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Degenerate Menace (-411) - Week 3 of College Football

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Photo by Joe Maiorana, USA Today Sports

By Jeremy Dennis


Football is officially in full swing with the professionals kicking off last week. Here at Chateau de Menace, it has been a busy week trying to keep track of all the wagering action while managing five fantasy football teams. There was a lot of football watched this last weekend. Isn’t this country great? As far as last week’s results are concerned, the college top picks went 5-5, so meh. You can rest assured that I will not pick any more Army or Michigan games for the rest of the year (except when I take Ohio State -30 against the Wolverines). On the NFL side, we would have had a perfect week on the top four. However, thanks to the City of Frickin Brotherly Love, the Eagles allowed the Redskins to waltz down the field in the closing moments and get a back-door cover. Damn it!

College YTD Top Picks: 12-8 (60%) YTD All Picks 48-40 (54.5%)

NFL YTD Top Picks: 3-1 (75%) YTD All Picks 10-6 (62.5%)

Total All Picks: 58-46 (55.8%)

Now that we are off and running, there will be 10 college picks and 4 NFL picks that we like every week. It is hard trying to come up with a catchy name for stuff like this since all of the good names are taken. My attempt last week at something memorable (The Degen Men Ten), frankly sucked. So, let’s try again.

The Degenerate Menace Baker’s Dozen Plus One!


Ohio State (-15.5) at Indiana: If you caught my “Walking the Line” segment, you know that I actually made this bet on Tuesday. I should have gotten it at (-15) but was too slow and the line went up. Hard to think that a team whose notable win is against Ball State by 10 will get close to the Buckeyes who obliterated Cincinnati.

Alabama (-25.5) at South Carolina: I know, I know. I am a sucker for big Alabama spreads (maybe a joke in there somewhere). I just have a hard time believing that the Gamecocks are going to put up much of a fight with a back-up QB against the #2 team in the country.

Maryland (-8.5) at Temple: Unfortunately, the only data point for Temple is a 56-12 win over Bucknell. Maryland has surpassed 130 points in two games this season. Including 63 against a ranked Syracuse team. It is hard to play at Temple, but let’s see if they can stop the Terps’ offense.

Colorado (-3.5) vs Air Force: Thus far, the Buffs are a team that has surpassed expectations. They broke 50 against Colorado State in Denver and then upset Nebraska at home. One would think that Nebraska is better than Air Force, so let’s keep riding that Buffalo until it bucks us.

Boston College (-21) vs Kansas: Hire Les Miles they said. Kansas will be better they said. I don’t think that is what Coastal Carolina said. Kansas has scored 29 points in two games. Boston College may do that in the first quarter.

Louisville (-10) vs Western Kentucky: I personally think the Louisville is on the come this year. They played well in the first half against Notre Dame and dispatched their FCS opponent 42-0. Western Kentucky was a one-score victor against a struggling Florida International squad and Central Arkansas.

California (-14) vs North Texas: Ok, I’ll bite. Sure this could be a trap game considering Cal’s upset victory against Washington. However, the Mean Green’s defense is putrid, giving up 31 to Abilene Christian and 49 to SMU.

Kansas State (+8) at Mississippi State: The Wildcats are playing some good football right now. I still think that the Bulldogs are still trying to find themselves even after a good victory against Southern Miss. This could be a Miss. State victory, but not by a touchdown.

SMU (-17.5) vs Texas State: Not much analysis here. I just don’t think that Texas State is very good and I believe SMU is on its way up. Look for a lot of points in this one.

Clemson (-28) at Syracuse: I understand that I wrote in a previous column about Syracuse being the last regular season loss for Clemson (at the Carrier Dome). However, if Maryland can score 60 against the Orange, then why can’t Clemson? Conversely, if Syracuse can only score 20 against Maryland, how are they going to score that much against the vaunted Tiger defense?


New England (-19) at Miami: I checked my messages the other day. I got a call from the Miami front office asking if I could play football. I am 46…

Dallas (-5) at Washington: I am still bitter that Philadelphia let the Redskins score for the backdoor cover. As a Redskins fan, I hate to write this: The Cowboys looked really good last Sunday. Redskins offense is going to be hard-pressed to keep up.

Kansas City (-7.5) at Oakland: As much as everyone was singing the praises of Oakland on Monday night, did it occur to anyone that Denver sucks? Joe Flacco is my age. I think it will be Come-to-Jesus time by the Bay.

Chicago (-2.5) at Denver: Chicago certainly can’t have two bad games in a row, right? For Denver analysis, see: Kansas City at Oakland.

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