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Dear Los Angeles Chargers, It's Time to Fire Brandon Staley

(Image Credit: Orlando Ramirez/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Twitter: @NicholasMullick

I.. I am stunned right now. I can’t believe what I have just seen. I am writing this article moments after the Chargers game just ended and I am speechless. The Chargers just lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars 31-30, when they had a 27 point lead. How do you lose a game against a team that performed that badly in the 1st half? In my opinion this game was a lot worse then the Indianapolis Colts vs Minnesota Vikings. All got to say is that Brandon Staley needs to be fired no question.

Here's the thing I was concerned about from Day one this season. In the AFC West Podcast (Around the 26:07) I was on with Blitzalytics, one of the concerns I had with this squad was the coaching as Staley’s first season coaching has more bad moments, then good ones. Boy have I been right with my thoughts on the coaching of this squad.

One thing for sure and I said this when I was doing my “The Finalized Playoff Picture and Superbowl 57 Prediction article” , Brandon Staley put this team in a bad spot with the way he handled Week 18. He did not pull his starters at the right time and it resulted in a lot of players getting injured. Including Joey Bosa who had a groin injury and watching him play, it was clear he was still hurt. LB Kenneth Murray also banged up and he looked hurt all game. The worst injury that occured was with WR Mike Williams who is the second best player on the team suffering a back injury against the Broncos. He was carted off which was not a great sign

Well that injury took him out not only in this game, but the playoffs. As well. Like I said, Back Injuries are no joke and with his shenanigans in the Week 18 game. It was so meaningless and unnecessary and I was calling for the Chargers to fire him no matter what happened in the playoffs.

Well the playoffs happened and to me now Staley needs to go 1,000%. Before it was 100%, but with how he handled this game he needs to be fired immediately. He blew a 27-0 lead and my goodness you talk about how to not manage the offense this is the game to do it.

One other thing too with how this game went, I doubt Joe Lombardi ever becomes an offensive coordinator in the NFL ever again. He is Matt Canada level of terrible. Ask me this, You are up 30-20, Why the hell on a 3rd and 1 are you calling for a jet sweep? That play resulted in not only a fumble, but you had to punt with that idiotic playcall. That resulted in the Jags scoring there first points in a later drive.

The worst part about this loss is that the Jags had a 5+ turnover rate and they still managed to mess this game up.

That is 100% on coaching and If the Chargers don’t fire Staley, then you might as well write of the 2023 season. Coaching held this team this season and it is a miracle that this team even made the playoffs with how bad the coaching has been. It is time to get Herbert a real coach to work with as if he is this good now with Staley, I can only imagine him with a competent head coach. So Chargers, do the right thing and overhaul the coaching staff, because this game was embarrassing.


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