In fact Here are the scenarios of where they can clinch it along with a playoff spot.

Clinching Scenarios for Kansas City

Playoff Spot

#1 Kansas City (Tie) + New York Jets (Loss) + New England (Loss)

#2 Kansas City (Tie) + Miami (Loss) + New England (Loss) + New York Jets (Tie)

#3 Kansas City (Tie) + Miami (Loss) + New York Jets (Loss) + New England (Tie)

AFC West Division

#1 Kansas City (Win) #2 Los Angeles Chargers (Loss) #3 Kansas City (Tie) + Los Angeles Chargers (Loss)

3. Baltimore Ravens (9-4)

If there is one team that has had trouble approaching them on the QB position it is the Baltimore Ravens. Lamar Jackson is out a few weeks due to that knee injury and Tyler Huntley is dealing with a concussion. Baltimore may have to start Anthony Brown at QB and I will be real. Let's see how the Ravens will respond. Will they perform and clinch a playoff spot or keep doing a Mike Tomlin by playing down to competition.

4. Tennessee Titans (7-6)

The Titans are lucky that they are in the AFC South as they are also a bad football team. I would not call them a lock to win yet as the Jaguars are starting to catch up. Luckily the Titans face the Chargers, Texans, Cowboys, and Jaguars. The Titans have to win at least Two maybe three of them to secure a spot in the playoffs.

Wildcard Teams (Seed 5-7)

5. Cincinnati Bengals (9-4)

The Bengals are getting healthier which is a plus. With Pittsburgh and Cleveland being out of winning the division, and Baltimore issues at QB the Bengals have a shot at winning this division.

6. Miami Dolphins (8-5)

Miami, What the hell was that? How do you perform that badly against a team that has a large portion of there team injured and have an incompetent coaching staff. They luckily still have the 6th seed, but if they want to make the playoffs, losses like last week should never happen again.

7. New England Patriots (7-6)

The Patriots for now hold the 7th seed, but danger is approaching. They have had more and more injuries adding up. I trust this team with Bill in charge, but I am still concerned with the offense when it is being run by two hacks in Matt Patricia and Joe Judge.

In the hunt

8. New York Jets (7-6)

I am a Mike White guy and he took a beating yesterday. I was shocked he returned in that game. The Jets defense is fantastic and they need to win games as the AFC is very competitive.

9. Los Angeles Chargers (7-6)

Well I am super impressed by Justin Herbert. He is so freaking talented and it is a shame that he has been given multiple garbage coaching staff that keep holding him back. I seriously hope he can get out of Los Angeles when he has the chance as I don’t see him winning with the Chargers. Herbert is one of my favorite QBs in the NFL and seasons like this one are why.

Tank Teams

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-8)

That loss against the Ravens has not helped at all in the chances they will make the playoffs. The Steelers need to win every game to have a chance, but with Kenny Pickett being hurt my confidence in them is low. Then again it still is low as Matt Canada and Kieth Butler are still coordinators on this team.

11. Cleveland Browns (5-8)

I said it before and I will say it again, Cleveland you are not a QB away from competing. Especially when the star QB that you traded for is extremely rusty. Plus the defense has been bad this year and the only + on offense is the running game. If I am Cleveland I would tank for a higher draft pick, Oh yeah that pick is Houston Texans property due to the Watson trade.

12. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-8)

The Jaguars have won 3 of the last 5 games and are getting better. I was concerned with Trevor Lawrence, but compared to earlier in the season, he is better. The only real chance for playoffs is if the Titans collapse at the end of the season. If the Titans don't, the Jags should tank for a top draft pick.

13. Las Vegas Raiders (5-8)

Everything I said about the Raiders is coming true and after yet another disgraceful loss to the LA Rams. The Rams QB Baker Mayfield had little time to prepare for this game and you made him look like Kurt Warner when he left the Giants and joined the Cardinals. Thats again shows how terrible of a head coach McDaniels is. The Raiders season is done.

Somehow Not Eliminated Mathematically Eliminated

14. Indianapolis Colts (4-8-1)

The Colts are done. They will not play in the playoffs as they have to win every single game and I doubt they can beat the Vikings or Giants this season. I am shocked that the Colts are still alive in the playoffs.


15. Denver Broncos (3-10)

Well it is now official the Denver Broncos have been eliminated from the playoffs. This is a big disappointment that will likely lead towards the Broncos yet again on the search for a Head Coach and long term QB.

16. Houston Texans (1-11-1)

The Texans being eliminated are trying to secure the 1st Overall Pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. That is the main goal now.

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