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Buffalo Bills Post-Combine Mock Draft

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

The Bills are coming off their second playoff season in three years and are in the 22nd draft position. The Sean McDermott, Brandon Beane built team has been quite successful since their arrival in 2017 and have put the Bills in a very comfortable position heading into 2020. I don’t see any gaping holes on this roster, just positions that can improve. The needs that need to be addressed in the draft are WR, DL, LB, DB, RB(depth) and OL(depth). The Bills could also use more TE help, but I think they would be better off getting a veteran to progress the young ones on the team.

Round 1, Pick 22: Chase Claypool WR Notre Dame

The one thing Buffalo was clearly missing last season, was a big bodied physical receiver and a guy you can depend on every play. Claypool is the embodiment of that player. He is truly a do everything receiver and was my top performing WR at the combine, finishing 5th in the 40yrd dash(4.42), 3rd in the vertical jump(40.5”) and 5th in the bench(19reps). Not to mention, he is the best run blocking WR in this draft.

Round 2, Pick 54: Malik Harrison LB Ohio St

Malik is a very good fit here for Buffalo, who lost Lorenzo Alexander to retirement. He was a very productive player for Ohio St and should be able to step right in to Lorenzo’s spot. Harrison is also a good character fit for Buffalo, because he is a physical and versatile linebacker, as well as being a special teams star.

Round 3, Pick 86: Alton Robinson DE Syracuse

In a league always looking for more pass rushers, Robinson will be a good addition to an already very good Buffalo Bills D-Line. Still a raw talent, but would be going into a great situation for him to flourish and would make an instant impact on that team. It would really be a dream scenario for Alton, because he wouldn’t be asked to come in and be a vital piece, so he would be able to develop into a complete player.

Round 4, Pick 125: Michael Warren RB Cincinnati

Warren is considered a development project and isn’t the every down running back, but getting him in this spot will be a true steal for the Bills. I have scouted him for a couple years and the kid eats up yards every play. He would be a perfect complement to Devin Singletary and is the type of back who gets all the important gritty yards. Warren is a punishing RB and will be diamond in the rough for his team.

Round 5, Pick 156: Javelin Guidry DB Utah

Super-fast player and extremely strong for his size. He can be a very effective nickel corner at the next level, if he is in the right system and Buffalo would be great since they have one of the top secondaries in the league. He also brings a lot of value on special teams, whether it’s as a gunner or returner.

Round 5, Pick 168: Antonio Gibson Athlete Memphis,

Gibson played RB in college, but worked out with the receivers at the combine. He would be a great pick here for any team, strictly on his versatility and that’s not to mention his production. There is a lot of potential with Gibson, especially for teams looking for offensive weapons and Buffalo is a really good fit for him. I also like that he came from a good Memphis program, which is very under the radar when it comes to RBs.

Round 6, Pick 189: Khalil Davis DT Nebraska

Davis and his twin brother Carlos have been major pieces of Nebraska’s defense the past four seasons. The younger of the two, Khalil didn’t officially start until his senior year. However he contributed and improved every season, then put a great combine performance on top of it. His brother Carlos had more production, but Khalil has more upside for the NFL. In a league that is dictated by who wins the battle at the line of scrimmage, having depth is important and Davis will be a great depth player from the start. Someone you can put in for a couple plays and rely on him to not only know what he is doing, but give great effort with the ability to make plays.

Round 6, Pick 202: Thaddeus Moss TE LSU

I’m going with best available here, but still filling a need. Though I think signing a veteran TE would be the smarter move, Moss has too much value to pass up on. It’s very unfortunate for Moss that doctors found a broken bone in his foot and he couldn’t compete at the combine, because I think he was going to have a very good performance. Moss didn’t have any production until this past season and was often overlooked in that lethal LSU offense, but if you put on the tape you can see he has all the tools to be a successful NFL TE(He does a HOF pedigree). He would be able to develop and grow with Buffalo, which is what he needs and I think this would be a good marriage for both parties.

Round 6, Pick 208: Jon Runyan Jr. OL Michigan

Runyan is a really good late round pick. He will be able to play in almost every position on the line and is very smart, so won’t become overwhelmed having to learn every job. He is also a NFL O-Line legacy of his father Jon Sr., so he should be able to transition to the NFL much easier than a lot of other late round lineman. I just don’t think you can pass up on him here, he has incredible upside picking him in this position and Buffalo could use another versatile lineman.



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