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All-Decade NFL Team Ranking

Photo by Kevin Dietsch, UTI

Written By: Peter Vandeventer | @PeteVandeventer

It’s crazy to think that we are making our way into the ‘20s, It’s safe to say some NFL teams can’t wait to flip the page and try to move onto the future while other teams still want to live in the past. Thanks to the help of fellow Blitzalytics members and some math (see I can math), let’s see how all 32 teams rank when looking at the past decade:

32. Cleveland Browns

This really is no surprise, Cleveland did a superb job at sucking for all of the ‘10s. The Browns didn't have a single season above .500 and includes an 0-16 season. The Browns have had seven coaches over the past decades and have yet to find their true QB.

The Browns also didn't take in any hardware over the decade despite the abundance of high draft picks. The future does look bright(ish) for the Browns but the past decade doesn’t make it easy to forget.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs have been almost as bad as the Browns in terms of success. Over the past decade, the Bucs have finished last place seven times. Boasting a .369 win %, the Bucs have been through tough times and haven’t been to the playoffs since Jon Gruden was the coach.

Oh, and Jameis Winston isn’t their franchise QB

30. Jacksonville Jaguars

With only one playoff appearance, the future in Jacksonville is looking a little murky. With poor management and the inability to surround a lot of talent with a good QB makes this decade one to forget for the Jaguars

29. Oakland Raiders

The last decade in Oakland didn't go as planned, so maybe a fresh start in Las Vegas will do the franchise good. With a lot of up and down seasons, the Raiders have some hope with Gruden growing.

Khalil Mack (who is now in Chicago) brought home the DPOY award in 2016 but Oakland couldn’t find a way to keep him around. The move hurt the team publically, but Mike Mayock has started to reverse that effect.

28. Miami Dolphins

Miami, Miami, Miami. What was once a promising team, quickly has dissolved over the past couple of seasons. They’re the model team of mediocrity over the past decade (.438 win %) and all they have to show of it was a wildcard weekend loss back in 2016.

27. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo is finally crawling back from the cellar of the NFL, but it took them some time. The Bills broke a 17-year playoff drought a few seasons back and had a decent shot to take the AFC East from the Patriots this season. They’re turning the corner and expect them to shoot up these rankings over the next decade with youthful leaders in Josh Allen, Tre White, and Tremaine Edmunds.

26. New York Jets

This makes three AFC East teams in a row that are in the bottom 10. The Jets have been somewhat forgettable over the decade by they did make the playoffs.

A bright spot for the Jets has been their defensive front, as Sheldon Richardson had won the DROY award in 2013. There hasn’t been a lot of turnover in the coaching department despite the lack of success, maybe the ‘20s will find them a long term answer.

25. Tennessee Titans

Titans have found success with Mike Vrabel and haven’t had a losing season since 2016. The team Vrabel and Mularkey have built the last four seasons is looking good but have yet to break the 10 win mark (which they haven’t done in 11 seasons).

24. Washington Redskins

The Redskins were one of the most 'hot and cold' teams of the past decade, whether it’s a 3-13 season or 10-6, this team really was far from consistent. They had some hope early on when they had RGIII, but injuries really destroyed his future as a franchise QB. Since then, the Redskins have tried to gamble with mid-level QBs but with no real success. From Kurt Cousins to Alex Smith, to Colt McCoy, the Redskins haven’t been able to find any success.

RGIII did win OROY back in 2012, but no other awards for the Redskins over the decade.

23. LA Chargers

The Chargers have had some of the most gifted rosters in the league but that hasn’t translated to success since the late ‘00s. When the Chargers have made the playoffs, they’ve been a disappointment. Its surely been a decent decade for the Chargers but it leaves a sour taste in their mouth after moving to LA and wasting talented careers.

Only going to the playoffs twice, the Chargers weren’t able to win their division over the decade, something that you can attribute to strong competition. Joey Bosa, who is leading that young defensive unit, won the DROY award in 2016.

22. Detroit Lions

The Lions started the decade in good shape but never was able to get much from it. The lions have made the playoffs three times but weren’t able to win any of them and were quickly swept out of the playoffs. The Lions have had bad luck as they were stuck with the Vikings and Packers in their division who have had a lot of success.

21. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals had a few great seasons in the middle of the ‘10s but they hit rock bottom quickly. They had their shot in 2015 but couldn’t win the conference championship. Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald had a good run but that didn't last as they’re stuck in the NFC West.

