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Debriefing Teams That Did Not Make the 2022 NFL Playoffs

Updated: Jan 26

(Image Credit: Mike Dinovo/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick


Twitter: @NicholasMullick

Well we are currently in the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs, at this time I always like to look back and talk about the teams that did not make the playoffs. It sort of is like a debrief on each team. I will start this by looking at each team by draft order from who has the 18th Overall Pick to 1st Overall Pick. So, let's drive into it.

18. Detroit Lions (9-8)

It has been a few weeks and I am still upset that Detroit did not make the playoffs last season. You have to admit that despite the slow start to the season, the best 2 seasons have been the best the Lions have had since Jim Caldwell was the head coach. Dan Campbell is a fantastic coach and I so badly wanted the Jets to hire him years ago, yet they decided to choose Adam Gase as the head coach.

There is a lot that intrigues me about this team. Jared Goff played very well for Dertoit and the Lions finally have a fantastic RB in Jamaal Williams. He broke Barry Sanders rushing touchdown record and should absolutely get extended as he is a free agent in 2023. The Defense got better every week that passed too. With having the Rams 1st round pick this year the Lions should 100% make the playoffs next year. If not then the questions will arise if Campbell will be the head coach of this team long term. I would be hyped if I was a Lions fan right now.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-8)

The Steelers are a very intriguing team to look at for next season as they played well in the second half and Kenny Pickett played well. There are also young pieces that are intriguing in the future and they may have nailed the George Pickens pick in the 2nd round. Might be best to use him more next season.

However we have to be honest here, this team over-achieved this season. In the first half this team was absolutely terrible and especially on defense. Mainly because this defense really is two elite players in DE/EDGE TJ Watt and S Minkah Fitzpatrick. When both were hurt this defense was awful and it should be a wakeup call for the steelers.

Like I said earlier their offensive tackle core is terrible and did not give Pickett a lot of time. They also did not utilize their offensive weapons the right way either and that is on coaching with their coordinators.

If the Steelers had competent coaching coordinator wise they probably would have made the playoffs. If it was me Matt Canada would have been fired a while ago, but this is the Steelers we are talking about.

Matt Canada's contract is not expiring this season and because it's not the “Steelers way” to fire coaches he will be retained for next Season. When Pickett regresses I am going to say I told you so because Canada is that awful as an OC. I seriously hope that is not the case as Pickett played well last season.

16. Washington Commanders (8-8-1)

What a freaking collapse. This team was a shoe in to make the playoffs half of the season, then they only won 1 of there last 5 games and it fell apart. This defense was performing well excluding the linebackers. It is just a shame that the offense could not figure it out. They don’t have the franchise QB on this squad as Taylor Heinicke is not that great of an option and Carson Wentz is done. Maybe Sam Howell could be something as he showed flashes week 18 against the Cowboys, but keep in mind he played against backups. There is so much that the Commanders have to clean up this offseason.

Many are wondering why Ron Rivera is still here with the way he botched this team at the end of the season. Remember the whole I didn't know we could be eliminated while starting Carson Wentz. Let's be real though, Rivera is the only ethical part of that organization not including the players.

Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner on the other hand had been criticized by many people and even players' wives. There is no surprise that Turner was let go at the end of the season.

Hopefully Snyder sells this team and fast so real change could finally happen with this organization. As I always say and will continue to until it happens, SELL THE TEAM SNYDER!!!

15. Green Bay Packers (8-9)

I said it before and I will say it again, last year was your last chance. Even though Green Bay won four of there last 5 games, it was apparent that this team was not going to make it in the playoffs in the middle of the season.

Their defense especially was very mediocre this season. The first round picks they spent on in the draft have not worked out the best. Devonte Wyatt has not impressed and while Quay Walker is a tackling machine, he has sucked at every skill that a linebacker needs to succeed in the NFL. That is also shown in the maturity section for Quay Walker with being ejected two times this season. Especially when he pushed a trainer in the middle of an important game against the Detroit Lions.

On a side note, why was Quay Walker not suspended for this? I get it is the middle of the season, but with his disgraceful action he should have gotten a game for what he did.

