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Degenerate Menace (-411) - Week 14

Photo by Matt Bush, USA Today Sports

By Jeremy Dennis


“Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.” - Steve McCroskey, Airplane!

To say that last week was tough is a bit of an understatement. I feel like the Miami Hurricanes and Detroit Lions after losses to really bad teams over the weekend. Yet, like good shooters and bad gamblers, we keep shooting our shot! This will be the last regular season week for college and thus the last one of these pieces I will write this year. For those who read it, I am grateful. Now let’s go kick this week in the ass!

College YTD Top Picks: 67-57-5 (54.0%) YTD All College Picks 344-293-15 (54.0%)

NFL YTD Top Picks: 28-20 (58.3%) YTD All NFL Picks 84-89-2 (48.6%)

Total YTD All Picks: 429-381-18 (53.0%)

Now to the final Degenerate Menace Baker’s Dozen Plus One of 2019!


Mississippi State (-2.5) vs Ole Miss: The Egg Bowl! Quite possibly the dumbest name for a rivalry game. Neither team is really anything to write home about this year. However, I think that the Bulldogs will be at least a field goal better than the Rebels. If not, I guess I will have egg on my face.

Kansas State (+5.5) vs Iowa State: The battle of two opposing forces in this game: Me going against the computer (which usually ends up badly) versus taking Kansas State as an underdog (which usually goes well). Here is hoping the latter result surfaces.

Cincinnati (+11) at Memphis: Two of the best teams in the AAC square off this weekend as the Bearcats face the Tigers at the Liberty Bowl. I will contend that Memphis is probably the better team, especially at home. However, they are not 11 points better.

Arkansas State (-13) at South Alabama: The Red Wolves are jockeying for a good bowl game. South Alabama is 1-10. In other words, they really stink. I like a blow out in this matchup.

SMU (-3.5) vs Tulane: While SMU has seemed to deploy the matador defense in the previous five games, it appears that the Green Wave has turned into a mere spritz in their three away games. I have no shame in the Mustangs winning 55-50.

Appalachian State (-14) at Troy: App. State has an outside chance at a really good bowl game with a victory Friday and a win in the Sun Belt Championship game. Troy lost by 50+ against the other Sun Belt front runner. Just hope the Mountaineers don’t overlook the Trojans like they did Georgia Southern.

Virginia (+3) vs Virginia Tech: The Commonwealth Cup, which is only slightly better than the Egg Bowl as far as rivalry game names are concerned, has been owned by Virginia Tech over the last decade and a half. Virginia, IT IS NOW TIME! Beat the. Hokies!!!!! (Or at least lose by two).

Boise State (-14) at Colorado State: Mike Bobo is probably not long for Colorado Springs after another disappointing year. I have a feeling that the Broncos are going to go ahead and put a nail in that coaching coffin. Slightly worried about Boise State looking ahead to the Mountain West Championship game, but we will go for it.

Hawaii (-2.5) vs Army: Hawaii typically does pretty well when playing on the Big Island. This includes a 14-11 victory over a good San Diego State team a week ago. If you take away the last two games versus very sucky VMI and UMass, Army lost their previous five games against San Jose State, Georgia State, Western Kentucky, Tulane and Air Force.

Utah State (-11) at New Mexico: New Mexico now is down a head coach. The game could go one of two ways: New Mexico rallies and surprises the Aggies or they get trucked by 50. I vote for getting trucked by 50.


New Orleans (-7) at Atlanta: That sound you heard was Atlanta’s playoff chances getting sucked out of Mercedes Benz Stadium last week after losing to Jameis (Vinny Testaverde’s protege) Winston and the Buccaneers. They have nothing to play for and New Orleans is hellbent on revenge. Sign me up!

New England (-3.5) at Houston: Belichick > O’Brien. That is all.

Carolina (-10) vs Washington: Hey selfie boy! Why don’t you throw for more than 160 yards against a decent team before you act like you did something. In other news, Christian McCaffrey might very well have 400 yards of offense in this game.

Seattle (-3) vs Minnesota: After following Kirk Cousins through the early years, I noticed that he really craps the bed during big games. It is getting to be about the time where his butt-sphincter factor starts to creep up. Russell wins at home by 4ish...

With the college postseason starting next week, fantasy football getting close to the playoffs and the NFL playoff picture shaping up, you need to check with for all of your football information. Thanks again for reading the column!



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