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Dolphins vs Chargers Post Game

Photo by Sam Navarro, USA Today Sports

Written by Chad Hahn

Chargers 30 (2-2)

Dolphins 10 Final (0-4)

Scoring Summary:

First Quarter:

Field Goal Chargers (Long 3-0)

Touchdown Dolphins (Rosen pass to Parker 7-3) (First lead of the season)

Touchdown Chargers (Rivers pass to Pope 7-10)

Second Quarter:

Field Goal Dolphins (Sanders 10-10)

Touchdown Chargers (Rivers pass to Ekeler 10-17)

Third Quarter:

Field Goal Chargers (Long 10-20)

Fourth Quarter:

Touchdown Chargers (Ekeler run10-27)

Field Goal Chargers (Long 10-30)


In the first half the Dolphins looked like an improved football team and gave the Chargers a nice fight especially on the offensive side of the ball. Improved play calling from Chad O’Shea was very evident. The Dolphins trailed 17-10 at halftime but had 2 missed field goals by Jason Sanders . Josh Rosen found himself more time than usual and only had 4 incompletions in the first half in which 3 of them were drops. Kenyan Drake has also started well and is running hard as he played most of first quarter and not much in the second.

In the second half Taco Charlton continued to contribute and stopped a nice drive from the Chargers with a sack which was his second sack in 2 weeks as a member of the Fins. The drive resulted in a field goal. When the Chargers took the 2 score lead the Dolphins changed there offense and went more pass which resulted in more of a pass rush and halted production from the offense. Early 4th Quarter Rosen threw a a bad interception that lead to a Chargers field goal. It looked deflating for the entire team.

Another disappointing loss for this Dolphins team which is expected but there is a trend starting with not only this game versus the Chargers but last week versus the Cowboys. After the first half the Dolphins are not only in the game but should be winning just to lay down in the second half. The Dolphins are being severely out coached in regards to second half adjustments being outscored 81-0 in the second half this year.Going into the bye week the coaches need to focus on not only the players but take a look at themselves if they have any chance of surviving this rebuild.



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