Not only was the defense an issue, but the Offense had problems. Especially with Aaron Rodgers as there were moments where he showed signs of decline this year. It got so bad that I wondered if he even wanted to play football anymore and was angry that they were not starting Jordan Love who they spent a 1st Round Pick on in the 2020 NFL Draft. Then it came out that Rodgers had a thumb/hand injury which was more severe than originally thought. It made a lot more sense with how he was playing and that injury would linger the entire season. It still makes me question why Jordan Love was not starting even with Rodgers being hurt.

Let’s be real too, the Packers failed to surround him with receivers. Excluding Christian Watson the receivers were either hurt or were terrible this season. That is not on Aaron and it is a legitimate excuse. Plus, the o-line was not healthy at all this season.

The thing is now that Rodgers may truly be gone in the offseason. Will it be retirement or via trade, at this point I really don’t know. However, with how he and Randall Cobb walked off Lambeau Field after the Lions game, it looked like that maybe it is over for both players as a Packer.

The one thing I learned this season is obvious, Matt LaFleur is the most overrated head coach in the NFL Today. Especially with how poorly he ran the offense, motivated the sidelines, and disciplined the squad I am not sure LaFleur is that great of a head coach. He won’t be fired, but I definitely can see the Packers parting ways with LaFleur if they yet again fail to make the playoffs.

14. New England Patriots (8-9)

Well, that was the season. The Patriots were such a mediocre football team all season with some ups and downs. A big up was this defense. Excluding the secondary the patriots defense was very good and Top 5 defense in the regular season. Josh Uche gets a shoutout as he finally emerged as a nice pass rushing piece on ths defense.

The issue on this team was clearly on the offense, especially at the QB position. I don’t hate Mac Jones, but he regressed this season. Plus Jones has also been a super dirty player in this league with the shenanigans he has pulled through his career.

Jones may have had bad games and throws this season, but he legit needs a true number one receiver and he was never provided a fantastic receiver to throw too.

Also in a league where coaching matters Jones did not have great coaching with Matt Patricia and Joe Judge running the offense. It is almost like you should not have hired two hacks who were terrible at running offenses when they were head coaches of previous teams. Also they are more experienced in Special Teams (Joe Judge) and Defense (Matt Patricia).

Looks like they have realized their mistake and have fired Matt Patricia. Good riddance as Patricia is a terrible coach and it was mind boggling that he was even brought back to New England to begin with. No word on if Joe Judge is still going to be employed, but if they are hiring Bill O’Brian to the offensive coordinator role, then I think Judge is either gone or going to be assigned as a special teams coordinator.

The worst part about this hire for the Patriots is that this takes them out of the DeAndre Hopkins sweepstakes. There is no way Hopkins is going to play for a guy who threw him under the bus and compared him to Aaron Hernandez.

13. New York Jets (7-10)

This is the best season the New York Jets have had in a very long time. This is also one of the most frustrating seasons I have ever witnessed as a fan.

There are a lot of positives with the Jets with the emergence of RB Breece Hall (before he tore his ACL), WR Garret Wilson, this defense being elite, and finally finding the best cornerback they have had since Darrelle Revis in Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner.

This looked like a playoff team, then the collapse happened where they lost 7 of there last 8 games. With how bad the season ended this year there had to be someone who was fired. It was not going to be Robert Saleh and for sure was not going to be Joe Douglas. So they decided to “part ways” Mike LaFluer as the offensive coordinator of the Jets.

If the Jets had a competent and consistent Quarterback they would have made the playoffs. I still think Mike White is the better QB, but it was clear he played with a rib injury that affected his performance. Joe Flacco I keep saying, I never want to see that man as the QB of this team ever again. I loved Flacco when he was a Baltimore Raven, but since he left he has been horrible during his post Ravens career.

One thing is for sure, Zach Wilson is pretty much done here. Not only performance wise has he had terrible games this season, but culture wise too. Remember that Patriots game where he lost 10-3 and his stats were terrible. He completed 9 of 22 throws, had 77 passing yards, no interceptions or touchdowns, and 26 rushing yards. That was bad performance and what his response after the game was pretty much killed his career with the Jets.

His response that he did not let down the defense was not the right thing to say with how bad he was in that game. It pretty much ended his credibility and hype from not only the fanbase but the locker room as well. What did he do after that, well it got worse.

His teammates legit hate him and it was clear with them wearing Mike White shirts when they faced the Minnesota Vikings earlier in the season.

