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Dolphins Bye Week Evaluation- Season Summary

Photo by Tim Heitman, USA Today Sports

Written by Chad Hahn

Going into this season there was a lower expectation that usual because of the organizational change and thought process from Stephen Ross (Owner) and General Manager (Chris Grier). Although Grier was the General Manager before this season there was a power struggle between him and Mike Tannenbaum. Now Grier has full control and as an organizational standpoint it’s more streamlined.

After a flurry of offseason moves there was even more turnover right before the season when trading Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills to the Texans. That move was unexpected as well as the in early season trade of 2nd year player Minkah Fitzpatrick. Both of those players figured to be building blocks instead traded them with different events leading up to the trades. In Tunsil’s case it was just too good of an offer. In Fitzpatrick’s case it was purely because the Dolphins wanted him to learn 5 to 6 positions when he wanted to focus on 1 to 2 positions. That led to his dissatisfaction and requested a trade.

After so many moves of nearly gutting the entire roster in one off-season there has been a dramatic drop off on the field. For Dolphin fans it is very painful to watch but the hope for the future is there. The biggest question is “Will they draft right”. Alot is riding on those draft picks and fans are counting on a quick turnaround.

Through 4 games the team has lost all 4 games and have been outscored in an embarrassing fashion. Scores from the games:

Ravens 59-10

Patriots 43-0

Cowboys 31-6

Chargers 30-10

One quick evaluation on this team is it’s lack of halftime adjustments which is squarely on coaching as they have been outscored 81-0 in the second half through 4 4 games.

After seeing these games Dolphins fans are glad that the team has a bye week as the team can’t lose this week. Brighter days in Miami are on the horizon but there is no doubt it is very painful to watch. Seems like Miami is already on clock.

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