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DE — Sam Hubbard 7.26

Scout- Jason Feiner

College: Ohio State

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 265 lbs

40-Time: N/A

Bench Press: N/A

Arm Length: 33 1/8"

Athleticism: 6.70

Q.A.B. / C.O.D. 6.50 Hubbard isn’t the quickest player, but he has good body control and excellent bend ability. He can punch to release from a block allowing him to bend around the defender and pressure the quarterback. He has the power to plant his foot and drive up field after gaining separation from the Oline.  Flexibility 7.50 He maintains excellent pad level out of his stance and keeps his knees bent throughout the duration of the play. Once in contact, he tends to lift his pad level slightly which can cause him to lose leverage. He possesses good bend at the point of attack.  Explosiveness 5.50 Hubbard is a smooth pass rusher who comes out of his stance quickly, but he lacks explosion and relies on technique rather than strength or explosive speed. He is of a relentless force rather than a twitchy athlete.  Playing Speed 6.00 He doesn’t achieve wins based on his playing speed and his pursuit speed is limited; however, Hubbard is relentless and his motor takes him further down the field to make plays where other DE’s would quit.  Coordination 8.00 He plays with great pad level and attacks with a wide base. He has great body control and excellent balance. He can sink his hips and wrap around a blocker with the ability to move inside or out. He can lose leverage once in contact, as he occasionally rises in pad level.

Pass Rush Ability 7.00

Initial Quickness 6.50 Hubbard has a good get off, and a good first step. He has an average burst out of his stance and he has a below average conversion from his speed to power.  Use of Hands 8.50 One of the best parts of his game, as he uses his hands exceptionally well as a pass rusher. He has the capability to punch a blocker multiple times to avoid the tackle from gaining a lock on him.  Leverage 7.50 He plays with great leverage as a pass rusher. His punches give him separation and his pad level and wide base give him better positioning when compared to the tackle. Once a tackle is locked however, Hubbard tends to rise and can lose leverage falling over in the process.  Pass Rush Moves 6.00 He shows tackles a hard charge before spinning back inside, but Hubbard lacks and arsenal of pass rush moves and doesn’t possess the strongest bull rush either. He tends to bend and loop his way to the quarterback. Finish Ability 6.50 He tends to be tight when attempting to corner and finish as a pass rusher. His relentlessness helps him finish and he rarely misses the tackle, but he can over pursue and run by the quarterback occasionally.

Competes: 7.67

Toughness 7.00 Hubbard needs to add strength to be a consistent presence in the offenses backfield. He has good size but adding a little more bulk wouldn’t hurt. He has no injury concerns heading into the NFL.  Consistency/Motor 9.00 He is a relentless athlete that will often finish plays that most players would quit on. He travels around the field to attempt to make a play and never takes a snap off.  Production 7.00 Hubbard has been a very productive player throughout his career. He played exceptionally well in place of the Suspended Joey Bosa back in 2015, and he relished in the opportunity to become a full time starter once Bosa was taken with the number 3 overall pick in 2016.

Against The Run 7.25

Play with Leverage 7.50 Hubbard attacks with square pads and a balanced base. He is a very instinctive player with great awareness. He can diagnose play action and uses extended arms to keep blockers from engaging.  Stack and Shed 8.00 He is capable of punching the lineman repeatedly to dislodge the contact and can peel away from the block with his long arms. He has below average pursuit speed but his instinct and length allow him to set the edge in the run game.  Gap Shooting Ability 6.50 He has a good first step and can get up the field, but he is not an explosive player and does not shoot gaps very fast.  Run at Him 7.00 He uses his length to get off blocks and utilizes an ferocious spin move back inside at the point of attack after bull rushing a tackle.  Run Away 7.00 He is relentless and doesn’t quit on any play until the ball carrier is on the ground.  Tackling/Hitting 7.50 He can flatten ball carriers near him. He consistently wraps and rolls the ball carrier to the ground. Hubbard occasionally over runs the ball and struggles in pursuit.

Intelligence: 7.67

Instincts 8.00 He is possesses a high football IQ and is very aware. He diagnoses plays well, and flows to the ball. He can read play action quickly.  Learn/Retain 7.00 He is a smart player with the ability to learn quickly; however, he doesn’t possess a wide range of pass rush moves in his arsenal. He can read the run efficiently and doesn’t give up the edge for outside runs.  Teamwork 8.00 He does whatever is necessary to help his team win. He is an extremely hard worker, and has a high motor that takes him to plays others may give up on.


Hubbard isn’t a standout athlete but he has good body control and excellent bend ability. He has natural flexibility and plays with consistent pad level when coming out of his stance and engaging a lineman. He possesses the talent to sink his hips and wrap around the blocker with the ability to move inside or out. He plays with excellent balance and attacks with a wide base. He is quick out of his stance often demonstrating a quality first step. Hubbard utilizes his hands extraordinarily well, as he is capable of moving tackles with his punches. He uses his punches to look for the ball carrier, gain separation and attack. Hubbard’s hands are active as a pass rusher and display the ability to throw quick and powerful punches to prevent the tackle form locking in his punch. His best pass rush move comes after he shows tackles a bull rush quickly reversing direction and utilizing a spin move inside. Hubbard is relentless and will not give up on the play. He has a motor that will take him to plays that other defenders may quit on. He has a high football intelligence and can read plays quickly. He has the play recognition to diagnose play action and attack.


Hubbard is a quick athlete, but he doesn’t possess explosion other DE’s have. He is a hard worker with a high motor, but he isn’t a twitchy athlete. He doesn’t have great burst off the line, and needs to fight to gain separation and win against tackles. He needs to work harder than other athletic ends to pressure the quarterback, but his relentless attitude and technique help. He occasionally becomes high after contact and will need to stay lower to win more consistently. Although he has an effective spin, his arsenal of pass rush moves runs dry and his bull rush isn’t the strongest either. He is an arc-runner, rather than a move maker as a pass rusher, and he needs to gain strength and power to become more successful against NFL tackles. He tends to get tight when attempting to corner and pressure a passer.


Hubbard has great size and build, but he doesn’t possess excellent athletic ability or impressive strength as a pass rusher. He consistently generates pressure utilizing his motor and technique, but he isn’t necessarily exceptional at any one thing. He is stout and aggressive in the run game, and works hard to succeed in the passing game. He possesses solid tape with no big flaws ever showing up. He is a solid presence on the edge with the ability to generate pressure based on technique, sheer will and determination. He has the size and motor to succeed, but teams who are looking for a pure edge rusher will tend to shy away from Hubbard. Hubbard will be a quality starter at the next level and will succeed in as the strong side DE in a 4–3 defensive scheme.



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