DE — Bradley Chubb 8.30

Scout- Jack Bourgeois

College: NC State

Height: 6'5

Weight: 275 lbs

40-Time: 4.65

Bench Press: 24

Arm Length: 34"

Athleticism: 7.60

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 7.50 Great athleticism especially for his size, moves well in space, agile enough to cover TE’s and RB’s.  Flexibility 6.00 Average flexibility, relies more on power and speed off the edge than bending the corner or getting low due to his and natural talents.  Explosiveness 8.50 Extremely fast first step, explodes through the line and lead blockers, constantly makes plays off the snap of the ball, flying by OL before then get out of their stance.  Playing Speed 7.00 More quick than fast but has some speed especially for his size. Often chases RB’s down the LOS and makes tackles on opposite side of field.  Coordination 9.00 Technically sound in almost every aspect of the position. Has slight room for improvement in footwork and keeping his feet underneath him.

Pass Rush Ability 8.00

Initial Quickness 9.00 One of the fastest 1st steps/get off in CFB. Typically beats OL with initial quickness and finishes with powering through the rest of the block, at times loses speed in 4th. Use of Hands 8.50 Very powerful punch, uses arm length to keep separation, aggressive hand fighter, could slightly improve disengagement when tied up.  Leverage 6.50 Uses his initial punch to get offensive lineman off balance.  Pass Rush Moves 8.00 Has the best inside move in the draft, his speed off the edge makes OL eager to beat him to the corner, allowing for the inside move to be so effective. Impressive bullrush but his spin move needs work . Finish Ability 8.00 Even with teams constantly double teaming and scheming plays away from his side, he’s still been one of the most productive pass rusher/run stoppers in CFB.

Competitiveness 8.67

Toughness 9.00 Played through several injuries, from dislocations to sprainsever shy’s from contact. Played 502 of 574 possible plays in 2017.  Consistency/Motor 8.00 Consistently a factor throughout the game, has a decent motor but tends to tire out late in the game due to his large role in coverage and being moved all over the field. Production 9.00 Although teams game plan to eliminate Chubb every week from bootlegs, runs, playaction, everything is geared to run opposite of him, yet he still has an incredible statline. making plays in coverage, as well as a pass rusher and run defender.

Against The Run 8.42

Play with Leverage 7.50 Relies more on power, speed, and hand fighting than leverage. Doesn’t typically get underneath the blockers due to being 6'5 but drives once he has them off balance  Stack and Shed 7.50 Does a good job maintaining distance with his long arms before shedding blockers, he’s rarely moved backwards and typically takes a double team to stop him from disengaging to make the tackle  Gap Shooting Ability 9.00 His biggest asset is his ability to beat the OL to the gap. A lot of his production comes from plays where he was barely touched due to his fast get off Run at Him 9.00 He’s such a force teams will game play to run the opposite direction of Chubb, he’s almost never pushed off the line and keeps outside containment. Run Away 8.50 Plays a huge role in backside containment, always making plays on the opposite side of the field as well as down field  Tackling/Hitting 9.00 Rarely misses a tackle, has some highlight real hitting skills. An old school style thumper with rare athleticism.

Intelligence: 8.83

Instincts 8.50 Natural football instincts, always blowing up option plays to his side. Sniffs out screens, counters and reverses very well  Learn/Retain 9.00 NC State asked a lot from Bradley, from covering running backs in man coverage from a 4 point stance DE position on the opposite side, to playing middle linebacker, blitzing, and playing zone coverage.  Teamwork 9.00 2 year team captain, a true grinder that leads by example with hard work and production.


Chubb’s versatility is what makes him such a great prospects, he’s a dominate run defender and premier pass rusher who can transfer speed to power in an instant. His strengths outside of his pure athleticism, include an explosive 1st step, powerful rip move, and his inside move terrorizes both left and right tackles.


It’s hard to truly call anything Bradley does as a weakness, he’s as well rounded of a player as they come. He definitely has room to grow in his pass rushing repertoire, his spin move and bend on the corner could certainly get better. Possibly his cardio too, though he was asked to do so much for NC State, I doubt he’ll be used in the same manner but was noticeably slower towards the end of games.


Bradley Chubb is an athletic monster of a DE/OLB that can play all three downs, he can stop the run, rush the passer, and can cover TE/RB’s in space. That’s something you typically don’t find in a player 6'5 275, his ability to do it all makes him a solid top 5 pick, preferably in a 4–3 system, but Chubb would thrive in any defense.

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