After how this season turned out with him being a locker room distraction and Wilson regressing on the field, I really doubt he is even on the Jets roster this upcoming season. They need a quarterback on this team. Will it be Derek Carr, Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, Tom Brady (Please No), Gardner Minshew, Baker Mayfield, or Jimmy Garoppollo? I don’t know, but with a team that needs to win and win now they have to get a new quarterback. Especially as Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas’s jobs are at stake next season.

12. Cleveland Browns (7-10)

Let's be real, was anybody really shocked that the Browns did not make the playoffs? Look I am a Jacoby Brissett guy as he is a very underrated QB, but this year many called it a long shot as nobody knew how long Deshaun Watson’s suspension was going to be. Luckily it was only for 11 games for the squad so we actually got to see him play. From what I have seen from him, there is concern. Especially with how rusty he looked playing it is very concerning when Brissett played better than he did this season. If he can’t get his act right next season then the Browns are in serious trouble with the fully guaranteed extension they gave him and they don’t have their 1st round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, which is going to be a super QB rich draft.

It is not just the QB that is the issue, but the defense was just horrendous this season. A big reason why is due to the poor coaching of defensive coordinator Joe Woods. I was shocked he lasted the season as the defensive coordinator, but he was let go during Black Monday.

Who is going to replace him, well a defensive coordinator that has a strong resume. His name is Jim Schwartz.

Schwartz is a great defensive minded coach and he should help improve this defense coaching wise. If the Browns want to fully improve the defense, they have to invest in the run defense as it was just horrendous this season.

All I know is that next season is a big one for the Browns and they need to make the playoffs this year. Jobs are at stake now, especially head coach Kevin Stefanski who a lot of fans wanted fired after this season.

11. Tennessee Titans (7-10)

You know there is always a phase in sports where every franchise tries to avoid and it is the decline/regression phase. This might have been that season. Yes they had a ton of injuries that wrecked this team, but even when healthy the team just fell flat and did not look right both on defense and especially on offense.

Especially at the Quarterback position as there are real problems. First off Ryan Tannehill had an ankle issue, but he showed notable signs of decline. I don’t fully want to say that his arm strength is cooked, but he is starting to show signs. Even as backup options it does not look good. Malik Willis was not good last season and looked super raw as a prospect. It is super concerning that Tennessee would rather start Josh Dobbs who only new the playbook for like a week to start a very important game. Dobbs was mediocre during his time here.

The offense being very awful this season also can be attributed to how awful the coaching was mainly with offensive coordinator Todd Downing who was way over his head in this role.

At least Todd Downing is no longer the offensive coordinator. That is a big W on its own and I am pretty sure fellow Blitzalytics scout/writer Joseph Yun would approve of this message.

I will say though, I like the new GM that the Titans brought in to replace Jon Robinson who was fired mid season after AJ Brown who they traded torched them this season. The new GM is Ran Carthon

Carthon was a big contributor to the 49ers successful drafts and seasons the past few years. If that translates to Tennessee then they really have something here. I wish Carthon the best and hopefully he succeeds with bringing the Titans back in the playoffs.

10. New Orleans Saints (7-10)

Where to even begin with the Saints. I love how everyone is saying that the Carolina Panthers blew their opportunity to win the NFC South, but when looking at the Saints, there are the ones that blew it more. Especially when they had the lead multiple times against Tampa and Carolina and just blew it.

Look, I respect Andy Dalton and will forever remember him during his time in Cincinnati, but he is not the long term QB. Jameis Winston’s back injury took him out the rest of the season and it looks more and more that Winston an’t the guy either. The Saints desperately need a new QB next season as I don’t think they can win with Winston or Dalton.

While there were issues at QB, it feels like the Saints season was lost the moment Michael Thomas yet again went down with his injury. Yes I know he is not in his prime, but Thomas’s talent is super valuable on this offense. RB Alvin Kamara, while still having a good season, has shown signs of decline this season.

Their defense while solid needs to improve the secondary. Alontae Taylor showed flashes, but Lattimore was banged up all season.

I would say it would be best to part ways with Dennis Allen, knowing how coaching cost this team three wins, but the Saints decided not to.

They are keeping Allen as the head coach for some reason. I really don’t know why they would, honestly with how last season turned out.

