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CB — Josh Jackson 7.37

Scout- Jack Bourgeois

College: Iowa

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 195

40-Time: 4.56

Veridical: 38.0

3 Cone: 6.86

Athleticism: 8.10

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 7.50 Decent footwork, very quick getting in and out of breaks but has trouble with COD east to west.  Flexibility 7.50 Tight hips and long stride hinder him at times against strong route runners.  Deep Speed 9.00 Extremely fast, doesn’t get beat over the top whether in man or zone coverage.  Explosion 8.00 Brakes hard and fast on the ball once the ball is in the air but lacks the same burst against the run.  Coordination 8.50 His hand and eye coordination are top notch, Josh’s body control also allows him to adjust and attack the ball without losing speed and acceleration.

Coverage Ability: 7.80

Man Press 8.00 Jackson’s not a physical corner by any means, he isn’t going to jam a WR at the LOS but can play up tight and go step for step with any WR lined up across from him.  Man Off 9.00 He played a majority of his career in off man cover 3, his strong point is reading the QB, breaking on the ball and jump the route. Insane athleticism to close the distance while locating the ball.  Zone 8.50 Very strong zone coverage skills, doesn’t get beat over the top and will succeed in a zone heavy D.  Hand Fighting 6.00 Josh rarely hand fights, it’s not his game. He’s a finess corner who’d rather shadow his man than run the WR off the route.  Hips/Turn Ability 7.50 Tight hips and long stride hinder him at times against strong route runners and lateral movement.

Play Making: 8.83

Closing Quickness 8.50 Jackson flashes on film once the ball is thrown, he’s got insane closing speed and is constantly breaking on routes that aren’t his responsibility.  Ball skills 9.00 A true BALLHAWK!!! Team’s game planned their offense opposite of his side. High points ball with his huge vertical, great timing and last second adjustment once the ball is tipped.  Route/play Diagnosis 7.50 Even when in man, he’s constantly reading the QB’s eyes and will run the route as if he’s the WR and breaks on the ball better than anyone in CFB.

Run Support: 4.33

Quickness Upfield 5.00 Shows zero form of aggression against the run, his explosion and burst completely disappear once the ball is in the hands of a RB.  Fight Through Blocks 4.00 Can’t disengage to save his life, he’s a liability against outside run plays and will be exploited at the next level.  Tackling 4.00 Josh’s worst attribute is his tackling or lack thereof, he is an at best arm tackler/ankle taker who would rather go for the strip than sacrifice his body. Makes multiple business decisions per game.

Competitiveness: 7.83

Toughness 6.50 Lacks intensity, aggression, and toughness but has stayed healthy throughout his college career.  Production 9.00 Extremely productive in coverage in his 1st year as a starter, lead CFB with 8 INT’s in 2017.  Consistency/Motor 8.00 Consistently great against the pass, equally bad verse the run. High motor player with 4+ quarter endurance.

Intelligence: 7.83

Instincts 8.00 Looks very natural in coverage, has an ability to read the offense and a WR’s route like the back of his hand. His ball awareness and locating skills are uncanny  Learn/Retain 7.50 Has to learn to tackle yet but understands coverage combo’s and offensive skills very well.  Teamwork 8.00 Good team player and attitude towards the game.


Jackson’s a great combo of size, speed, and athleticism. He’s the definition of a ballhawk who has an incredible nose for the ball and is always in the right place at the right time to create a turn over. He possesses elite deep and recovery speed, his ability to read the route and break on the ball is unmatched in CFB.


Josh Jackson is a finesse player, who isn’t going to wow you with his run support. He can’t disengage against blockers and is often taken completely out of run plays to his side. He rarely gives up completions but when he does lose in coverage, it’s to crisp route runners who can cut and go horizontally on a dime.


The fact that Josh only has one year as a starter should worry some franchises but he was the most productive cover corner in the game in 2017. He’s got all the intangibles, the length, speed, and agility, but could improve his slender frame to help against the bigger, stronger, faster NFL. As talented as Josh Jackson is in coverage, he’s definitely a scheme fit player that will require a team to not ask much of him in at the LOS. He’ll immediately make an impact to any secondary and has potential to be a #1 day one corner his rookie season. I have Josh Jackson as a mid 1st to 2nd round player because team’s that require their DB’s to play a more physical style will most likely pass on him, making his market smaller than believed to be.



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