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Buyers, Avoiders, or Sellers: NFC East

(Image credit Vincent Carchietta/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

The NFL Trade Deadline is approaching soon and this got me thinking. Who will be the teams that buy, Avoid any negotiation, or sell players during the trade deadline? In this article, I will start with the NFC East and take a look at what each team will possibly do during the trade deadline.


Dallas Cowboys - Avoiders

I don't think the Dallas Cowboys need to make a move during the Trade Deadline. They have a ton of talent on offense and while their defense is not the strongest it is still pretty good and young. They will get better and better in future games with more experience. If I were to choose a favorite to win the NFC East division today I would go with the Dallas Cowboys due to the talent that this team currently has. Now if only they can trade for a better coach in the league and get rid of Mike McCarthey I would have more confidence in the Dallas Cowboys in future performances.

New York Giants - Sellers

Let's be real Daniel Jones is not the guy for the Giants and they are not going anywhere with the current core that they have brought together this season. It also doesn't help that the Giants are dealing with a ton of injuries at the moment and since the next draft, they will have two first-round picks. It would be a good decision to sell pieces that are not going to be a part of the team long term and get some more draft capital they can use on younger players.

Players the Giants can trade away

CB Sam Beal - Remember Sam Beal he was the player who the Giants used a third-round draft pick to acquire during the Supplemental Draft. He has not worked out and has been a complete bust ever since being selected by the Giants. Mainly due to the injuries that Beal has suffered through and that he opted out of the 2020 season due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Giants have had a ton of bad luck with beal. Did you know Sam Beal currently has a cap hit of 1.1 million dollars? The Giants can easily try to market and offer Sam Beal for any value if they can. He has been inactive though so the compensation will have to be a late-round selection but it's better to get some value for Beal now before it is too late.

TE Evan Engram - This is one that a lot of fans of the team want to see happen and I don’t blame them. Evan Engram has had an issue being consistent, ball security, awareness, and dropping the football. But Even Engram was a pro bowler during the 2020 season and the Giants can get some value for him. It is clear that the Giants will most likely not resign him as he has also had durability concerns and that the team brought in Kyle Rudolph. Engram needs a change of environment especially as he is losing more confidence every day. I can see the Giants stock up on more draft capital by selling Evan Engram during the trade deadline to a Tight End Needy team.

Philadelphia Eagles - Sellers No question about what the Philadelphia Eagles will be doing during the deadline. They are in full rebuild mode right now and should sell their players for anything value if it is draft capital or younger players. It would not surprise me if the Eagles make multiple moves during the offseason to continue their rebuild.

Once again right when this line was written, news came out that the Philadelphia Eagles have traded TE Zach Ertz to the Arizona Cardinals for a 2022 5th round pick and cornerback Tay Gowen. This is the right step for the Eagles when continuing their rebuilding process. I see many more players that the Eagles will sell at the trade deadline.

Players the Eagles can trade away

WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside - Whiteside has been a complete flop for a team that spent a 2nd round pick on him. There were even rumblings that he could potentially be cut or traded at the end of the preseason. JJ is a player that I don’t see being on the Eagles for the long term and I can see the Eagles trade Arcega-Whiteside for a late-round draft pick so they can add to their draft capital.

OL Lane Johnson - Look I like Lane Johnson and I believe that he is one of the best o-lineman currently on the Philadelphia Eagles now but it is time. It is time to move on from Lane Johnson especially as he has a tremendous issue when it comes to durability. It does not help that Lane Johnson is no longer in his prime and could start to decline soon. In the last three seasons, Johnson has played a total of 22 of 38 games. He has had a ton of durability concerns with the Eagles. Ever since Johnson in 2019 signed a 4 year $72 million contract. Ever since signing that contract, it has been a total disaster. With his durability concerns his contract, he is past his prime, and Zach Ertz now traded Lane Johnson currently has the worst contract on the team. However, he can be a strong trade target for teams as when he is healthy and can be a solid offensive lineman for the team. The Eagles could use some more salary relief and trading Johnson can help that. The Eagles could also add more draft capital as well and give Andre Dillard the starting role as he has been a slow learner but has been impressive when he has played.

Washington Football Team - Buyers

I debated this one labeling Washington as either an avoider or a buyer. I have decided to have them as buyers as Washington, especially as their defense has been disappointing and if Washington wants to make the playoffs and be back-to-back division winners then they have to buy at the deadline to fix their weaknesses on offense and defense.

Positions Washington could trade for

Outside Linebacker - Excluding Jamin Davis and maybe Jon Bostic who has been okay the Linebacker core has been a mess. This team is definitely hurting from not re-signing Kevin Pierre-Louis and Shaun Dion Hamilton. It also hurt that they lost Thomas Davis to retirement and he was a good leader in the locker room. The Linebackers have had a tough time in coverage with tight ends. If Washington were to trade for a linebacker it should not be an inside linebacker as Jamin Davis and Jon Bostic are nice interior linebackers for this defense. They absolutely need to upgrade on the outside linebackers as that is a big weakness for Washington’s defense.

Cornerback - The secondary has been a big disappointment for Washington, especially the cornerback position. William Jackson's signing has not worked well at all for Washington and excluding Kendall Fuller and Kamren Curl the secondary has been brutal this season. They have been exposed in multiple games and If I am Washington they have to improve the secondary by the trade deadline. They can’t sell Jackson or Collins due to their terrible contacts and they would eat more dead money. The only way to fix it is to make trades via the deadline.

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