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Degenerate Menace (-411) - Week 5 of College Football

Photo by Richard Rowe, USA Today Sports

By Jeremy Dennis


Welcome back to the Chateau de Menace! Last week was a bad news - good news scenario for the Degenerate Menace on the gambling front. The bad news was that my top 10 college picks went 4-4-2 this week. That is not exactly a money maker. The good news is that the rest of the college picks went 30-10. Don’t forget to check out for all the betting department’s picks because I don’t want you to miss gems like last weekend. Here is the story after four weeks:

College YTD Top Picks: 21-17-2 (55.2%) YTD All College Picks 106-73-3 (59.2%)

NFL YTD Top Picks: 9-3 (75%) YTD All NFL Picks 26-22(54.2%)

Total YTD All Picks: 132-95-3 (58.1%)

Now for the Degenerate Menace Baker’s Dozen Plus One!


Ohio State (-18) at Nebraska: The Buckeyes started the game down 5-0 to Miami-Ohio. They promptly scored the next 76 points!!! Nebraska and Illinois combined to barely beat Ohio State’s output (80-76). I could care less that they are playing in Lincoln.

Kansas State (+4) at Oklahoma State: Kansas State could prove to be a dark horse in the Big 12 and are 2-0 against the spread. Oklahoma State’s defense couldn’t stop Texas that well and the Wildcats have the sort of offense that could keep the Cowboys off the field. I am not saying K-State will win, but they should keep it within a field goal.

Florida Atlantic (+1) at Charlotte: Both teams are 2-1 against the spread with Florida Atlantic actually covering against Ohio State. I think the coaching edge will go to Mr. Kiffin in this one and the Owls will win in the Queen City.

Notre Dame (-12.5) vs Virginia: Really, this game can go one of two ways. 1. Notre Dame, still smarting after the tough loss at Georgia, plays lackadaisical and Virginia sneaks up on them. 2. Pissed off Fighting Irish take the Hoos to the woodshed. I vote for the latter just because ND still has to keep pace in the hopes of being in the Playoff race. Virginia could barely hold off Old Dominion.

Cincinnati (-4) at Marshall: Cincinnati has covered two out of three against the number with the lone blemish being Ohio State. Marshall has yet to cover a number against Boise and Ohio. I look for the Bearcats to win solidly. The only issue I might have is Cincy looking forward to UCF next week.

Old Dominion (-3) vs East Carolina: The Monarchs are now 2-0 against the number when playing in Virginia (Virginia and Virginia Tech). East Carolina is 0-2 vs the spread and their only wins are against FCS competition and they are playing on the Virginia Coast.

Penn State (-6.5) at Maryland: We are now venturing to the middle of the season so the Terrapins are dead to me. For the Nittany Lions, the Pitt game is looking better after the Panthers beat UCF. They are a solid football team and really have no excuse letting Maryland anywhere close to them on Saturday.

Michigan St. (-14) vs Indiana: In four games, Michigan State has allowed a total of 41 points. With a 10 point defensive average, you are telling me that the Spartans only have to score 25 against the Hoosiers? Well, Ball State scored 24 against them in the first game of the season. That is good enough for me!

Houston (+7) at North Texas: I know, I know. Half the team has decided to redshirt for the Cougars. However, I cannot imagine that Houston doesn’t have enough depth to keep it within a touchdown against the Mean Green. Unless of course, they are completely unmotivated due to the personnel losses.

SMU (-7.5) at South Florida: You probably haven’t been paying attention, but SMU is 4-0. With Texas transfer Steve Buechele at the helm, the Mustangs upset TCU last week. South Florida lost to Georgia Tech who in turn lost to the Citadel. That doesn’t make for winning football.


Houston (-4) vs Carolina: Now that there is film on Kyle Allen, I am feeling pretty confident that Watson and Company will take care of business at home.

Baltimore (-7) vs Cleveland: If you read the Nine Circles of Hell piece this week, you know exactly how I feel about the Cleveland Browns. Lamar Jackson continues to grow as he stood toe-to-toe with Kansas City in Arrowhead. This could get ugly.

L.A. Rams (-10) vs Tampa Bay: The Wide Right Debacle against the Giants last week will not help the Buccaneers’ psyche when they have to travel cross-country to face Aaron Donald and Jared Goff. If Tampa isn’t careful, this game could end up 35-6.

Tennessee (+4) at Atlanta: Does anyone else get the sneaky suspicion that Atlanta is teetering on the brink of a team meltdown? Two of their three offensive games have been clunkers and they face another better than average defense. If Marcus Mariota can string a 60-minute game together, Tennessee could win outright.

Yeah, yeah I know that I stayed away from the Dolphins spread on the top picks this week. If you want to know who I picked in Dolphins-Chargers or any other game played this weekend, hit us up at the link above. Now go out and make that paper!



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