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Degenerate Menace (-411) - NFL Week 9 Bets

Photo by Jason Bridge, USA Today Sports

by Jeremy Dennis


The week 8 betting lines were fitting for Halloween, especially if you like favorites. The underdogs were 10-4 against the spread. There were a few surprise results outright as the one-win Bengals and Vikings defeated the division-leading Titans and Packers respectively. Heck, the Tampa Bay Moneyline holders were shaking in their shoes as the Bucs had to stop a two-point conversion to hold on to a 25-23 victory Monday night. Now, that the calendar has turned to November and it is time to watch the cream rise to the top of the league. Maybe…..

Last week YTD

Record 4-10 58-58-1 (50.0%)

Top Picks 0-3 13-14 (48.1%)

Betting Result DOWN 62 Units DOWN 71.6 Units

TOP PICKS (10 Units)

Pittsburgh (-14) at Dallas

The computer says otherwise on this one. However, without Dak Prescott, Dallas is a miserable football team. It’s entirely possible that Pittsburgh’s defense outscores the Dallas offense regardless of whether Dalton or Dinucci start.

Indianapolis (+2.5) vs Baltimore

It has become clear since the playoffs last season that Lamar Jackson is regressing. Plus, his performance against great defenses has been poor at best. The Ravens play a Colts team with one of the best defenses in the AFC and they are playing in Indy. Like a broken record, if Rivers can cut down on the turnovers, this will be a Colts win.

Houston (-7) at Jacksonville

The computer has already started hating the Stache but now we have a back-up quarterback playing in Jacksonville. Houston has definitely played better after releasing Bill O’Brien from his duties. Let’s go with the Texans big.


Denver (+4) at Atlanta

The computer simply refuses to pick the Falcons. I don’t blame it one bit.

Las Vegas (Pick) at Los Angeles Chargers

If this was a three-quarter bet, I would certainly be all-in on the Chargers. Alas, this is a 60-minute game and L.A. certainly cannot keep it together that long. They have also lost three leads of 17 points or more. Would that make them the Atlanta of the West Coast or vice versa?

Seattle (-3) at Buffalo

I am not thrilled with this bet. However, betting against Russell Wilson can be a tricky proposition. Josh Allen has appeared to level out the past few weeks. Let’s take the Hawks on the road.


Chicago (+6) at Tennessee

Detroit (+4) at Minnesota

New Orleans (+5) at Tampa Bay


New York Giants (+2.5) at Washington

Miami (+4.5) at Arizona

N.Y. Jets (+7.5) at New England

Carolina (+10.5) at Kansas City

The last two bets here are interesting. I do not know why the computer loves the Jets so much. It’s Miami pick is also strange since Tua T didn’t exactly light it up against the Rams at home.

Enjoy your football weekend and the fact that there are no election ads (for now).



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