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Degenerate Menace (-411) - NFL Week 16 Bets

Photo by Eric Hartline, USA Today Sports

by Jeremy Dennis


It is the Christmas season! Time to change from the gray sweatpants that we have been wearing since March and put on some festive red and green ones! Speaking of festivities, the Steelers and Rams were giving out gifts in upset losses to the Bengals and Jets. Possibly the biggest gift of all went to Trevor Lawrence who is probably going to Jacksonville now instead of New York. Hey, if you are going to get maimed, might as well do it in the warmer climes of Florida, am I right?

Apparently, another gift worth giving was the Christmas Tie. Holy jeez, we had three pushes last week. Hopefully, after a lull, the last two weeks, the old bag of computer chips will stop being Scroogy and finish the year strong.

Last week YTD

Record 6-7-3 115-101-6 (53.2%)

Top Picks 1-3 24-26-1 (48.0%)

Betting Result DOWN 18.5 Units DOWN 45.7 Units

TOP PICKS (10 Units)

Carolina (+2.5) at Washington

The confluence of the Immovable Object and the Unstoppable Force meets here from a betting perspective. Washington has now covered six straight. Carolina has been consistently undervalued in 2020 including another cover against Green Bay. While no word yet has come about the QB situation in Washington, the computer and I are leaning Carolina. Especially if Dwayne Haskins is QB. His days are certainly numbered.

New York Jets (+10) vs Cleveland

Now that the Jets have tasted victory, is it time to catch another good team sleeping? Cleveland may be coming in with high ego after securing their first 10 win season in some time. Might be another 3 point game here.

Dallas (+2.5) vs Philadelphia

Don’t look now but the Cowpokes have covered (and won) their last two. Andy Dalton seems to be getting the Boys going in the right direction. Jalen Hurts has been excellent in his two games. However, they still lost by seven to the Cardinals. The computer likes home-dog here.

Cincinnati (+9) at Houston

Paraphrasing from Buford T. Justice of Smokey and the Bandit fame: There is no way. NO WAY that Houston covers a -9 number against any NFL team.


Detroit (+10) vs Tampa Bay

I know that Detroit is a bad team and all. However, Tampa has been known to start slow. Most likely a loss for the Lions at home but not a double-digit one.

Miami (-3) at Las Vegas

Ever since a narrow defeat to the Chiefs in week 11, the Raiders are 1-3 with the only victory coming on a prayer against the Jets. They have been outscored in this stretch 145-91. Marcus Mariota is not the answer either.

Pittsburgh (+2) vs Indianapolis

How things have changed from 11-0 for the Steelers. They finally get a week’s rest. The Colts have been riding high of late. However, Philip Rivers (who has kept a relatively clean sheet the last couple of games) is due for a big turnover game and this defense is the one to do it.

Chicago (-7.5) at Jacksonville

The Bears are starting to warm up a bit for a playoff stretch. The Jags might very well pack it in for the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. I think the number is high but the computer doesn’t. You know how that goes...

Denver (+3.5) at Los Angeles Chargers

You know the story. Chargers go up 21 in the first half. Denver claws its way back to within three and then miss a field goal to tie.

L.A. Rams (+1.5) at Seattle

Who knows what the hell happened to the Rams last week. The computer thinks they looked past the Jets with detrimental results. Their defense is still better than Seattle’s. Rams clinch the division this week against the Seahawks.

Tennessee (+3.5) at Green Bay

Is anyone going to stop Derrick Henry? Anyone? Footnote here: In the last four weeks, the Titans played Cleveland and Indianapolis which have pretty good defensive squads. They averaged 40ppg on offense.

Here are some more fun computer picks for which I pick my nose in its general direction

Minnesota (+7.5) at New Orleans

San Francisco (+5) at Arizona

New England (+7.5) vs Buffalo

New York Giants (+12.5) at Baltimore

And finally: Atlanta (+10.5) at Kansas City. Looks like there may be an opportunity that the Chiefs starters don’t play the whole game. That is why this one gets one whole unit.

Well, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that is 2020. Everyone enjoy your holiday. Try to see some family or at least Zoom call them. Most of all, be thankful that we can still talk about this stuff. Merry Christmas.




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