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Bruce Irvin returns to Atlanta: Can he boost the pass rush?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Photo Courtesy of Robert Robinson @Badasskidsent

Written by Joe Carlino

After consistently talking about how the organization was going to be inactive during the trade deadline and wouldn’t opt to lose a future investment in the current state of affairs, the Atlanta Falcons have finally found a potential answer to their solutions, signing free agent Pro Bowl linebacker and Atlanta native Bruce Irvin to a one-year deal. His first test: playing this Sunday with the “Brotherhood” as they travel to Cleveland for a matchup with the Browns.

Falcons head coach Dan Quinn, who was extremely beneficial in making Irvin the 12th overall pick with the Seattle Seahawks in 2012, knows what Irvin will bring to his defense: “We know exactly how Bruce will fit into our team on the field, and just as importantly into our locker room. He is familiar with our scheme and we are familiar with his strengths, so we are looking forward to getting him on the field as soon as possible”.

That scheme, as pointed out by other reports, is a package designed by the New York Giants which led them to two Super Bowl titles, affectionately dubbed the “NASCAR” package. This package is designed to have multiple speed option pass rushers go at the exact same time to attempt and catch the offensive line off guard.

According to reports, Irvin’s one-year deal is prorated, and he’ll make $3.2 million, which means he’ll make $1.5 million from Atlanta on top of the $3.8 the Raiders still owe him, a grand total of $9.75 million.

Irvin stated other teams wanted to pay him more money than Atlanta offered, but he stated that “Being able to play for my city and my people, you just can’t put a price on that. It’s a dream come true”.

For members of the Brotherhood, they’re getting a great pass rusher in this league. With Deion Jones set to return by the Cowboys game on November 18th at the earliest, if this team continues to play at the pace they’re at, don’t count out a chance at a wild card spot.

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