DT — Tim Settle 6.76

Scout- Jason Feiner

College: Virginia Tech

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 229 lbs

40-Time: 5.37

Bench Press:

Arm Length: 33"

Athleticism: 5.80

Q.A.B. / C.O.D. 6.00 Settle is a bowling ball in the middle of a defense. He has quick feet, but he doesn’t possess the greatest movement ability sitting at 329 pounds. He can’t change direction, but has excellent balance and can hold is own against double teams.  Flexibility 6.00 Settle doesn’t play with the greatest leverage has he utilizes high pad level and straight legs which will eventually become racing on his lower body. He has an narrow base and will need to gain more flexibility to be a dominant cog in the middle of the front seven.  Explosiveness 6.50 Settle has quick feet and a quality first step, but he is not an explosive athlete. He acts as a cog and will be a dominant run defender at the next level giving support in some pass rush situations.  Playing Speed 4.50 Settle has poor playing speed. He ran a 5.37 forty at the combine and doesn’t show much better speed on tape. He is quick and tough to move. He has the ability to punch and cut through a gap to the back or quarterback.  Coordination 6.00 Settle is a quality athlete with the ability to stand his ground against double teams. He loses leverage as he launches out of his stance with high pass level, and when he allows interior lineman to gain hand placement he can lose his footing completely.

Pass Rush Ability 6.50

Initial Quickness 7.00 Settle has a good first step and quick feet. He can power through lineman and gain separation after consecutive slaps toward their arms. He possesses an excellent get off the line.  Use of Hands 8.50 He is a powerful player with excellent hand usage. He displays powerful punches and consecutive hands slaps to the guards/centers hands. He can gain separation and distance using his power and physicality.  Leverage 6.00 He utilizes high pad level and doesn’t bend his knees at the point of attack. He can get pushed off balance once he allows the lineman’s hands onto his body.  Pass Rush Moves 5.00 Settle doesn’t possess pass rush moves outside of his bull rush and swim move. He is a tough defender to move and can gain ground through his bull rush. He utilizes his swim move after knocking the defender off balance or when he sees a gap. It is an effective move because of his surprising quickness.  Finish Ability 6.00 Settle has good finishing ability but will primarily serve as a nose tackle with limited pass rush work. he will rotate in for some pass rush sets.

Competes: 7.33

Toughness 8.00 Settle possesses good size for a interior lineman, and he has excellent body control and strength at the point of attack. He has no injury concerns heading to the next level.  Consistency / Motor 7.00 Settle has a high consistency and excellent motor, but he will need to improve his conditioning to succeed at the next level.  Production 7.00 Settle has been a productive driving force in virginia Tech’s tough and stingy defense. He is a consistent presence at the base of their front seven.

Against The Run 6.50

Play with Leverage 6.00 Settle plays with high pad level at the point of attack and can lose leverage early in his battle with the lineman. He utilizes a narrow base and can be pushed off balance as a result. However, standing at 329 pounds, he is still a handful and very tough to move.  Stack and Shed 7.50 Settle is a great rock in the middle of the D-line. He is tough to move and can absorb double teams with ease. He is a physical player with long and powerful arms. Settle has the ability to punch defenders repeatedly and shed them to make a play on the ball carrier.  Gap Shooting Ability 5.50 Settle has a quick get-off and quality feet, but he is slow mover and can’t shoot gaps consistently well.  Run at Him 8.00 Settle is a mountain of a man in the middle the defense. He has the size, power and strength to thwart any run up the middle. He can take two interior lineman out of the play and still get through them both.  Run Away 4.00 Settle is not a fast player, and he will not chase down any run away from him on the field.  Tackling/Hitting 8.00 He is a physical and strong prospect that can unload on ball carrier. He hits hard while wrapping and dragging to the ground. Settle can drive through the ball carrier very consistently.

Intelligence: 7.67

Instincts 7.00 Settle has excellent instincts with the ability to find the ball in a crowd. He is powerful at the point of attack and can shed a blocker to make a play on the ball.  Learn/Retain 8.00 A smart athlete with a high football IQ. Settle has the ability to play anyone of the three DT spots, and his quickness could give him the potential to be a 3 technique in varying situations.  Teamwork 8.00 Settle is a leader and a hard worker. He plays hard on each snap and isn’t afraid to battle double teams throughout a contest.


Settle possesses outstanding size, as he is a thick bowling ball type defender in the middle of the defense. He is a big-time competitor that plays with a high motor through the game. He is strong at the point of attack with the ability to effectively and consistently battle double teams and win. He is a destructive interior lineman with a quick first step and good quickness. He has a low center of gravity and is a tough player to move. He utilizes strong and powerful punches combined with consecutive slaps to knock down defender hands and blast through the gap to make a play on the ball. He displays good field awareness and can locate the ball early. He has the strength to push linman back and cave the pocket. He can play anywhere on the interior line, and has three down potential as an NFL defensive tackle.


He has trouble moving as he weighs 329 pounds. He is slow and will not run down a play away from his initial spot. Settle gas conditioning and endurance concerns. He gives up leverage and utilizes poor flexibility. Losing leverage can lead to a quirky playing style and cause him to lose balance. He has trouble with his technique, and he is frequently moved by down blocks as he doesn’t stay square. He doesn’t have much experience only playing in 23 career games.


Seattle has the potential to be a dominant nose tackle at the next level. He is quick with a good get-off with outstanding size and power. He plays with poor flexibility and gives up leverage too often. He is tough to move at the point of attack, but he has trouble moving himself at times too. His conditioning will need to be better, but he has the ability to be a three down DT at the next level. He is a disruptive and versatile lineman that will create mismatches along the front seven. He has immediate starting potential and will be worked in on occasional passing situations.

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