It will be intriguing to see how they handle the offseason as there are a lot of issues that they need to fix. It just sucks that the Saints are like -53 million under the salary cap and their Top 10 pick is Philadelphia Eagles Property. This team is so screwed.

9. Carolina Panthers (7-10)

I want to ask you guys a question. In the middle of the season did you expect this team to almost make the playoffs and win the division? I did not as the Panthers were a complete mess at that time.

Especially with how they kept Matt Rhule as the head coach and he was so terrible that he did not last past week 5 as he was fired.

That is not all as they were very active during the trade deadline. They shipped off Robbie Anderson to the Arizona Cardinals and RB Christian McCaffery to the San Francisco 49ers. They almost got rid of DE/EDGE Brian Burns, but they decided to keep him at the deadline.

It is a freaking miracle that this team almost won the NFC South. You can thank the Falcons quitting on the team, Dennis Allen being a terrible head coach, and the Buccaneers being horrendous for that happening. You can’t deny one thing, Steve Wilks did a fantastic job in his role as the interim head coach. I honestly hope he keeps this job full time as he was screwed during his time as the Head Coach of the Cardinals in 2018 when Josh Rosen was the QB. Plus he earned it after this season.

Hell Buccaneers Head Coach Todd Bowles would probably agree with wanting Wilks to get the job full time.

No word on it yet, but there is still plenty of work that is needed on this team. Especially at the QB position as they clearly don’t have a franchise QB. The Baker Mayfield experiment failed, Sam Darnold either can’t stay healthy or was inconsistent on the field, PJ Walker sucks, and who knows if Matt Corral will be healthy or a part of the long term future with Rhule gone.

8. Atlanta Falcons (7-10)

Well many did not expect much for the Falcons this season. In my opinion it has been a super strange season for the Atlanta Falcons. I once saw this team winning the division as they were 4-3 and had a super good chance to sneakily win this division. Then the collapse happened and the Falcons just quit on the season. I don’t hate Arthur Smith as a head coach, but it seemed like the Falcons also quit on the coach too this season. If the Falcons yet again have a bad season I would not be super shocked if the Falcons fire Smith as the head coach.

I still don’t get the way the Falcons utilized TE Kyle Pitts this season. Yes I know he had a hamstring/knee injury all season, but the Falcons just were not properly utilizing their most talented receiver on the team. At least Drake London was good last season, but the Falcons don’t have a great receiver. One thing is for sure, the Falcons do not have their franchise QB. Desmond Ridder did not impress at all last season and Marcus Mariota clearly is not the guy either. It also looks like Mariota wants out in Atlanta as it has been reported that he had quit on the team after being benched.

The Falcons defense did not get better either as they were the third worst ranked defense in the NFL According to DVOA. The Falcons secondary is legit just AJ Terrell and nobody else. There pass rush has been horrible and they can’t put pressure on the QB. Hell they are the worst team in the past few seasons when it comes to sacks.

The Falcons have 2nd most cap space entering the offseason at 56 million. If they restructure deals and cut Marcus Mariota (Which I would be shocked if he wasn’t) they can stretch it to around 84 million dollars according to Spotrac. They are going to be big spenders and hopefully that can help them in the next stage of their rebuild.

7. Las Vegas Raiders (6-11)

With all the moves the Raiders made last offseason, how the season went for the squad was a massive disappointment. Many are going to say injuries are an excuse, the defense regressed and offense was mediocre. I think there is one obvious issue with this team and that is with coaching.

I don’t like being an egomaniac about stuff, but I am making an exception here. I told each and everyone that I know and in podcasts that Josh McDaniels is a terrible hire and head coach. I was so right this season as he has learned absolutely nothing from his previous tenure as a head coach with the Broncos. If the Raiders had capital, McDaniels would probably have been fired after losing to a Jeff Saturday coached Colts team.

It looks like McDaniels is going to retool the offense in his vision. It looks like that RB Josh Jacobs may not come back as he was not given his 5th Year Option and was not given a contract extension. One guy who is for sure gone is QB Derek Carr who is the best QB that this franchise has had since Rich Gannon. Now before you say, Yes there have been signs of decline from Carr, but it was clear that McDaniels was never a fan of Carr.

