Buffalo Bills’ Offseason Blueprint

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Graphic from Pat Pryor

Written By: Jake Leicht

The Bills probably overachieved considering they trotted out a rookie quarterback that had little to no weapons to play within 2018. Josh Allen looks like he could be the real deal, but until the Bills give him weapons and protection, we will not know how high his ceiling actually is. LeSean McCoy aged quickly this past season, and he suffered a couple of nagging injuries that could signal that he is starting to slow down. The defensive unit was solid, but the lack of pass rush caused the Bills to give up some unnecessary big plays in the passing game. With a little bit of love to their roster, the Buffalo Bills could see an uptick in their record in 2019.

Available Salary Cap Space- $75.4 Million

Free Agents


Lorenzo Alexander- Linebacker

Ryan Groy- Center

Jordan Mills- Offensive Tackle

Jordan Phillips- Defensive End

Taiwan Jones- Running Back

Logan Thomas- Tight End

Jeremiah Sirles- Offensive Guard

Deonte Thompson- Wide Receiver

John Miller- Offensive Guard


Lafayette Pitts- Cornerback

Matt Darr- Punter


Eddie Yarbrough- Defensive End

Dean Marlowe- Safety

Victor Bolden Jr.- Wide Receiver

Reid Ferguson- Long Snapper

Mike Love- Defensive End

Da’Mari Scott- Wide Receiver

Potential Cap Casualties (Bold = Dead Money, Italics = Cap Gain)

Jerry Hughes- Edge Rusher ($2.9 mill) ($7.5 mill)

Lesean McCoy- Running Back ($2.625 mill) ($6.425 mill)

Charles Clay- Tight End ($4.5 mill) ($4.5 mill)

Trent Murphy- Edge Rusher ($3.5 mill) ($4.98 mill)

Chris Ivory- Running Back ($750,000) ($2.51 mill)

*All figures for cap purposes are taken as pre-June 1st, unless otherwise stated. All cap figures courtesy of Overthecap.com, unless otherwise stated*

Team Needs

Wide Receiver

Offensive Tackle

Pass Rusher

Offensive Guard

Tight End

Running Back

Draft pick Allotment

1st Round #9 (9)

2nd Round #8 (40)

3rd Round #11 (75)

4th Round #10 (106)

4th Round #29 (125)

5th Round #9 (137)

5th Round #20 (148)

6th Round #8 (168)

7th Round #11 (203)

7th Round #14 (206)

Mock Offseason

Players Re-signed

Lorenzo Alexander- Linebacker

Jordan Mills- Offensive Tackle

John Miller- Offensive Guard

Deonte Thompson- Wide Receiver

Matt Darr- Punter

Reid Ferguson- Long Snapper

Cap Casualties

Lesean McCoy- Running Back ($2.625 mill) ($6.425 mill)

Charles Clay- Tight End ($4.5 mill) ($4.5 mill)

Trent Murphy- Edge Rusher ($3.5 mill) ($4.98 mill)

Chris Ivory- Running Back ($750,000) ($2.51 mill)

Free Agent Targets

Le’Veon Bell- Running Back (Steelers)

Josh Allen could use a stellar running game. Adding Le’Veon Bell would be huge for the Buffalo Bills. His ability to make plays in all facets of the game would give Josh Allen the ability to use his big arm in the play action game.

Matt Paradis- Center (Broncos)

Again, the most important thing for the Bills to do is provide protection and weapons for Josh Allen. The Bills have holes in the middle of their offensive line, and adding the best center in the free agent class would be a major plus.

Ezekiel Ansah- Edge Rusher (Lions)

The number one goal for the Bills is to add to the offensive unit. Adding a high upside pass rusher like Ansah would be cheaper than adding a pass rusher in the 2019 draft class, or paying up for a premier pass rusher like Dee Ford.

Mock Draft

1st Round: Jonah Williams, Offensive Lineman (Alabama)

2nd Round: A.J. Brown, Wide Receiver (Mississippi)

3rd Round: Zach Allen, Defensive End (Boston College)

4th Round: Caleb Wilson, Tight End (Florida)

5th Round: Dru Samia, Offensive Guard (Oklahoma)

6th Round: Jalen Hurd, Wide Receiver (Baylor)

7th Round: Renell Wren, Defensive Tackle (Arizona State)

Keep a lookout for more offseason blueprints as we get closer to the start of the new league year!

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