Bruce Arians took home two COTY awards this decade, one of them being with Arizona.

20. Chicago Bears

The prominent Bears team of the early years of the decade has started to make their return the past couple seasons. But it took them a few seasons to return to that point. After four seasons of more than 10+ losses, the Bears returned to prominence with a 12 win season in 2018.

Matt Nagy, the mastermind behind the 2018 Bears, won the COTY award. Hopefully, the team can make a return after a disappointing 2019.

19. Cincinnati Bengals

The Marvin Lewis led Bengals team was one of the most consistent teams in the league, and to be fair, they are also consistent in the playoffs. It just happens to be that they consistently lose in the wildcard round.

The franchise really did have a great decade but no playoff wins really hurt their reputation.

18. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have been a really competitive team for most of the decade. Adrian Peterson led the team for as long as they would have him… I mean come on, it’s still crazy how he won an MVP award after knee surgery.

The Vikings, like others on this list, haven’t been able to do much of anything in the playoffs which really hampers their seeding amongst the all-decade rankings. Playoff wins are huge and Minnesota couldn’t step up as they’ve only won a single playoff game in their three playoff appearances.

17. Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys have had a decade to forget when looking at their usual success and it has been a general waste of talent when looking at the decade. It's fitting that they should fall at 17 because they’ve been a .500 team most of the decade. Their win% was actually .538, which is as close to a mediocre decade as you can get.

16. San Francisco 49ers

Being ranked at 16 is a little misleading for the 49ers as they started the decade with dominance and have started to just return this year.

The 49ers went to the SB during the 2012 season and lost to the Ravens (a possible SB rematch this year?). They also went to a pair of conference championships but weren’t able to push through.

15. LA Rams

Prior to Sean McVay, taking over, the Rams were one of most mediocre teams in the league. Jeff Fischer led the then St. Louis Rams, to three seasons of 7 wins in four years and showed no sign of progressing the franchise. But after McVay stepped in, they’ve helped revolutionize the league from an offensive standpoint and it resulted in a pair of playoff appearances and a SB matchup with the Patriots.

Aaron Donald, arguably the greatest DT to ever play, has taken home a pair of DPOY awards and a DROY award. Offensively, Todd Gurley won an OROY award as well as an OPOY award a few seasons later.

14. Indianapolis Colts

This decade was the decade of change for the Colts. After a very successful previous decade, a changing of the guard had to eventually happen. In 2012, they drafted Andrew Luck and along with a couple of returning players, they were able to make another great push at the SB. Sadly, the Colts weren’t able to get past the Patriots. After a series of unfortunate injuries (retirements, events), the Colts weren’t really ever able to regain there footing in the AFC before the end of the decade.

13. New York Giants

If you take away the 2011 season, the Giants would’ve had a pretty crummy decade. But thankfully, the 2011 season still happened. Going 4-0 in the playoffs and beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl added another highlight to Eli Manning’s career and proved the Giants (again) are the kryptonite of the Patriots.

More recently, the Giants struck (obvious) gold when drafting Saquon Barkley which now might help build the foundation to a good playoff team in the years that follow.

12. Houston Texans

From their inaugural season in 2002 to 2010, the Texans didn't have much to show for their new franchise. But in the ‘10s, the story flipped.

The Texans have made the playoffs six times and though, they have yet to push deep into the playoffs, they still have shown a level of consistency over the past 10 years. A major factor for that would be JJ Watt who has taken home three DPOY awards and has been as dominant as DE in recent memory.

11. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons, always the bridesmaid and never the bride. They’ve had some great rosters over the decade but seem close to the Lombardi, but not close enough. Players like Julio Jones and Matt Ryan have done their fair share in providing for the team but they ran into injury issues and coaching incompetence that had caused them some issues along the way.

The Falcons will always be remembered for their loss to the Patriots but that often undercuts how great the season was for Atlanta. Matt Ryan won an MVP that year which really capped the great year he had.

10. New Orleans Saints

Sadly for the Saints, their 2009 Super Bowl victory didn’t go into the calculations for the ranking which dropped them a few spots. BUT, not going to a SB and still being this high on the list from the decade really speaks volumes to the level of consistent play they had as well as the award show.

