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DE — Chad Thomas 7.14

Scout- Jason Feiner

College: Miami

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 281 lbs

40-Time: 4.92

Bench Press:

Arm Length: 33 1/2"

Athleticism: 7.20

Q.A.B. / C.O.D. 7.00 Thomas possesses quick feet and excellent balance. He has impressive agility and effectively utilizes it in his twists. He is a fluid mover and can change direction with ease. Once he senses a gap on either the inside or out he will plant his foot and bend through the gap.  Flexibility 7.50 Thomas plays with good pad level at the point of attack consistently keeping his knees bent. Thomas can occasionally get stood up upon first contact, but he has the ability to keep the leverage favoring him by utilizing an effective punch and his lanky arms.  Explosiveness 7.50 Thomas has the ability to burst out of his stance and glide off the line. He displays a quick and powerful first step toward the line.  Playing Speed 7.00 Thomas has excellent playing speed and carries his weight very well. He can out speed and maneuver the lineman and catch backs from behind.  Coordination 7.00 Thomas is an athletic player with the ability to bend and close on ball carriers. He has impressive burst of closing out QBs and RIBs when he locks them in.

Pass Rush Ability 6.90

Initial Quickness 8.00 Thomas is an explosive player with an excellent first step. He has the ability to glide off the line displaying an quick get-off. As fluid as Thomas is, he tends to kick his back foot out before exploding off the line delaying his motion.  Use of Hands 6.00 He utilizes his length to lock out tackles; however, he hasn’t figured out how to effectively use his hands to his full advantage yet.  Leverage 8.50 Thomas plays with excellent pad level, and he possesses a low center of gravity. His long arms help to keep tackles form locking in on him.  Pass Rush Moves 6.00 Thomas can bend effectively, but outside of his rips and bull rush, Thomas is lacking in the move department.  Finish Ability 6.00 Thomas has an impressive ability to finish once he closes in on the quarterback. He has displayed an impressive closing ability, but struggles to actually bring the player to the ground. On runs to his side, he tends to stop once the runner gets by him, as if the play has ended.

Competes: 7.00

Toughness 8.50 Thomas has a perfect combination of power, speed and size. He possesses prototypical size for an edge rusher with a well proportioned and athletic frame. he has the ability to keep adding muscle. He has no injury concerns entering the next level.  Consistency/Motor 6.50 Thomas plays hard on every snap while playing the game, and he is a very consistent player, but scouts and teams question his mindset off the field. Thomas is am up and coming musician. He is a very successful and it seems to be occupying a lot of his time. To be successful football is a full time job, all year round. His mind may not just be in football though.  Production 6.00 He has been a staple defensive player throughout his career, but despite his athletic ability and frame he has not been extremely productive throughout his career posting a total of 99 tackles and 9 sacks over four seasons. He needs to keep his mind on football and accumulate more sacks and pressures.

Against The Run: 7.25

Play with Leverage 7.00 Thomas plays with excellent leverage in run support and can utilize his length in order to survey the field for the ball. His primary role in Miami’s system is a pass rusher, so he still has areas to grow when looking for the ball carrier. He needs to work on hi splay recognition.  Stack and Shed 8.00 Thomas has displayed an effective rip move to get free of blocker and make plays on the ball carrier. he also uses his length nicely to attain more separation from the blocker.  Gap Shooting Ability 8.50 Thomas has great burst and can explode through the gaps to blow up a play. He tends to over run plays and guess when he sees a gap open.  Run at Him 6.50 Thomas tends to over run or stop when a back has run to his side. He uses his length effectively to pull down backs and to shield the edge.  Run Away 7.00 Thomas is a relentless player and has displayed the drive to follow backs across the field to make plays on the ball. It contradicts what he does when the play is run to his side.  Tackling/Hitting 6.50 Thomas is a big and powerful athlete, but he has trouble with his technique and often fails to wrap the ball carrier.

Intelligence: 7.33

Instincts 5.50 Thomas needs to develop better play recognition and survey the field to be a complete defender at the next level.  Learn/Retain 8.50 He is a smart and versatile player that has the ability to play on the edge with his hand in the dirt as a stand up 3–4 outside linebacker or work inside on some passing situations.  Teamwork 8.00 Although Thomas’ head may not always be on football, he doesn’t let his music come in between his work on and off the field. He is a humble leader on the Hurricanes and works hard every day. He has the drive to succeed at the next level. he does whatever his coaches ask.


Thomas possesses an outstanding combination of size, strength, speed and athleticism. He has an athletic body type with a chiseled frame with the ability to keep adding muscle mass. He has the talenty and body type to play in an odd or even front as an edge defender or as an interior pass rusher. His versatility to play inside outside and standing will make him a swiss army knife for any defensive coordinator. He has the ability to convert his speed to power and bend the edge. He has impressive agility and effectively utilizes it in his twists. He is a fluid mover and can change direction with ease. His smooth lateral movement gives him the ability to shadow backs and chase them down from behind. He is a rangy athlete that will chase a ball carrier across the field to deliver a violent blow. He plays with outstanding leverage and flexibility displaying a nice wide base at the point of attack. Thomas Possesses excellent burst to close out quarterbacks and running backs when he locks them in. His ability to bend inside or around the outside of the tackle is extremely impressive.


Thomas depends on his athletic ability to get by and his loose hips and upper body go wasted. He lacks instincts, plays with too much wasted motion, and is a liability in the run game. Thomas struggles to diagnose plays on the field and was primarily used as a pass rusher for his tenure with the Hurricanes. He has yet to figure out how to use his hands and can get bullied because of it. The Miami product Leads with his body and is repeatedly punched and knocked off his path because of it. His inability to soften the outside edge makes trimming the edge and flattening to the quarterback more challenging.


Thomas is an athletic player with the ability to bend and close on ball carriers. He has impressive burst of closing out QBs and RBs when he locks them in. He possesses all the physical tools to be a dominant edge rusher in a 4–3 defensive system with the capability to drop into coverage when needed. His production was limited in college and his grade is focused toward his overall potential. He is versatile having the ability play across the line moving inside and out in odd and even fronts. Teams will have to be weary regarding his music career, as they will need to determine how much of a distraction it will end up being. If he is fully invested, Thomas has the potential to be a game changing defensive lineman at the next level.

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