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Buffalo Bills Week 6 Recap

Photo by Mark Konezny, USA Today Sports

by Bobby Greco

Week 6 is in the books and Buffalo took a hard-fought loss to the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs, now putting them at 4-2. This game has me very conflicted about how I feel because the Bills played the Chiefs tight and were in a position to win it until the very end. On the flip side, there were a lot of things that left me really disappointed. I think the game plan to keep Mahomes off the field was exactly the thing to do, but they did wait too long to open up the offense. I also thought this game showed Buffalo’s deficiencies on both sides of the ball. Especially on the defensive side, there were a lot of missed opportunities and it was much too easy for KC to run the ball. For the first time in the tenure of this coaching staff, I really had to question some of the decision making.

Like I said before I think the game plan of keeping the Chiefs offense off the field, was absolutely the right idea. Where things started to fall apart was, the run game just couldn’t get going and it set up the rest of the offense for failure. I know the Bills have had a couple of injuries across the O-Line, but they have good depth so the issues rushing are pretty surprising. To be honest I think it’s the lack of a fullback that has the run game struggling. Pat Dimarco was injured during training, so the team went undrafted rookie Reggie Gillman. Unfortunately, Gillman had to make a transition from tight end to fullback and he just isn’t giving what the team needs for success. I noticed multiple times during the game, an LB would stuff a run at, or just in front of the line of scrimmage and if there was a good fullback there, those blocks would have been made. Outside of the run game, I thought Allen struggled with accuracy. It was a bad weather game though and KC has been playing great defense, so you can’t put it all on, Josh. Personally, I think he did what the game plan called for, but they got no help from the defense, and that put a lot more pressure on the offense.

Defensively for this game, I honestly don’t know where to start. I understand the thinking and even agree, it’s better to play soft than give up a big play. However, no matter how dangerous the opposing offense is, you can not play that soft for a full 60 minutes. For instance, with 4 minutes left in the game, Buffalo got to a 4th and inches situation and still had their linebackers four yards off the line of scrimmage. Stopping the Chiefs would have kept it a 6 point lead and given Buffalo the last chance to go and win the game. Herm Edwards taught us years ago that is the point of all this, “You play to win the game”! Unfortunately for this one, I feel like Buffalo focused too much on not losing and less on what needed to be done to win. This was upsetting to me because it is the first time that I really question the strategy and coaching decisions. Now let’s get to the players and the total lack of tackling. Josh Norman looked like he was still feeling Derrick Henry’s stiff arm from last week and was completely non-existent for the bulk of the game. The D-Line didn’t get enough pressure on Mahomes and the LBs were nowhere to be found in coverage. It got me thinking with Matt Milano missing another game, is the greatest cover linebacker of all-time? I mean, the defense can’t cover the middle of the field without him. I don’t know what needs to change, but the defensive line needs to get control of the line of scrimmage, otherwise, I don’t see it getting much better.

Next week we take on the 0-6 Jets, so this is a perfect time to get things going back in the right direction. This is a game for them to reset and get their mojo back. The Jets are the weakest team in the league, so Buffalo should go in and dominate them. They can go try new things, figure what works best for them and hopefully in the process get their confidence back.



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