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Alliance of American Football Reveals Names and Logos

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Photo by AAF

Written by: Roy Countryman

On Thursday early morning, after much anticipation and lots of fan fare, Charlie Ebersol and company have finally revealed half of the Alliance of American Football cities’ team names and logos. Here are the results, and maybe you’ll throw your support behind one of these teams.

Memphis Express

Orlando Apollos

Atlanta Legends

Birmingham Iron

With the Alliance already having come to terms with a lucrative contract to bring back one of the fans’ favorite sporting apparel producers in Starter, I am sure they will be selling high quantities in short order. This foray into the spring football scene is very well set up to make a big impact on the theory that no league other than the NFL can succeed.

The other 4 franchise team logos and names are due to be announced on Sept. 25th, so stay tuned!

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