Degenerate Menace (-411) - NFL Week 2

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by Jeremy Dennis


When it comes down to it, if I were to choose a position on a football team that I could play, it would be kicker. Seems like you spend most of your days kicking balls, working out, and doing the occasional drill for a fake or a blocked kick. Do fairly decent, you get a seven-figure salary and you are on your way. At least that is my perception. Now, a distinct negative would probably be all of the negative press from the bettors when you blow a kick and cost someone a point spread. Not that I would be angry, but that occurred twice (Carolina for a push and Gostkowski for Tennessee) and throw in that gak of a kick in Cincinnati that could have given the Bolts a chance to cover in overtime (but they probably wouldn’t judging from the crap offense they put on the field). Ah, the life of a kicker…

Here is a recap of last week: Total record 8-7-1 (53.3%) Top Picks 3-2 (60%)

Now that we are relying on computers to help with decision making, we will be doing something different. The games will be separated into four groups ranging from Top Picks to Only Betting Because I am a Degenerate. We will also measure by units bet which range from 10 to 1 unit. Here we go!

TOP PICKS (10 Units)

Dallas (-4) vs Atlanta

Seattle ate the Falcons lunch at home in Game 1. I think with Dallas playing in Arlington and probably having a better defense than Seattle. That will be all that the Cowboys need. I also believe that Dallas’ offense is much more balanced than the Seahawks. This is going to give the Falcons problems. Should be a higher scoring affair with the Boys winning by 7ish.

L.A. Rams (-1) at Philadelphia

It is hard to make good assumptions based on a sample size of one game. However, if the WFT (Washington Football Team) had eight sacks and shut out the Eagles in the second half last week. Imagine what is going to happen when Aaron Donald and Co. get a hold of that maligned O-Line. Philly also allowed 27 to the WFT (granted many points were on a short field). I can safely say the Rams have a better offense than the D.C. Boys.

Minnesota (+3) at Indianapolis

Hey Colts! Welcome to the Phillip Rivers Experience! The Jameis Winston of the AFC! (or is Jameis the Phillips Rivers of the NFC?). Threw a couple of picks against a less than mediocre Jacksonville squad. Looking at the line, Las Vegas is telling me that either these teams are even given a three-point home-field advantage or that Indy is a better team without the three points. I don’t think so. SKOL it is.

Buffalo (-5.5) at Miami

I guess I am ready to get on the Josh Allen Memorial Buffalo Betting Bandwagon. I see a lot of things that are equitable with the New England team that the Fins lost to Week 1 and this week’s Bills team. Probably going to be a similar outcome as well with a 10 point victory, give or take a point.

TIER TWO (7 Units)

Chicago (-5) vs N.Y. Giants

This could have been a Top Pick had it not been for Mitch Trubisky. Go with the Bears due to the Giants playing away on a short week.

Jacksonville (+11) at Tennessee

Did I read this number right? I saw a range of +9 to +11 for this one. I can’t in my right mind not take this one.

Carolina (+9.5) at Tampa Bay

Another match-up where I am shocked at the number. The Panthers got close to covering last week (DAMN KICKERS!!!!). Expect a good outcome this week.

Washington (+7) at Arizona

Is the WFT Defense that good? We are about to find out.

MEH BETS (4 Units)

Denver (+7.5) at Pittsburgh

Baltimore (-7) at Houston

New England (+4) at Seattle

Las Vegas (+6) vs New Orleans


Cincinnati (+6) at Cleveland

Detroit (+6.5) at Green Bay

L.A. Chargers (+9) vs Kansas City

N.Y. Jets (+7) vs San Francisco

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Now go cash them tickets!!!

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