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Antonio Brown released by the Oakland Raiders

Photo by Xenith

Written by Kenny King

The Oakland Raiders begin their 2019 campaign without the star wide receiver Antonio Brown who they traded a 3rd and 5th round pick in the offseason. Brown’s tumultuous tenure began with a hot air balloon ride into training camp in Napa and ended with an Instagram post asking to be released.

Where did it go wrong? There was a timeline of events that led to the release of Brown:

Antonio Brown arrives at camp with frostbite on his feet from wearing improper footwear while doing cryotherapy.

  • Antonio Brown misses practice after filing a grievance with the NFL over a helmet dispute

  • Antonio Brown finds a new helmet

  • The NFL deems Brown’s helmet is unsafe to play in

  • Antonio Brown misses practice (AGAIN)

  • GM Mike Mayock issues an “All in or All out” ultimatum

  • Antonio Brown returns

  • The Raiders fine Brown for missing practice and being late to walkthroughs

  • Brown posts the fine on Instagram calling the Raiders “haters”

  • Antonio Brown gets into a verbal altercation with GM Mike Mayock at practice

  • Brown returns to the team and issues an “emotional apology”

  • The Raiders fine Brown for his incident with Mayock

  • Report comes out that Brown’s guaranteed money is voided

  • Brown posts video to his YouTube channel with recorded phone call from Gruden

  • Brown posts on Instagram requesting release from the Raiders

  • The Raiders release Brown

  • Antonio Brown signs with the Patriots

The emotional rollercoaster is over. Antonio Brown is no longer a Raider. The Raiders open up at home vs. the Denver Broncos on Monday night.

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