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DE — Uchenna Nwosu 6.26

Scout- Ryan Lippert

College: USC

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 251 lbs

40-Time: 4.65

Bench Press: 20

Arm Length: 33 5/8

Athleticism: 7.38

Q.A.B. / C.O.D. 6.50 Has decent speed/quickness which helps him in flowing to the ball.  Flexibility 7.00 Shows decent knee bend, good with changing direction in his hips. Explosiveness 8.00 Shows explosion when a hole opens. Shows great explosion getting up to bat down passes.  Playing Speed 7.25 Shows that he can get to the ball when he doesn’t take plays off.  Coordination 7.50 Good on his feet, can change direction fairly easily.  Position Versatility 8.00 Played at both inside linebacker and off the edge.

Pass Rush Ability: 5.75

Initial Quickness 5.25 Initial steps could be quicker but makes up for it at times with natural speed . Rush with Leverage 6.00 Gets low enough at times, too high at other times. Inconsistent with leverage. Pass Rush Moves 5.75 Has a few decent moves but needs work.  Pressure Consistency 6.00 Could get tremendous pressure at times but also tended to take plays off. Very inconsistent.

Coverage: 6.84

Pass Drops 7.00 Looks comfortable in his pass drops.  Coverage Awareness 7.50 Keeps head on a swivel, has a knack for the ball. Reads QB well, used as QB spy in many cases. M/M Coverage 6.35 Didn’t play much man, maily mirrored RBs. Believe he has speed to keep up with TEs and some slots in NFL. Zone Coverage 6.50 Gets to his area at a quick rate, looks comfortable in his zone.

Against The Run: 5.60

Play with Leverage 6.50 Gets low sometimes, other times is too high. Very inconsistent with leverage.  Stack and Shed 5.00 Struggles with getting off blocks, takes too long to shed. Run at Him 5.25 Lack of leverage takes him out of plays at times.  Runs Away 6.00 Speed helps him to get to the ball but struggles with open field tackling.  Tackling/Hitting 5.25 Struggles with open field tackling.

Competitiveness: 5.33

Toughness 5.75 Gets bullied by bigger linemen but shows flashes of toughness.  Production 6.00 Decent production getting pressure on the quarterback but needs to eliminate missed tackles.  Consistency/Motor 4.25 Shows flashes of being a force off the edge but takes plays off and seems to lack aggression at times.



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