Bears Draft Options at Cornerback

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Photo by Vicky Graff Photos

Written by John Dabe

I personally believe that the bears will go corner at pick 87. If Miles Sanders doesn’t fall to them at that pick then there is no point to draft a running back at 87. They can get Montgomery, hill, and or Henderson in the 4th round. My top corners that may be available in the 3rd round are Lonnie Johnson, David Long, and Isaiah Johnson. This CB class is pretty stacked and I’m hoping that one of these guys will fall to us at 87.

I am a big fan of Lonnie Johnson. He’s 6’2, 215 lbs and ran a 4.51 at the combine. He only had 23 tackles and 4 pass breakups, but stats aren’t everything. I watched his film and he’s the real deal. He’s long and lengthy and can play corner, slot, and safety. He has said it himself, “I am the best corner in this draft.” He’s got the confidence and the talent to back it up. David Long is another option. He isn’t the fastest or biggest man but he understands how to play press coverage and he plays it well. By far his best trait is his ability to knock receivers off their route with his press coverage. He is a very patient corner but can get knocked around by bigger receivers. His worst trait is his ability to stop the run. He gets stood up and can’t fight off blocks to make tackles. It’s obviously something that can be fixed at the next level. It will take time but adding some extra strength on David Long could fix his main problems. Isaiah Johnson is also one of my favorites. Originally a receiver and converted into a corner, he is freakishly fast, running a 4.40 at the Combine. He also loves to lay the wood- 70% of his tackles were solo tackles. He can definitely handle his own and he hangs with NFL receivers because of his speed. He is still learning the game since cornerback isn’t his original position, but If I am a head coach or a GM I absolutely love that. He’s got a fresh mind to the position and is willing to learn and adapt. His first year in the NFL might not be great because it’s all still new to him, but once he gets the experience he should shine. Plus, getting a full year to learn he should excel quickly and adapt to the NFL style. 6’2, 200 lbs, runs a 4.4, and only two years at the corner position? Sign me up, this guys upside could reach a whole new ceiling.

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