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Degenerate Menace (-411) - NFL Week 13 Bets

Photo by Derick E. Hingle, USA Today Sports

by Jeremy Dennis


Is it me or does the 2020 NFL season seem like retirement? From what I understand, retired people have no idea what day it is, they just drift through life doing whatever the hell they want. Back in my day, you knew it was Sunday because there was a whole mess of NFL on. You know it was Monday because there was one game at night. Hell, they didn’t even have a Sunday night game. (No, I am not old enough to be retired, but am old enough to say “back in my day” so get off my lawn!). These days, not only are they playing games on Thursday night and Sunday night, in 2020 they are playing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It is definitely screwing up my schedule. What is worse, this damn Wednesday game was at 3:40 which means I could miss part of it because it is past my bedtime.

You what doesn’t get old? Winning streaks...

Last week YTD

Record 9-6-1 91-81-3 (52.9%)

Top Picks 1-1-1 19-19-1 (50.0%)

Betting Result UP 15 Units DOWN 50.7 Units

TOP PICKS (10 Units)

New Orleans (-3) at Atlanta

Didn’t we just see this game a couple of weeks ago with a 24-9 result going to the Saints? Sure, teams are getting more and more film on Taysom Hill, but that defense in the Big Easy is still good. Do we honestly think that Atlanta can put two good games together?

Jacksonville (+10.5) at Minnesota

I am still trying to figure out why oddsmakers are giving the Vikings love. Sure, their offense can be good at times, but then sometimes they are soul-suckingly awful (gave up two defensive touchdowns last week). Their defense is also not what we are used to. 10.5 is just a really big number for this team.

New York Jets (+9) vs Oakland

How about that egg the Raiders laid against Atlanta. Every now and then, the Jets will cover a big number. I think now is the time as Las Vegas is in the Eastern Time Zone for the second consecutive week. Could also possibly be time for the Jets to win one?

Cincinnati (+12) at Miami

The Bengals are a team that just loves to hang around. Despite their record, they are 8-3 against the spread. This includes a cover against the Giants last week without Joe Burrow. Miami is a good football team and should win, but 11.5 is a little strong.


Indianapolis (-3) at Houston

Indy has been in a little bit of a funk lately. They just got trounced by the Titans at home. Houston blew out Detroit on Thanksgiving. However, the Texans are down to the dregs as far as receivers go and their defense still isn’t great. It seems like if I say this, the Colts usually cover so: “If Philip Rivers protects the ball, Indy will win the game.”

San Francisco (+2.5) vs Buffalo

The Niners are bouncing back now that they have some pieces coming back in the fold. They upset the Rams last week with solid defense. Buffalo’s last trip to the West Coast resulted in a Hail Murray loss and they didn’t exactly play lights out in a 10-point win against the Chargers at home last week.

Detroit (+3) at Chicago

The computer is apparently getting sick and tired of picking the Bears and losing.

New England (+1) at L.A. Chargers

Two opposing forces meet here as the team who can’t win on the road (New England) meets the team that can’t hold a lead (L.A.). Hard to bet against Belichick here.

L.A. Rams (-3) at Arizona

Can these two teams get it figured out? The Rams beat the Bucs in Tampa then lose to the 49ers at home. The Cardinals beat the Bills in a stunner and now are on a two-game losing streak. It is clear: the computer likes the Rams D better so the Rams are the pick.

Cleveland (+6) at Tennessee

The human does NOT like this pick. Tennessee is starting to roll like they did at the end of last year. Cleveland barely kept Jacksonville at bay. Sorry in advance.

Washington (+10) at Pittsburgh

Is it me or is Pittsburgh looking weary down the stretch? Very sloppy game against Baltimore where they actually let Trace McSorley throw a touchdown pass against them. This is the same Trace McSorley that couldn’t hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle in the XFL. Can Team cover a fourth straight contest?

In this week’s episode of “Why Doesn’t the Computer Like the Favorite”, I give you:

Denver (+14) at Kansas City

N.Y. Giants (+10) at Seattle

Dallas (+10) at Baltimore

Philadelphia (+9.5) at Green Bay




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