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Buffalo Bills Week 3 Recap

Photo by Rich Barnes, USA Today Sports

Written by Bobby Greco

For the second straight week, the Bills gave up a 4th quarter lead, only to come back and win in the end. I think this was a huge win for Buffalo because the team once again picked each other up when the struggles began. Buffalo was up 28-3 when a very questionable interception turned the momentum and started the Rams comeback. It also can’t be understated that the Rams coaching staff made very effective adjustments at half time because they were a completely different team on both sides of the ball. Thankfully the Bills once again showed the character of this team, because they didn’t get down on themselves and they went on to capture another victory.

Offensively the Bills continued their hot start, as they really dominated the first half of the game. The offensive line gave Josh Allen what seemed like unlimited time in the pocket and Josh paid them back with 4 first-half TDs. The run game was working for Devin Singletary and it looked like Buffalo could do no wrong, as they built a 28-3 halftime score. Unfortunately for Buffalo, the Rams coaching staff made fantastic adjustments and it was noticeable right away. Where Josh had a lot of time in the pocket first half, LA’s D-Line got after him in the second. After a couple of stalled drives, Buffalo made what looked like a big first down, and then the refs gave the ball to LA. After reviewing the play, it seemed pretty clear that Tyler Kroft made the catch. However, the refs thought otherwise and rewarded LA with the INT(Allen’s 1st INT this year), which really turned the momentum of the game. After a couple of bad offensive services and a questionable unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, Josh started to lose his composure a bit. However, I think this game also showed his maturity, because when everything was going wrong and the Rams took the lead, Josh was able to calm himself down and go win the game on the final drive. Albeit, with a little help from a 4th down pass interference. I really thought that Devin Singletary looked really good and proved he should be a bigger part of the offense.

On the defensive side of the ball, this wasn’t the best game for them. I thought they would have a difficult time against a good Rams offense, but I am surprised how much they struggled. I think LA has a great passing attack and expected them to move the ball, but I did not think Darrell Henderson would run all over them. That was really surprising, especially with everyone healthy. The Bills are really going to need to fix this before Sunday’s game vs a very strong Raiders run game. I gave the defense the benefit of the doubt last week when they played Miami, but this is now two straight weeks they have let up 28 or more points. That’s something I don’t remember happening at all last season and the team is generally the same, so I think they just need to come together and find themselves again. I will say Buffalo had a very good free agency period because the signings they made across the D-Line have pretty much all worked out so far. As I said, the run defense needs to grow, but I like the people they have in place and think it’s only a matter of time before everyone has gelled and will start playing as expected.

One major bright spot this week was the play of TE Tyler Kroft After signing a pretty big contract last season, it was nice to see him actually give some production. With Dawson Knox being sidelined with a concussion, it would be nice to see Kroft take the reins of the position and give Buffalo another viable target. I think the team built up some more character points and I’m hoping that can continue this weekend when Buffalo visits the Las Vegas “Death Star” for the first time.

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