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Eliminated From Playoff Contention: Chicago Bears

(Image credit Jon Durr/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

As a result of the Chicago Bears recent loss to the Minnisota Vikings, they have officially been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. This was an extremely disappointing season for a team that last year made the playoffs. This season could result in people in the organization losing their jobs (We will get to that later in the article). But with the bad season at least they have a top pick to help rebuild and support rookie QB Justin Fields. Oh Yeah, they can’t their first-round pick is New York Giants property to acquire Justin Fields. There were many things that went wrong for the Chicago Bears this season. But as always when I write articles like this one, I decided to narrow it down to the Top 3 reasons why they did not make the playoffs for this season.

1. The Regression of the defense

The Bears last season was a playoff team due to how strong their defense has been. But this season it is clear that the Bears defense has regressed. Especially when the Bears lost DE/EDGE Rusher Khalil Mack suffered his season-ending surgery on his foot and DT Akiem Hicks was out multiple weeks as well with his injury. They never could find a solid and consistent replacement for both players. The Bears secondary has struggled this season and It exposed a weakness that teams utilized when playing against them. The Bears need to absolutely bolster the defense during the offseason in order to improve it and have a Plan B if an injury occurs.

2. Mismanagement of the Rookies

The Bears have been criticized for their drafting. But this season I do not like how the Bears have been managing their rookies this season. Especially in regards to QB Justin Fields and Running Back Khalil Herbert. It is clear to me that Matt Nagy is not a fan of Justin Fields at all. I guarantee that in a few years many will admit Nagy never wanted him and wanted a different QB. It showed as it took him way too long to move on from Andy Dalton who was struggling at the beginning of the season. Look at him when Matt Nagy was not on the sidelines as Justin Fields was a lot better and smoother. He looked fantastic and it showed that he was being mishandled by the Bears. Look at what is going on with Khalil Herbert as the kid was a wrecking ball for many weeks and showcase that he could be a strong piece of this offense when David Montgomery was dealing with his injuries. Ever since Week 9, the Bears have forgotten about him and only give him 4 carries a game. This is a big issue and the other picks have been either injured or inconsistent. Hopefully next year they get properly utilized and develop properly as another year of mismanagement could destroy their careers in the NFL.

3. Coaching

Yeah, this was not a complete surprise as this is a reason why the Chicago Bears missed the playoffs this year. The signs were there last season of the Bears coaching being a problem but luckily for them the Bears somehow made the playoffs. The Play Calling by Nagy has been abysmal for the past few years. Nagy Mismanaging rookies is a big issue but the Bears have also mismanaged their players and the locker room. When players are openly on social media voicing their frustration on Nagy and wondering why he is still coaching the team there is a problem. By the way, it's not cool that some Bears fans are chanting Fire Nagy at his son's high school game. It is not his son’s fault that his dad is struggling at his job why do you have to throw him under the bus. I legit was shaking my head when I heard this news. It also is not a good sign when the team is struggling more when you are on the sidelines. Once Nagy tested positive for covid the team was run a lot more smoothly and looked like a better team. But there is a reason why I keep asking why Matt Nagy is still the head coach for the Bears. It makes no sense why to keep him and I would not be surprised if the Bears decide to fire him at the end of the season.


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