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Carolina Panthers Have Fired Head Coach Matt Rhule

Image Credit: (Bob Donnan/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

What a crazy few days it has been in the NFC South. First we had that horrendous roughing the passer penalty in that Falcons/Buccaneers game which helped Tampa win. Second, Atlanta made a trade giving Deion Jones to the Cleveland Browns in a Salary Dump. Now we got some more news regarding the Carolina Panthers and a bomb was dropped by Ian Rappaport where he tweeted.

An era is over for the Carolina Panthers, as Matt Rhule has finally been fired as the head coach of the Carolina Panthers. Honestly this should have happened many months ago, but when looking at the massive contract they signed him too, you can understand the organization and owner Dave Tepper’s reasoning to want to keep him. When they brought in Rhule from Baylor they agreed to a 7 year deal worth 62 million dollars. Which is very crazy and many forget that Carolina also bought Rhule out of his contract as well when he coached at Baylor.

I think it is safe to say that the Panthers regret doing this contract.Especially when looking at how much they will pay him not to coach the Carolina Panther. Just look at his buyout and all I got to say is that he is one rich guy.

While his buyout is expensive, it was inevitable that the Panthers would part ways with Matt Rhule. It was pretty much a given and universally agreed to by many that Rhule would be gone after this season. When they originally brought Rhule in, he was supposed to be the next piece of their rebuild and take this team to the next stage of their rebuild. Well turns out he just made the panthers lag in their rebuild as he could never get more then 5 wins in a season. He finishes with a 11-27 overall record as the head coach for the Panthers.

Matt Rhule was a complete flop as the head coach in Carolina. He did a poor job when developing players and did a bad job with the way the Panthers prepared for games. He ran this strange 2 to 3 QB system in the regular and preseason which never made any sense and ruined the flow of the games. Rhule threw Joe Brady under the bus with how poor this offense performed, remember that. He failed to adapt to any situation during the game as well and did not do a great job maintaining the culture of the locker room. He did not come across well media wise and even at one point compared him to Jay-Z which was very strange. He also had way too much power as well in the organization.

Apparently there is something going around where Matt Rhule apparently had full control regarding the creative side of things via social media, and etc. Which, I have never heard of a coach being involved with that or if it is, then this is the first I am hearing of it as a thing in the NFL. However it looks like it is true regarding that as according to Dan Goldfarb who use to work as the Graphic Designer for the Carolina Panthers he tweeted…

Matt Rhule is just another name on a long list of failed college football coaches who could not translate in the NFL. Which is a shame as a Jets fan including myself wanted Rhule to coach the team. Rhue was one of the 4 coaches I wanted the Jets to hire when Todd Bowles got fired. If you want to know, the other coaches were Mike McCarthy, Dan Campbell and Jim Caldwell. Unfortunately the Jets decided to hire Adam Gase to coach and it was a predictable disaster.

As for what happens to Rhule now, I think he will definitely coach again, but likely will return to coach in the NCAA. I don’t think he will be quick to find a position as keep in mind he is getting 40 million dollars with his buyout in Carolina. It will not be shocking if he has a year break from coaching, but that will depend on what Rhule wants to do next. I do wish him luck for whatever he does next whether it is becoming an analyst or returning as a coach in the NCAA..

Who will be the Interim Coach?

So with Rhule gone it looks like Steve Wilks will take over as the interim head coaching job, which is a smart move. Not only does it show the loyalty factor with his many years being a part of that organization, but he has experience as the head coach. Remember when he coached Arizona the one year Josh Rosen was the QB, well he was one and done after that year. I hope the Panthers succeed this season, but with Rhule gone it looks like it will be another long season for the Carolina Panthers this year.


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