The Saints hit big with Lattimore and Kamara both taking how Rookie of the Year awards. Drew Brees also took home an OPOY award over the past decade. Though Michael Thomas has yet to receive any awards, you can’t go without mentioning how well the Saints have drafted and hit on players in the past couple drafts.

9. Philadelphia Eagles

It really is a bit surprising to see the Eagles this high on the list but winning the Super Bowl is the biggest thing you can do, and that’s just what they did. The Eagles have been able to capitalize on great moves by their GM (Howie Roseman). They’ve been able to bring in talent to surround their young QB (for the most part) as well as being willing to spend money on the defense.

Four 10-win seasons and only three seasons of less than .500 ball is a result that plenty of NFL teams would be wishing they had when you look back at the decade.

8. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers cashed in on the awards as players like Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, and CMC all have showed out. Cam Newton has won the OROY, MVP, and OPOY award all in the past decade. On the defensive side, Luke Kuechly has won DPOY and DROY in the early part of his career and it translated into strong results. The Panthers went to the SB in 2015 while going 15-1. Through the decade, the Panthers have won several divisional titles and have a couple of playoff wins under their belt.

7. Kansas City Chiefs

Oh boy, the Chiefs have been close. Now with five years in a row where they have at least 10 wins, the Chiefs have yet to show out in the playoffs. Not making it to the Super Bowl despite the talented rosters should end up changing in the following decade but they’ve wasted a lot of opportunities in recent memories.

The Chiefs hit a homerun with Patrick Mahomes. They found their guy and they let him sit and learn. Doing that is something that a lot of teams need to learn, restraint is key. In return, Mahomes delivered an MVP award and the OPOY award in his first full year of action.

With only two seasons of less than .500 play, the Chiefs have been a constant NFL contender this decade and are definitely deserving of a top 10 spot.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have had three HCs since 1970, and haven’t had a losing season in over 15 years. So what else do you expect from them in the ‘10s?

The Steelers continue to grow their winning tradition and have a culture that instills that on players the second they don the Black and Yellow. With five playoff wins in six trips, the Steelers haven’t been as successful as they’re used to. But they did make it to the SB, where they lost to the Packers.

5. Baltimore Ravens

The top 5

The Ravens, who were just about as successful as the Steelers over the decade, did end up winning a SB. The Ravens have seen the end of one dynasty(-esque) and the start to another great run. Under Harbaugh, the Ravens have managed to have just a single losing season, it's crazy to think some people were talking about him being let go a couple of seasons back.

In the playoffs, the Ravens have been pretty successful as they’ve totaled seven wins compared to just four losses.

4. Denver Broncos

The Broncos, who’ve fielded some of the greatest single units in NFL History (‘13 offense and ‘15 defense) has a lot of playoff success to prove. From 2011-15, the Broncos won their division and made deep pushes into the playoffs. A SB victory (and lose) to show for their success, the Broncos have had some gifted teams and boast a .556 win% to show for it.

Leading the Broncos, Peyton Manning led the historic offense on his way to an MVP award (4th overall), while players like Von Miller and Chris Harris helped the defense to success.

3. Greenbay Packers

The Packers have been to the playoffs eight seasons this decade and have been really successful during the years. A .638% win% and six divisional titles, the Packers are right up there at the top of the decade.

With Aaron Rodgers at the helm, you cant count at the Packers. Rodgers, a SB champ and two time MVP, is one of the most dangerous QBs in the league for a majority of the ‘10s.

2. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have run into success during the last 10 years and it’s led by Pete Carroll and John Schneider. Through all the turnover the past couple of seasons, the Seahawks have still found a way to win. Russell Wilson is tied with Tom Brady for the most wins in their first eight seasons and there seems to be no end in sight.

The Seahawks have been robbed on the awards front as players like Wagner, Wilson, and Sherman haven’t got any recognition. But that doesn’t really matter because the Seahawks have been to a pair of Super Bowls and won one of them (and was one play away from the other).

1. New England Patriots

The ‘10s was the decade of the Patriots

This is really no surprise as the Patriots have simply dominated the AFC East the whole decade as well as their obvious reign atop the conference. The Pats went to the Super bowl five out of the ten seasons and won three of them. Oh, and they’ve won the AFC East every year since 2008. Pure domination.

Over the decade, Tom Brady has taken home a pair of MVP awards and an OPOY award. While Belichick claimed a COTY award.

Hurray For a great decade of NFL Football, I hope we have even more excitement in the years to come.



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