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Buffalo Bills Statement Win Recap

Photo by Mark Konezny, USA Today Sports

Written by Bobby Greco

The Buffalo Bills made a statement Sunday, with a big win against the Seattle Seahawks. In a game that very few thought the Bills could win, the team came out and dominated right from the start. Buffalo had their fastest start of the season after a big kickoff return, the offense scored a touchdown in only three plays. Buffalo had been in a bit of a lull after a blazing hot 4-0 start but ended that Sunday and in every phase of the game too. Even though Seattle scored 34 points, Buffalo’s D really held the Seahawks down most of the game. The fact of the matter is, Russell Wilson and the Seattle offense might be the best in the league and eventually, they will score. Either way, the Bills took on one of the top teams in the NFL and really had their way with them, which should cause the rest of the league to take notice.

Buffalo got out to a blazing start and scored in only three plays. That turned out to be a huge point in the game, even though it was the opening drive. Not only did the score give Buffalo a lead right away, it put the Seahawks on their heels and that momentum kept up throughout the entire game. We also have to give offensive coordinator Brian Daboll a lot of credit for this win. He had a clear plan, which was to aggressively attack a weak Seattle pass defense and the gameplan worked perfectly. Outside of Josh Allen rushing seven times, Buffalo only handed the ball off 12 times. This even caught Seattle Coach Pete Carroll by surprise, as he joked after the game “We had a great plan for Buffalo rushing the ball”. This was a big game in Allen’s development because he has a couple of tough games and this was a huge response. He clearly showed command of the offense and command of his throws, completing 31-38 pass attempts for 415 yards and 3TD. He completed a pass to 8 different receivers, which to me shows a ton of comfort with the playbook and players. Rookie Gabe Davis had another good game and he is the fourth option most plays. One aspect of Sunday’s game that really excited me, was seeing the depth Buffalo has across the offensive line. They had both guards get injured during the game and were already missing center Mitch Morse, yet the offense kept rolling the whole game. This is really important to a team that wants to contend for a title because there are teams almost every year whose O-Lines cost them a chance for success.

Again I know Seattle scored 34 points, but I think the defense finally caught their stride on Sunday. Wilson and the Seahawks have arguably the best offense in the NFL and that includes the Chiefs. So the fact that Buffalo held them down for a majority of the game, is extremely impressive. Just like the offense, the Bills D had a very aggressive game plan and it worked. Russell Wilson had four turnovers in the game and that was only the second time in his entire career he has done that. The Bills were in his face the whole game sacking him 5 times and had 17 total QB knockdowns, a season-high for the whole NFL. That stat alone is remarkable, especially when you think about some of the other teams in the league… All-Pro CB Tre’Davious White got his first interception of the year and a fumble recovery, so it was nice to see him playing up to his standard again. Jordan Poyer had a huge INT in the end zone and is quietly putting together an All-Pro season. This was all refreshing to see, as Buffalo’s defense was really struggling this year and that was supposed to be the strength of the team. I am very hopeful that is going to be a turning point for them because it was a game that the outside world thought would be a rough one and instead the players had their best performance.

Buffalo plays Arizona next, so it will be another challenge for the defense and another opportunity for the offense to show off. If they win that game, they will go into the bye week feeling very good. Then they will have time to rest up and get healthy so that they can finish the march to a division championship.

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