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DE — Ogbonnia Okoronkwo 6.81

Scout- Ryan Goudy

College: Oklahoma

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 242 lbs

40-Time: 4.77

Bench Press: 27

Arm Length: 33 3/4

Athleticism: 6.65

Q.A.B. / C.O.D. 6.50 Average athlete, not going to wow you.  Flexibility 6.00 Doesn’t bend the edge, stiff in the hips. Explosiveness 7.25 Has a quick first step, doesn’t carry the explosiveness.  Playing Speed 7.00 Plays at a good speed, not quicker than times. Coordination 6.50 Uses hesitation, not synced with his hands.

Pass Rush Ability 6.75

Initial Quickness 7.25 Good first step to get an advantage.  Use of Hands 6.25 Bad technique, more of a slap then a calculated move.  Leverage 6.50 Average leverage, doesn’t get blown off the ball.  Pass Rush Moves 6.75 Has a good hesitation move, really only plays with speed. Finish Ability 7.00 Finished when he gets to the QB (8.0 Sacks)

Competes: 7.17

Toughness 7.00 Plays tougher than his size would indicate.  Consistency/Motor 7.00 Shows some inconsistency, usually pretty good motor.  Production 7.50 Good production, growth all 4 years.

Against The Run 6.79

Play with Leverage 6.50 Not a great edge setter, does a decent job at not getting blown backward  Stack and Shed 6.75 Gets off blocks quick, able to pursue  Gap Shooting Ability 6.75 Good at timing gaps, including weakside  Run at Him 6.50 Doesnt set a firm edge, does well to disengage and make a play  Run Away 6.75 Can run a zone play down from behind  Tackling/Hitting 7.50 Doesn’t miss very many tackles

Intelligence: 6.67

Instincts 6.50 Instincts are average, better as a pass rusher than against the run. Learn/Retain 6.75 Got better every year. Teamwork 6.75


Ogbonnia is a player that wins with his effort. He does a good job to play with a high motor. Has a good first step, then can win around the outside or hesitation move and cut inside. He does a good job at finishing tackles when he makes contact.


Okoronkwo is an average athlete, wont wow you athletically. He is undersized, and does not have great technique. He has stiff hips, which sometimes makes him play to high. He takes a false step sometimes when he is setting up moves.


Okoronkwo has a place in the league as a situational pass rusher. With his motor, he could also contribute on special teams. He is far from a finished product, and is sloppy in his technique. Needs to become more intune with his hands. Because he is far from a finished product, look for Okoronkwo to be selected early on day three.

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