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Eagles Hit the Jaccpot in Week 1

Photo by The Athletic

Written by Joseph Mooney

Twitter: @Full_MOONey25

Football is back in South Philadelphia, after the Eagles hosted the Redskins, on Sunday. As Philadelphia celebrates a coming from behind 32-27 victory against the Redskins. The news all off-season surrounded Carson Wentz’s health, as well as the impact of DeSean Jackson’s addition, would be.

DeSean Jackson won the respect of many secondary’s to come after his Week 1 outburst. He finished the game with a game-high 154 receiving yards, along with 2 touchdowns. As many fans that waited for the return of DeSean Jackson since being released in 2014 no one could expect this type of performance on opening day!

Let’s not forget how the day began though for the Birds. The Eagles began receiving boos from the home fans as they found themselves trailing, 17-0, in the middle of the 2nd quarter; then #10 arrived.

As Carson Wentz dropped back on play-action late in the 2nd quarter, he scanned downfield where he locked in on DeSean Jackson and launched the ball downfield. As the crowded paused for a second while the ball sailed through the air Jackson hauled the football in and ran for a 51-yard touchdown. The stadium erupted as Eagle fans’ dreams became a reality with the first of many long touchdown passes, from Wentz to Jackson.

The duo wasn’t finished quite yet, Wentz found Jackson again later in the game. Where Wentz threw a perfect over the shoulder ball to Jackson for a 53-yard touchdown. The dynamic duo showed not only the city but the entire NFL that the hype surrounding the veteran receiver was real. Jackson finished in the top 3 for fastest speed among players in Week 1, 21.4 mph (only behind S. Barkley and M. Butler).

DeSean easily stole the show on Sunday, in South Philadelphia. Jackson led all receivers in catches, yards, and touchdowns on Sunday. Along with, achieving 8th place on the Eagles’ all-time receptions list, adding to his impressive career.

The 32-year-old wide receiver, truly showed age is just a number. He looked to be a true deep threat like the Eagles voiced he would be. Philadelphia is more than excited to have DeSean back as an Eagles! Let’s not give DeSean all the credit for the win. A defense who struggled early in the game came out of halftime motivated and determined. After allowing 20 points in the first half they followed an emotional pregame speech from DeSean Jackson and corrected their schemes and made adjustments. The defense let up only 7 points in the entire second half.

Carson Wentz also looked back to the 2017 MVP form by having outstanding numbers on 3rd downs. Wentz finished the game throwing for 3 touchdowns and 313 passing yards (top 10 in passing yards). I’m impressed by how the team played and won in Week 1. I expect the Eagles to look better and take care of the Lions early in Week 2, 35-10.



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