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CB — Carlton Davis 7.24

Scout- Jason Feiner

College: Auburn

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 206

40-Time: 4.53

Vertical: 34.0

Bench Press: 16

Athleticism: 7.30

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 7.50 Davis has very quick feet and excellent body control. He has fluid hips with the ability to stcik with receivers in man coverage. He can lose his footing and leverage due to his balance and upright play style. He has the ability to planbt his foot in the ground and change direction mirroring the receiver.  Flexibility 7.00 He possesses good knee bend and uses excellent pad level in contact. Davis plays upright in space and will need to gain better positioning and form when in coverage.  Deep Speed 7.50 Davis possess excellent make up speed and can match receivers deep. He can catch up to a receiver or break on a route in zone. He is a big-bodied corner with excellent speed to match receivers.  Explosion 8.00 Davis is an incredibly explsoive player with the ability to mirror receivers in man coverage, jump routes in zone, or drive through ball carriers.  Coordination 6.50 Davis is an athletic player, but he can occasionally lose his balace and get lost in coverage, often losing leverage and positioning.

Coverage Ability: 7.00

Man Press 7.50 Utilizing his outstanding size and length, he possesses the talent to jam receivers at the line and disrupt their route. David has the athleticism to stay with his assignment and the speed to close separation. Davis’ long wingspan gives him the ability to jam and blanket receivers. He can be caught off guard and beaten when the receiver uses a head fake at the line.  Man Off 6.50 He has the athleticism to stay on the hip of his assignment, but he can occasionally get lost in coverage. Davis is a long rangy conrer with great coverage ability. Transitions are spotty, and he can stumble in his backpedal losing balance. Davis can get confused by compex routes and lose positioning on the play.  Zone 6.50 Davis is an athletic corner with the ability to jump routes, but he doesn’t always read a route and can be late to the point of attack.  Hand Fighting 8.00 He is a dominant hand fighter and can use his length to disrupt routes. He has great play strength and the size to cause fits for receivers. He is very grabby and has been flagged for penalties numerous times. He is a physical player, but he will need to refrain from holding jerseys.  Hips/Turn Ability 6.50 He is a fluid player with the athleticism to open his hips and run with a receiver. He can stumble out of his backpedal and lose balance.

Play Making: 6.83

Closing Quickness 7.00 He can jump routes that cross his face, but he can be late to the point of attack in zone coverage. He effectively utilizes his length to get his hands on the ball and break it up.  Ball skills 7.00 He only secured one interception on 10 pass breakups this past season. He has good ball skills, but his lack of intercpetions is concerning. His lone interception came off of a tip drill where Davis dove to complete the catch.  Route/play Diagnosis 6.50 He can get confused on complex routes, but has the length and athleticism to break on the ball.

Run Support: 7.17

Quickness Upfield 8.00 Davis is an explosive player who loves to help in the run game. He is extremely quick upfield showing good change of direction planting his foot and driving toward the ball. Davis doesn’t show any hesitation and acts on impulse when he sees a ball carrier.  Fight Through Blocks 6.50 Davis can get locked up on blocks. Although he is a long physical corner he has trouble gaining seperation against bigger athletes, and can be knocked out of the play once they gain leverage. He can extend his arms before they lock onto him to avoid the blocker.  Tackling 7.00 He is a physical player who loves contact. Davis can explode through ball carriers, but he tends to lead with his shoulder and can miss the tackle.

Competitiveness: 7.67

Toughness 8.00 He is an extremely tough player with a great build. He has outstanding size and play strength that defensive coordinators covet. He is above the average size for NFL corners and will be a physical presence on any defense. He has no injury concerns going into the next level. He showed toughness as a sophomore playing through nagging injuries.  Production 8.00 Davis has been extremely productive throughout his collegiate career. He was a first team All-SEC pick in 2017 and has been a core contributor of Auburn's defense since his freshman campaign.  Consistency/Motor 7.00 He is a very consistent player who plays hard on each snap. Davis is a reliable teammate who can be counted on in coverage and to be a dominant presence in the run game.

Intelligence: 7.50

Instincts 7.50 He is an instinctive player that can play on field awareness in the run game and has the knowledge to play high or low side of the route and attacks the throw with relentless timing and aggression.  Learn/Retain 7.50 He is a smart player who has contributed in Auburns defnesive system since his true freshman season. He has a high football IQ, but he will need to develop patience and refrain from grabbing receivers.  Teamwork 7.50 He has a great motor and will give his all on each play. He is a leader on the defense and an all around team player. He plays with confidence on each snap.


Carlton Davis is a tall big-bodied and athletic prospect who excels with a physical play style in press coverage. He is longer than the average NFL corner with arms that can provide a disruptive force against receivers at the line of scrimmage. Davis is an athletic prospect with quick feet and good body control. He possesses the long speed to mirror defenders in routes that range the field. He utilizes his wingspan to jam and blanket wideouts effectively. He is a physical presence that can dominate and bully receivers to the boundary disrupting their route and causing a disturbance in their timing. Davis is very aware when the receiver breaks, always searching for on coming passes. He possesses excellent ball skills breaking up double digit passes in each the past three seasons. He is an extremely physical player who can pry the ball out of his assignments arms. He has outstanding range and can climb the ladder to contest throws. He is a physical presence in the run game and has an urgency to defend the run. He can explode through the tackle, and utilizes and explosive first step in run support.


Although he is an athletic defender, he struggles in off coverage becoming unbalanced out of his backpedal. He can get lost in coverage and his transitions are spotty, and he can get out of position losing leverage as he tries to read the route. Complex routes confuse and he can be late to the point of attack in zone coverage. Davis struggles when he is tasked with mirroring defenders out of his backpedal. He is better suited for press coverage so he can utilize his size and play strength. Davis will have to change his play style, as he is extremely grabby, and was penalized numerous times throughout his collegiate career. He is physical and can be caught grabbing and pulling when he gets beat off the line. He totaled 6 pass interference penalties in 2017. He has the athleticism to jump passes; however, the angles he takes can leave the defense open to big plays if he were to miss. Although he has good ball skills, Davis hands are in question, as he only recorded one interception throughout 2017 while recording 10 pass breakups. He needs to adjust the angles he takes in run support. Davis is a very physical player and can dominate a ball carrier, but he tends to miss the runner completely. He often leads with his shoulder and could use better technique in the run game.


Davis’ combination of height, weight, athleticism and physicality give him the potential to become a cog in a defensive scheme at the next level. He possesses the necessary play strength to give fits to receivers when in press coverage. He can struggle in off man and zone coverage, as he isn’t as technically sound in his backpedal as smaller corners. Davis has trouble mirroring routes in space, but his length and recovery speed allow him to make plays on the ball despite his limited coordination. Davis will be a stud if he is allowed to stay in press coverage utilizing his physical play style. Davis plays with confidence and has the potential to be a pro-bowl corner early in his career. He will be a starter from day 1.



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