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DT — Derrick Nnadi 6.98

Scout- Ryan Goudy

College: Florida State

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 299 lbs

40-Time: 5.38

Bench Press: 25

Arm Length: 33 1.2"

Athleticism: 6.85

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 6.75 Good quickness of the line, agile across the line. Flexibility 6.50 Plays with good leverage keeps a good center. Explosiveness 7.00 Good job off the line, good gap explosion.  Playing Speed 7.00 One of the first guys to move the line. Coordination 7.00 Hands are tied to his hips, ability to win and play gaps.

Pass Rush Ability 6.60

Initial Quickness 7.00 Good first step quickness. Use of Hands 6.50 Good needs to be better with them, solid swim and rip moves. Leverage 7.00 Plays with good pad level, height allows him to play low. Pass Rush Moves 6.50 Swim and rip, able get to gaps.  Finish Ability 6.00 Not a lot of sack production.

Competes: 7.42

Toughness 8.00 Played 3 downs for 4 years, didn’t leave the field. Played through an ankle injury for a full year.  Consistency/Motor 7.25 Rarely leaves the field, good motor. Production 7.00 Not a lot of sack numbers, not put in a position to rack up numbers.

Against The Run 6.96

Play with Leverage 7.00 Good and holding a solid base, keeping a good center.  Stack and Shed 7.25 Good just stacking zone schemes, able to shed and penetrate.  Gap Shooting Ability 7.00 Good at timing his gaps. Run at Him 7.00 Good at stacking the run at him,. Run Away 6.50 Contains cut back, not a huge chase down person.  Tackling/Hitting 7.00 Not a big hitter, but tackles don’t get broken.

Intelligence: 7.08

Instincts 7.25 Instincts have gotten better, better against run  Learn/Retain 7.00 Named most improved player in 2016, good growth as a prospect  Teamwork 7.00 Plays in a way that allows teammates to make plays


Derrick is a player that uses his height to his advantage. He uses his quick first step to cut down the length advantages opponents may have against him. Derrick is better against the run able to stack and shed to get into gaps. Uses his speed and technique to win in the passing game.


Nnadi doesn’t have ideal size for the next level. Needs to continue to get better with his hands to stay on the field on passing downs. Can be beat by players with bigger size if they can get arms on him. Double teams drive him dow the field.


Nnadi is a player that has continued to develop every year. He was a 4 year contributor and a major ACC program. While he is shorter and lighter than what would be ideal, he carries his weight well through his waist and has a good bubble. Nnadi is a player that wins with speed and technique, but will continue to work on his hands to play all three downs at the next level. He wins in the run game by capitalizing on shooting gaps and shedding blocks when the play comes his way. Look for him to be a late day 2, early day three pick with a team that has a need for a run stopping tackle.



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