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DE — Harold Landry 7.31

Scout- Ashton Moore

College: Boston College

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 230 lbs

40-Time: 4.64

Bench Press: 24

Arm Length: 32 7/8

Athleticism: 7.22

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 7.15 Very solid quickness and can change direction easily as he clears the LOS and needs to wrap up the runner  Flexibility 7.65 Uses his bend routinely in his rushes and knows how to utilize his body to get around blocks.  Explosiveness 7.50 Gets off the ball very quickly, has garnered Dee Ford comparisons due to his explosion.  Playing Speed 7.10 Good motor and has a very good 1st and 2nd gear that wreaks havoc in the backfield for both QBs and RBs. Coordination 6.70 Has long arms and somewhat lean frame and knows how to use it effectively.

Pass Rush Ability: 7.23

Initial Quickness 7.30 Very quick first step and explodes off the line.  Use of Hands 7.15 Effectively uses his hands to put himself in a good position to win. Leverage 7.35 Has several moves and routinely uses an effective bend in his repertoire. Pass Rush Moves 7.15 Has a number of moves, but don’t feel he’s mastered any of them. Potential to grow in this aspect.  Finish Ability 7.20 Makes tackle in backfield or even down field. Hits hard if given an open shot.

Competes: 7.30

Toughness 7.00 Dealt with an ankle injury last five games this past season.  Consistency/Motor 7.40 Plays with a leader-like mentality, not someone you will need to worry about with effort. Production 7.50 Led FBS in sacks his Junior year.

Against The Run: 7.21

Play with Leverage 7.20 Knows how to use his stature and flexibility to effectively take on a pulling guard or keep the edge against the run. Stack and Shed 7.00 Can shed his defender or bull rush the defender into backfield, should work on this. Gap Shooting Ability 7.75 Very quick to shoot the gap, can make split second decision as he is diagnosing play.  Run at Him 7.40 Blocked or running free he will typically get into the back field and make the play on the ball.  Run Away 7.00 His speed isn’t overly apparent, but has shown the ability to get to the ball opposite side of the field.  Tackling/Hitting 6.90 Has shown multiple instances of laying the boom, as well as wrapping up effectively when needed.

Intelligence: 7.60

Instincts 7.50 Good instincts and very quick decision maker. Learn/Retain 7.30 Plays both sides of the defense, no reports of intelligence. problems. Teamwork 8.00 Team player, seemed to take the role on as defensive captain.


May have one of the highest floors in the draft, has all the tools already to play in the league for a while. Really strong get off and bend to get past the edge. Uses hands and long arms well, but still has room to grow in this area. Stacks the edge well consistently with functional strength, but would benefit from gaining size and weight. Smart player, knows how to play the game well and correctly. Wraps and tackles well, and also capable of laying someone out. Strong motor that is never out of the play. Shows good leverage, just needs some coaching to use it every play. Very good spatial awareness.


Not near as comfortable in coverage as he is moving forward or sideways. Could use 10–15 more pounds. Tackling consistency could be improved. Needs coaching on his pass rush moves, but he has shown the ability to use most the moves that he could be asked to use. Needs to consistently utilize his long arms to help keep distance from OL. Needs to increase upper body strength.


Harold Landry will be selected in the first two hours of the NFL Draft and make that team happy for the next decade. While Landry’s pass rushing is effective, technical, and consistent enough as is to have him warrant a first round pick, the fact that his run defense is not far behind is a sufficient enough precursor to expect his name to be called in the first half of the the first round. Very foundational strong and plays with a controlled tenacity. Has a lot of tools you like as a 3–4 OLB, and if he lands in a well coached situation, I feel he will be an impact player year 1. Shows very good get-off as well as flexibility to utilize a useful bend. Interested to see how he tests.

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