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Dear New York Jets, It is time to start Mike White at Quarterback

Image Credit: (Brian Fluharty/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

As a fan of the New York Jets this is the best season this franchise has had in many years. I took time too cool off after the Jets lost to the New England Patriots 10-3 as I was super annoyed. I have had two problems in regards to the Jets this season. The first is coaching as I am not sure about Robert Saleh as the coach. I am really getting annoyed with Offensive Coordinator Mike LaFleur this season as this offense look unprepared in this game. However he has been the best offensive coordinator that the Jets have had in a very long time. The last game showcased and confirmed to me my second biggest problem and that is at the Quarterback position. Just look at the stats below and Yikes.

I have been far too long trying to wait and see Wilson impress and perform consistently, well I think this season confirms to me that Zach Wilson is not the guy at QB. In fact he is such a liability that it is time for the Jets to make a quarterback change. Especially with the reports coming out on how he has handled himself once that game was over, there may be a culture issue.

He has failed to take accountability, which is a big trait that an NFL QB has to have. Look at Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills when he was playing poorly the past few weeks, he took accountability. Just look at what both QB’s answers were when asked similar questions.

Wilson is concerning me and with how much of a liability and distraction he has been. If I am the Jets right now, it may be tough as the Jets used the 2nd Overall pick on him, but he needs to be benched right now. He has not been performing to expectations and the excuses for him are getting ridiculous. Especially, as there is no excuse as the Jets o-line despite the injuries have been performing well, the running game is still good, and he has a ton of targets on offense. There is no reason Wilson should be performing this badly. It is time for a change at QB.

So who should start, definitely not Flacco as he looked like a statue in the pocket and is not the long term QB. Flacco stinks and I will keep saying this, I never want to see him start another game ever again. I hate when people say Oh he beat Cleveland week 2 and he has plenty left in the tank. First off Cleveland blew that game as they had like a 13 point lead and second that the Browns defense is horrible. On a side note, I need to ask, Why is Joe Woods still employed as the defensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns?

The guy who has to start is Mike White. Why the Jets have seemingly not started him still boggles my mind. At least now the Jets moved him as the number 2 QB, which makes starting Flacco the first 3 weeks of the season makes no sense. I want to see what the Jets got in him and it seems the Jets are terrified. Shoutout to Joe Beningo as he said it first and I 100% agree with him when he says, “The Jets are scared that Mike White is better than Zach Wilson.” Many called him crazy, but I agree as there are so many times where White was better and yet they basically blacklisted him from starting duties. It makes no sense.

That should change this week and the fanbase agrees for the Jets to start Mike White. Do it now and if he sucks, then maybe go back to Wilson. Plus if White is bad that would kill the noise of the fanbase wanting him to play. I would not say start Chris Streveler yet as I don’t think he is ready yet and the preseason performance to me did not matter that much when he was playing scrubs.

One thing is for sure, the Jets on paper are a good team, but they don’t have a trustworthy quarterback. Mike White deserves that chance over Wilson right now and if does not start once this season, then something does not fit the program.


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