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DT — Harrison Phillips 7.02

Scout- George Haraktsis

College: Stanford

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 307 lbs

40-Time: 5.21

Bench Press 42

Arm Length: 33 7/8"

Athleticism: 6.30

Q.A.B. / C.O.D. 6.00 Quick with good awareness, but loses footing at times.  Flexibility 6.00 Relies on his quick first step but can stand up at times. Explosiveness 7.00 Bursts off the line of scrimmage to consistently get into the backfield on running plays. Playing Speed 6.50 Above average speed for his size. Coordination 6.00 Loses balances and gets turned around easily. But is able to locate the runner and make the tackle consistently.

Pass Rush Ability: 6.30

Initial Quickness 6.00 Quick release off the line but fails to get past defenders most times.  Use of Hands 7.00 Extremely strong and quick hands. Never stops using hands. has a plus swim move.  Leverage 6.50 Lets his pads get too high at times, but can push defenders back when he keeps his pads low.  Pass Rush Moves 6.00 Has two moves; somewhat of a bull rush and his great swim move. not much more than that.  Finish Ability 6.00 Can get into the backfield easily but cannot finish well. Has trouble with elusive QBs.

Competitiveness: 7.33

Toughness 7.00 Very aggressive for his size, but limited by his measurements.  Consistency/Motor 7.50 Plays with a high motor until play is out of reach or he is too tired.  Production 7.50 Played in 14 games led team in tackles, TFL, and Sacks with 7.5.

Against The Run: 7.33

Play with Leverage 7.00 Pads can get high, but quick and strong enough to compensate and make a play.  Stack and Shed 8.00 Locks arms, identifies play, sheds single defenders with ease, but has trouble with double teams at time.  Gap Shooting Ability 7.50 Does not take up much room but can shoot a gap easily with his quick first step. Run at Him 7.00 Usually stands his ground but can get pushed back at times.  Run Away 6.50 Not exactly a gap clogger, but makes up with quickness to get to ball carrier. Tackling/Hitting 8.00 Finishes tackle and gives extra effort to finish.

Intelligence: 7.83

Instincts 8.00 Quick off the line and identifies play with ease. Learn/Retain 7.50 Played both 3–4 and 4–3, identifies plays well, and plays with good technique.  Teamwork 8.00 Great teammate and loved by players.


Phillips does not quit on plays and continues to fight until the whistle is blown. He’s got quick, strong hands and rarely lets players escape his grasp. Phillips is very strong at the point of attack. Meaning, he controls the offensive lineman off the line and keeps them at a distance with his arms. Phillips shows good awareness in the run game, taking good angles to the ball, and staying in his gap. He’s also shown some versatility, able to play at multiple positions on the line. He also has experience executing both 3–4 and 4–3 concepts, as well as an understanding of using stunts and twists. Phillips has a very strong inside swim move that he uses to quickly penetrate the backfield after the snap.


Phillips lacks the prototypical size and athleticism of the average NFL Defensive tackle. He lacks some lateral quickness, and it’s easy for Quarterbacks to elude him in space. He can sometimes be stiff and hand fight linemen for too long without shedding his block. His ceiling as a pass rusher is low and he had trouble finishing plays on the QB. Outside of his swim move and bull-rush he does not have many pass rush moves. Phillips has a tendency to play too high at times which causes him to get pushed back by offensive linemen.


Phillips is one of the more interesting prospects in this draft, what he doesnt have in size and speed he makes up for with his high-effort and technique. Harrison will most likely be a plus run defender at the next level due to his IQ and instincts. He will struggle to be a pass rusher as a pro, but has shown flashes at times. He can line up over the center or shading offensive guards and has a good motor chasing the quarterback. Phillips doesn’t play with the speed and athleticism you want in an early-round pick, but that’s about his only flaw.



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