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Dear New York Jets, Zach Wilson is Done

Image Credit: (Vincent Carchietta/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

I just finished watching the New York Jets vs Jacksonville Jaguars game that occurred last night and heading in I was hyped. Mainly because the Jets and Jaguars are my favorite teams in the NFL and I love it when these two franchises face off against each other. The best part is no matter what result happens, I can’t lose as one of my favorite teams is going to win. The Jacksonville Jaguars would win this game 19-3. As a jags fan I was excited as lets be real they clearly are better than the Titans are right now and I can really see the Jaguars winning the AFC South. As a Jets fan not only is the season pretty much over, but I think the takeaway is simple, Zach Wilson is done.

I mean I think this really seals it for Zach Wilson. The way he played in this game was horrific and he made some awful throws in this game also throughout the entire season. I don’t want to hear that the game had bad weather and it was raining. Trevor Lawrence made excellent plays and throws in this game. Just looking at the throws he made in this game below

Wilson is just not an NFL Quarterback and I don’t even know if he can be a backup either. He can’t perfect the basics of being a QB with his ability in the pocket, awareness, adapting in pressure, touch and ball placement, decision Making, and even his release of the football. Even culture wise the stories that have come out, he is not a locker room leader. It is clear that his teammates do not like him and it makes so much more sense why Elijah Moore demanded that trade earlier in the season. I am sure he saw the writing on the wall and hated how the offense was being run. The moment that Wilson did not take accountability once the game against the Patriots maybe the true moment that his career came to an end.

To make it worse for Wilson, he not only got benched in this game, but his replacement was not Joe Flacco or Mike White. It was Chris Streveler who not a few days ago was on their practice squad. While he did play with the Arizona Cardinals, he is most notable for playing with the CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers, as a backup. Yes I know he started games, but Streveler most of the time was their backup QB. When you are getting benched for a guy like him, that is very telling. Now Streveler was not lighting the world on fire, but he played a lot better than Wilson did.

BTW lets not get ahead of ourselves Streveler is not the guy either as he lacks arm strength to succeed in the NFL. Just look at the throw below as if Streveler had arm strength that throw would have been a walk off touchdown.

All I got to say is that this game pretty much seals it. Not only has it been shown that he stinks on the field, but now his teammates and the fanbase does not like him either. To be honest, I doubt Wilson ever starts another game not only for this season, but as a New York Jet. He has been that bad. Shoutout to Colin Cowherd who said it perfectly, “Zach Wilson has gone from BYU to BYE”.

I agree with every word he says about him. Zach Wilson has got to go and now. If I am Joe Douglas, there is no question the Jets bring in a QB in the offseason whether in free agency or heck even the NFL Draft. As a 2nd Overall Pick, Wilson may honestly go down as one of the biggest busts in not only New York Jets, but NFL history.



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