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Buffalo Bills AFC East Champs!

Photo By: Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Written By: Bobby Greco

The Buffalo Bills are AFC East division champions, for the first time in 25 years! The last time this happened, Bill Clinton was President, and Josh Allen wasn’t even born yet. The game was against the Broncos and held in Denver, yet it seems the Bills are the team that is still flying a mile high. Buffalo was coming off of two big primetime wins, one being against the AFC’s number one seed Pittsburgh Steelers (at the time), and was looking to keep the momentum rolling. It was also that kind of letdown game where the emotion was much lower than a primetime game and the Broncos have been struggling this season, so I was really looking to see Buffalo rise to the occasion. Thankfully they did just that and played a near-perfect game, dominating Denver 48-19. This was so fantastic to watch, because for the first time in a while I felt I could say, this isn’t the same old Bills. A few seasons ago if the team was in this same position, I honestly don’t know if they win. Josh Allen also made a statement, that his name should be mentioned in MVP talks. The defense also didn’t disappoint, because they shut down the Denver offense from start to finish and how about that Jerry Hughes touchdown. I’m just so happy for this team because they truly seem like brothers and that is something I think will help come playoffs.

The Bills offense made sure they were not going to have a slow start like they did against the Steelers and they jumped out to a 14-0 lead. After a muffed punt by Andre Roberts, Denver was able to score on a short field and that seemed to wake them up, but Buffalo never let their foot off the gas. Josh Allen was almost flawless and attacked the Bronco D through the air and ground. Passing for 359 yards and 2TD, he also rushed for 33 yards and 2TD. Both Diggs and Beasley had 100-yard performances and continued to make a case for the top WR duo in the league. We even saw a Jake Kumerow touchdown, two weeks after being called up from the practice squad. Though the Bills only rushed the ball twenty one times, I was pleased with what I saw. Moss and Singletary combined for 149 yards on the ground and Singletary capped off the game with a 51-yard score. I loved the Bills' whole vibe during this game, they performed great and you could see how much fun they were having. I mean how beautiful was the Statue of Liberty they ran? I know it didn’t end up counting, but it just looked good. That brings me to the one downside of the game, too many penalties. They got to the red zone pretty easily and multiple times they’d go backward due to penalties. It didn’t hurt them this game, but it is something that can’t happen against an elite team.

For the third week in a row, the defense was on their game and looked like the powerhouse they were last season. They are finally healthy and have found their game because they are playing a lot more comfortably than at the beginning of the year. The defensive lineman is finally finding where they fit and Harrison Phillips and Vernon Butler have tightened up the middle. Jerry Hughes has been playing inspired lately and has taken a leadership role that I think has helped the entire line. Speaking of Hughes, his touchdown was a huge spirit breaker for Denver and was also kind of funny. The secondary has been playing outstanding and from every player across the board. Tre’Davious White has been at an All-Pro level again and both safeties should get a look for that too. If it wasn’t for the muffed punt, I don’t think Denver’s offense gets rolling the little that they did.

The Bills finish the season with back to back division opponents and an opportunity for the number 2 seed, so I would like to see them finish the season strong. Either way, they will have a home playoff game and boy does that sound sweet. All we can hope for now is that the Mafia can be there in person.



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