This could lead to a big problem for the Raiders as remember, WR Davante Adams only wanted to come here because he and Carr have been close friends from their college days. I would be shocked if Adams does not request to be traded in the next few months. Even though there is a video out there saying that he wants to stay here, I am not so sure I 100% can believe him. It is a wait and see on that front

One thing that really needs to be retooled is this defense. Except for Maxx Crosby, Duron Harmon, and Chandler Jones (When healthy) this defense has not been great. I contemplated adding LB Denzel Perryman, but he can almost never stay healthy the whole season.

This team has a ton of holes right now and they need to act fast on fixing it as depending on if they trade or cut Carr they will have at least 50 million dollars in cap space to play with in the offseason. Knowing how most former patriot executives/coaches operate they will probably try to copycat the patriots by bringing former players to this team.

6. Los Angeles Rams (5-12)

If there is a team to label as “everything went wrong” I would easily give it to the Los Angeles Rams. Almost everybody and I mean everybody got injured. Even when healthy they were sorely missing OT Andrew Whitworth on this offensive line as the offense was poorly run without him.

There was even fear that the core was breaking up with Aaron Donald and Matthew Stafford retirement rumors, Sean McVay leaving the Rams as the head coach to become an analyst, and plans beginning to blow up the entire core. I guess the Picks did come back and screw this team long term as their 1st round pick in this draft class is Detroit Lions property due to the Matthew Stafford trade. At least you guys have a ring, Aaron Donald for now is not retiring, and Sean McVay will be coming back to coach this squad next season.

5. Denver Broncos (5-12)

Well now that was such a ride, huh Broncos Country. From all the hype this team had coming into the season, almost everybody was super disappointed with how it turned out. I think it is clear the main issues of this squad. It was in offense and coaching.

Anyone that is blaming the defense for the issues the Broncos had this season does not know what they are talking about. Just look at this below…

The offense had so many issues especially in the decline of QB Russell Wilson. Oh boy, this was not a good look for him. Not only has he shown massive levels of regression on the field, but he has been a big distraction for this team. With all the stories coming out about him it just was not a good look.

In defense of Wilson his running game was not the same since Javonte Williams tore his ACL earlier in the season. Melvin Gordon could not stop fumbling the ball and it resulted in him losing his job. Also Wilson was behind a terrible offensive line that did not give him enough time in the pocket.

One thing everyone will agree with, this team was poorly coached from the get go. Nathaniel Hackett was a terrible head coach and probably the worst coach in the franchises history. That is saying something knowing how Josh McDaniels tenure was in Denver. I am still shocked he lasted as long as he did, as he should have been fired in Week 5 after that performance against the Broncos. I don’t blame Broncos fans for saying that Hackett should have been fired after Week 1 with the genius way he managed the time of that Broncos/Seahawks game. Also players were openly fighting on the sidelines in front of his face and he would do nothing to discipline him.

With a more competent head coach, the Broncos better hope Wilson can be salvaged. Just looking at his dead cap the next few seasons is not a pretty site.

I would say goodluck with a Top 5 pick, but unfortunately it is Seattle Seahawks property due to the Wilson trade. Well at least you have San Francisco's 1st round pick.

4. Indianapolis Colts (4-12-1)

For the past few years the Colts have been a big What if scenario since Andrew Luck retired. It always seemed like this team was a QB away from getting a deep playoff push and potentially playing in the Super Bowl. They tried a number of options with Philip Rivers and Carson Wentz. Both did not work and the Colts wanted to give one more try with Matt Ryan as the QB. Well it turns out that he has suffered massive decline and his arm strength is cooked. Like Cam Newton level of cooked arm strength. In the NFL you pretty much need a QB to compete in this league and it was obvious Sam Elingher and Nick Foles were not the franchise QB’s.

Even if they had one the Colts offense suffered regression. Especially the o-line which has been severely lacking all season. The Colts never had a truly great receiver not named Michael Pittman. RB Jonathan Taylor's season was derailed with injuries and it got so bad that the Colts decided to give Zack Moss a try at running back. The defense was actually not terrible, but definitely regressed as well due to injuries.

The Colts were such a disappointment that they fired Head Coach Frank Reich in the middle of the season. Now I think Reich is a good coach, but firing him was a move that was inevitable. In fact there is an argument that can be made that he should have been fired last season for how that Week 18 game against the Jaguars happened.

