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DE — Arden Key 7.06

Scout — Collyn Foster

College: LSU

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 235 lbs

40-Time: N/A

Bench Press: N/A

Arm Length: 33 1/3

Athleticism: 7.7

Q.A.B. / C.O.D. 8.00 Very quick first step, and is a lightning bolt off the edge, has very good bend when he decides to run the ring. Flexibility 6.50 Does not show it often but has the bend and speed to be a dominant speed rusher around the edge.  Explosiveness 9.00 His very quick first step is followed by quickness and speed to run all over the field.  Playing Speed 7.50 Fast player, who plays fast when he needs too, but needs to have a more consistent motor.  Coordination 7.5o Well Balanced and doesn’t often get knocked down by pulling linemen, crack backs, cut blocks, etc.

Pass Rush Ability: 7.35

Initial Quickness 9.25 First step is lightning quick and his quick feet and length keep him in almost every play.  Use of Hands 6.50 Good punch, can work on using hands better for fighting, very long arms help him grab and rip around defenders.  Leverage 7.00 At 6’6” getting leverage on a OT is harder than someone smaller, but he uses his length and speed very well to gain the upper hand when rushing the passer.  Pass Rush Moves 8.50 Tends to use the rip as his main move, doesn’t show much else, occasional spin move but his speed and length make him a physical force.  Finish Ability 5.50 Inconsistent finisher, tends to look lost and get lost in the shuffle of a play.

Competes: 7.0

Toughness 7.50 Missed a few games early in 2017 due to a shoulder injury, and according to LSU played through many injuries throughout 2017.  Consistency/Motor 5.50 Seems to play uninterested at times, especially in the run game. Some plays he looks like a top 5 talent and others he looks like just another guy on the field.  Production 8.00 Saw a dip in production in 2017 after a stellar 2016 season where he accumulated 12.0 sacks and 3 forced fumbles.

Against The Run 6.75

Play with Leverage 7.50 Punches the blocker and diagnoses the play before making a move, patient, but often get blocked out of the equation.  Stack and Shed 7.00 Uses his long arms very effectively to diagnose the play and makes his move after seeing where the ball is going.  Gap Shooting Ability 7.50 He will guess on which gap to shoot and when he’s right, watch out, but when he’s wrong, don’t worry about him, hell get lost in the shuffle.  Run at Him 6.50 Running at him is a risk that pays off for the most part, he plays pulling blockers very well, keeping his outside arm free, but is ultimately washed out by the blocker.  Run Away 4.50 YES, run everything you can away from him and stick your TE on him and don’t worry about him. He won’t chase down the line  Tackling/Hitting 7.50 He did not drop back in coverage that often at LSU but when he did, he was an effective tackler, nothing spectacular but he got the job done.

Intelligence: 6.5

Instincts 7.50 Has raw athleticism and instincts, he knows when to rush the passer and when to pursue a run play, he will take plays off.  Learn/Retain 5.00 After watching multiple games from 2017 and a few from 2016, I prefer the Arden Key from 2016 to the 2017 Arden Key, he seems to have lost interest and has taken a step back.  Teamwork 7.00 Very good stunt player, he often flushes runners or passers out to his teammates and allows them to come up and make the play if he cant do so himself.


Key is an athletic, long, and physical prospect who’s potential is through the roof. When he plays well, he is nearly impossible to stop. With his physical style of play, he makes his presence felt early and often. He has the tools to become one of the NFL’s premier pass rushers.


Key’s main concern is his off the field issues, he has a lot of questions about his commitment to football after taking a leave from the LSU football team and also injury concerns. His problems extend to the field as well. I noticed when watching film he had a lack of pass rush moves and at times his motor.


I look for Key to be one of the best prospects in this draft and to dominate at the Combine. He is a physical and athletic freak who makes his presence felt. He has a few things he needs to work on if he wants to become an elite pass rusher and could be the reason he may be a bust. When watching film I observed that he needs to develop his pass rush moves, especially a second or counter move. I think if he puts his commitment concerns and other off the field issues to rest and develops under the right coaching, he can be an elite player in this league. When teams look at Key, they will have to weigh the benefits of his on the field play to his off the field concerns.



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