What there is no argument on is how the Colts were playing chess with how they handled the rest of the season. They hired Jeff Saturday to be the interim coach which is a move that makes no sense. Watching how he coached it was a disaster, but Jim Irsay, despite a lot of people criticizing him, Irsay can be a genius. He realized that they could get a young franchise QB in this draft and would do anything to get a top pick and draft the QB of the future. Look at how week 18 happened, now you could say that was all Lovie Smith and the Texans (We Will Get to that), but the Colts new what they were doing, giving up and losing that game. They lower the Texans from getting their 1st overall pick and they rise into the Top 5. It is freaking genius and with Chris Ballard sticking around as the GM, they could handle this retool well.

The one thing I ask for the Colts is simple. Please don’t bring back Jeff Saturday to coach this team full time.

No offense to Mr Saturday, but from what I saw of his coaching this season, he honestly should never be a head coach in the NFL ever again. Maybe as a coordinator or positional coach, but not as a head coach.

3. Arizona Cardinals (4-13)

If there was one playoff team a majority of fans predicted would not make the playoffs the next year a majority of fans would say the Arizona Cardinals. I was kind of 50-50 on it, but yeah the Cardinals just collapsed this season.

It did not help that DeAndre Hopkins was suspended the first 6 games due to a PED violation, but the offense just fell flat all season. Kyler Murray has not been the same as he was last year, maybe it was due to coaching, injuries at receiver, the offense being old, or the offensive line being garbage. All I know is that his bad season got worse with Murray suffering a Torn ACL late in the season. There could be a chance that Murray does not play a majority of the 2023 season.

The defense was also not great either. The secondary was just Budda Baker and Byron Murphy. The Pass rushing is going to be an issue as JJ Watt has chosen to retire after a 12 year career.

One thing is for sure, they waited too long to finally fire Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury and GM Steve Keim stepped down from his role due to health issues. Kingsbury should have been fired last year with how the Cardinals season ended. Keim honestly should have been fired the same year Steve Wilks was fired in 2018. If it was not for drafting Kyler Murray and the DeAndre Hopkins Trade, Keim would have probably been fired a lot earlier.

It will be interesting to see how newly hired General Manager Monti Ossenfort will run the 2023 offseason as this team needs to blow it up. Let’s see what Ossenfort will do.

2. Houston Texans (3-13-1)

Nobody expected the Texans to even come close to having a good season. They were easily the worst team in the AFC coming into the season. Their main goal was to tank and acquire the 1st Overall Pick in this draft. Unfortunately for them they failed to do that with their Week 18 win against the Indianapolis Colts. Maybe it was not a good idea to make it obvious how Lovie Smith was just a placeholder for the Head Coaching job and was not coming back next season.

While there were a lot of bad moments this season, there are positives to takeaway. RB Dameon Pierce had a great season and if he heals up from his injury should be a main piece on this offense. They at least improved pass rushing wise, not by a lot but better than last year. Watson looked rusty in Cleveland and there is hope that if he continues to struggle that the Browns pick in 2024 could be a top pick.

The biggest W of the season is obvious. Jack Easterby is no longer a part of this organization as he was fired in the middle of the season.

How he had the job as Executive Vice President of Football Operations for that long still boggles my mind.

There is a lot that intrigues the Texans long term, but I have to ask a question. Is Nick Caserio going to be the GM that builds this team long term? Especially when there were rumors that Caserio was almost fired during Black Monday this season.

All I know is that he better get the next head coaching hire correct as if he does not then I don’t see how he lasts beyond the next failed coaching hire.

1. Chicago Bears (3-14)

Congratulations Chicago Bears, because of the Texans winning against the Colts in Week 18 you have now secured the 1st Overall Pick. Which is a big bet for when they trade that pick for players and a large draft haul.

BTW can we please stop with people saying the Bears should trade Justin Fields and use the 1st Overall pick on a QB. Justin Fields had a fantastic season with no great weapons, no o-line, a terrible defense, and played with a ton of injuries.. For him to have the season he had is a freaking miracle. Heck he probably would hold the rushing record for QB’s in a season if he was not hurt in Week 18

Overall just getting the 1st Overall pick is the biggest W they can get and it should absolutely help with their rebuild. With whatever recourse they get they will for sure benefit. Along with 116 Million Dollars in cap space, they should be big spenders in the offseason to improve this team.


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